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Lots of Fun Leprechaun Facts for Kids

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Ever since visiting Ireland as a child, I've been fascinated by the history, culture and folklore of this island known as the Emerald Isle.

What is a leprechaun?

What is a leprechaun?

Lots of Fun Facts to Discover About the Irish Leprechaun

No doubt most of us are familiar by now with the smiling little fellow or man-like figure appearing on a very popular brand of cereal and guarding his lucky charms.

What fun leprechaun facts for kids can we pass on, and what do we really know about this magical, fairy-like, and legendary creature? Are leprechauns real, or are they just the creation of someone’s amazing imagination?

These funny-looking, bearded men and other little fairies form a large part of Irish history and folklore. They are also a huge topic of interest and fascination for people in America and all over the world.

Popular symbols such as four-leaf clovers, shamrocks, rainbows, and pots of gold have long been associated with this Irish fairy creature. Let's learn more about the leprechaun with a great selection of fun trivia for kids and adults alike.

What Is This Irish Creature and What Do Leprechauns Look Like?

A leprechaun is a type of fairy from Irish folklore, similar to a gnome or an elf. They are small fairy folklore creatures about two feet tall resembling elves.

They normally have red beards, a black or green hat with a buckle called a cocked hat, green coat, and trousers with gold buttons and shiny black shoes.

Some Fun Facts About the Leprechaun

  • Leprechauns are believed to live mainly in areas of woodland and forest. People have spotted them near fairy mounds. Fairy mounds are special grass-covered mounds that suddenly rise up like a tiny hill in the ground.
  • These creatures are very fast and can move in a flash. You really need to move quietly and look hard to ever spot one. You can try looking for leprechauns when you're in a woodland area that looks rather magical.
  • The leprechaun is often associated with handcrafts. They come from a long line of traditional shoemakers.
  • Though leprechauns look rather funny, they have a reputation for being grumpy and grouchy.
  • Each leprechaun has his very own pot of gold. He guards his pot of gold very carefully because he loves gold more than anything.
Just the sort of place you might expect to find one!

Just the sort of place you might expect to find one!

Can You Only Find Leprechauns If You Live in Ireland?

Many people assume that these creatures only live in Ireland. However, leprechauns have the most amazing magic, which means that they can be found in many places around the world.

It is said that wherever Irish people exist, there are leprechauns to be found as well.

These funny little creatures can be found in most places and especially near an area of trees. Trees are special as they can hide behind them or up in the branches. Leprechauns are easily camouflaged and blend into woodland scenery because of all the green clothes that they wear.

Many cultures and countries have their own version of this creature. The name "leprechaun" actually means small body. This meaning could apply to many magical creatures that also have small bodies, such as sprites, elves, gnomes, and even dwarves.

However, we happen to like the traditional Irish version the best!

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How to Catch Yourself a Leprechaun

You can capture these Irish creatures by making a leprechaun trap.

The leprechaun trap really needs to include some real or chocolate coin money to attract these creatures. Leprechauns love gold coins more than anything and will travel really far to find them.

Place your leprechaun trap near some trees. Then hide nearby and wait.

Better still, leave the trap there overnight because they are more likely to appear when you are not there. Leprechauns are so very good at not being spotted by people.

Don't be upset if you don't catch a leprechaun because they are so quick and also extremely clever. They really don't get caught very often.

If you should be lucky enough to capture a leprechaun, he has to either give you his pot of gold stored at the end of a rainbow or give you three wishes.

Be very careful. Once you capture a leprechaun, you should keep your eyes on him the whole time. As soon as you look away, in the blink of an eye, he could disappear.

Are Leprechauns Real or Make Believe?

Many people believe in these very cunning and bearded little fellows and say they have either seen them or know someone who has.

Because not everyone is lucky enough to ever see a leprechaun, there are some people who sadly don't believe that they are real. There are plenty of things that we cannot actually see in life. It doesn't mean that things don't exist, though, just because we cannot see them.

You cannot see the wind, but we know it is there and can feel it. When a leprechaun is nearby, you may not see it, but you will feel the fairy magic. These fellows don't want to be seen or caught because they'd really hate to have to give their pot of gold away. So that is why they are so hard to spot.

In 1989, a pub owner in the township of Carlingford claims to have found clothing from a leprechaun. He put the clothes out on display in his pub's bar. The town celebrates every year with a traditional hunt to find another one.

The Vikings and Leprechauns Legend

Leprechauns tend to avoid humans because, according to one very old legend, one of these kindly and magical fellows was tricked by the Vikings into revealing where the secret treasure was.

This treasure was hidden in a really beautiful garden that was protected by a magic spell. Only leprechauns could enter this magical garden, and their green clothing allowed them to enter unharmed.

The legend says that a Viking, who had been rescued when his ship was destroyed, became friends with a leprechaun.

The Viking played a trick on the leprechaun by pretending to be ill. The leprechaun was kind and took the Viking to his house to recover. He told the Viking stories about the magical garden where the treasure was hidden underneath unusually large 4-leaf clovers.

The Viking made a plan to get into the garden. His friends helped, and they managed to steal the hidden treasure.

This is why leprechauns now avoid humans and distrust them. For that, you can blame the Vikings!

Vikings stole treasure from the secret garden

Vikings stole treasure from the secret garden

Where Does the Pot of Gold Come From?

It is said that a fairy gifts the Irish leprechaun with one gold coin for each year of his life.

Leprechauns live a very long time and become very old. This gives them plenty of time to collect gold coins to add to their pot of gold.

The pot of gold has to be enormous, at least on the inside, like a Tardis, in order to store all the gold coins that will be put inside. Like leprechauns, the pot of gold is just as magical and has been around since the dawn of time.

Leprechauns hide their pot of gold right at the end of the rainbow because it is impossible for human beings to find exactly where this is. They have made sure that no one will ever steal their treasure from them again.

Are There Female Leprechauns?

In all the records of Irish folklore, this creature is always seen as a male because he has a beard.

There is never any mention of female leprechauns. In Irish folklore, the females are always fairies, and the males are either leprechauns or wood sprites.

So, if you see someone dressing up as a female leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day, you know that there is really no such thing.

You may see a very small, human-like creature in your backyard or in the wooded countryside, where there are plenty of places to hide. That could very well be a leprechaun if he is also wearing mostly green with an orange color beard and a top hat.

Look quickly because this magical creature can vanish really fast. He loves playing tricks but really doesn't want to part with his gold. So he will be hard to catch.

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