How to Make a Spooky Solar Light Ghost

Updated on November 6, 2017
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how to make a solar light ghost, halloween craft
how to make a solar light ghost, halloween craft

What is it about Halloween that you find the scariest? Is it the monsters, witches or ghosts? I just can't imagine Halloween without a scary ghost.

Witches and monsters just have to look their ugliest and make loud noises and haunting laughs. But the ghost has to appear, without really being seen, and make sounds that you may or may not have heard. The ghost is the sneakiest.

If you want to give a fright to the little folks that come to your home on Halloween eve, why not make a swinging Halloween ghost decoration to hang on your porch or in a nearby tree?

The little solar lights that you can buy for as little as a dollar will give your ghost shining eyes and an ugly grin. In this article I'll show you how to make this easy Halloween ghost craft.

Supplies Needed to Make a Spooky Ghost

A small solar light

White plastic coat hanger

White cheesecloth or gauze 36" x 2 yds

Sleeves from a white, long sleeved t-shirt

Black electrical tape or duct tape

Fishing string

Making a Ghostly Face

Using black electrical tape or duct tape, cover the center light areas on the solar light.

Use small strips of black tape to shape eyelids and a mouth.

Make a Ghostly Body

Other items used are: a white plastic coathanger, cheesecloth, fishing line and the sleeves from a white, long sleeved t-shirt.

Cut one sleeve in half, drape over the straight side of the coat hanger to form the arms of the ghost. Glue along the overlapped edges.

Wrap the wrist end of one sleeve under the solar light face and tie with a length of fishing line. Make the fishing line long enough so you can tape it to the back and top of the solar light. This will be used to hang the ghost.

Notice how the fishing line is taped to the back of the solar light ghost head.

Using fishing line, tie the solar lamp body of the ghost to the clothes hanger arms. Tie at the center of the coat hanger bottom and around the neck of the solar light head. Also tie around the clothes hanger hook and the body of the ghost to hold it securely.

Use a one yard length of cheesecloth and tie under the head of the ghost with fishing line.

Take an additional 1 1/2 yard length of cheesecloth, center it and drape it over the solar light head/ghost body/ghost arms. Thread the fishing line through the cheese cloth directly above the solar light and make a loop for hanging the ghost.

Spooky Ghost

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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      bossypants 5 years ago

      The more of your craft lenses I read, the more I realize what a resourceful and clever crafter you are. Imagine, using a solar garden light as the ghost's head!