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The Powerpuff Girls Homemade Costume and Makeup Ideas

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Are you looking to dress up as one of the Powerpuff Girls?

Are you looking to dress up as one of the Powerpuff Girls?

Who Are the Powerpuff Girls?

The Powerpuff Girls cartoon has been a phenomenon for years, appealing both to younger and older viewers. While the younger children enjoy it because of the fun characters and basic storylines, older people enjoy it because it includes some adult humor without overdoing it.

Anyone who has watched The Powerpuff Girls knows the girls by their cute names: Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. All of them have superpowers, which they use to fight against evil in the city of Townsville, USA.

This is primarily a homemade costume because of the simplicity of the outfits. Although there are some Powerpuff Girls costumes available to purchase, especially for younger kids, I think it's more fun to make them. I think marketers lost an opportunity not to make these costumes for adults. Luckily, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are so color-coordinated that it's easy for three friends to put together identifiable costumes. This creates some beautiful opportunities for Halloween, cosplay, birthdays, or other special events where a costume is part of the festivities.

This article will provide instructions and tips for making a group Powerpuff Girls costume, along with tutorials on using makeup to recreate their cartoony facial features. I also include a gallery full of creative options and ideas.

Variety in Costume Designs

What's a lot of fun about homemade Powerpuff Girls costumes is how completely different they can be made. While all of them will include pink, blue and green colors, every costume-maker can interpret the design differently. Details can be determined by a number of factors, including age, body type, and the way the designers of the costumes view the girls.

All of the costumes I've found to share with you here are cute and instantly recognizable, and all of the costume designers were very enthusiastic about wearing the costumes and playing the part of the characters.

How to make a Powerpuff Girl costume

How to make a Powerpuff Girl costume

How to Make a Powerpuff Girl Costume

Don't stress! Some people just go with the clothing and general hairstyles and still look great, so don't be discouraged if it seems to get too complicated. As you see throughout this article, there are a number of great Powerpuff Girls costumes which take some liberties with the details but are still very obvious and identifiable. Most people won't care at all as you act out your favorite characters together. Now, before you start:

  • Find two friends! The Powerpuff Girls are a trio and work as a team!
  • Choose the specific character you want to be. That determines the color of your dress and hair.


  1. Dress: Check to see if you already have the right color dress in your wardrobe, or you can go out and buy one. If you're skilled at it, you can make one as well. A good rule of thumb is to have the dress go down anywhere from mid-thigh to knee length. You also want it to be either sleeveless or have short sleeves.
  2. Sash: Make sure to find a dark belt, sash or cloth to tie around your waist, as that is a big part of how they look. The sash should be as wide as possible to fit with the cartoon look.
  3. Tights: Go with white tights or knee socks for a traditional look. This one is flexible: some people end up going with bare legs, others with white tights, and still others with black tights.
  4. Shoes: The Powerpuff Girls wear black Mary Janes. Wear black shoes if you all have them. Otherwise, try matching your shoe color with your dress. The key thing is to be sure that whatever type of shoe you choose, you should all wear the same one.
The Powerpuff Girls are popular among most age groups. Here is a good example of how to wear the style of the three girls.

The Powerpuff Girls are popular among most age groups. Here is a good example of how to wear the style of the three girls.

Hair and Makeup

Bubbles and Blossom have the easiest hairstyles to copy and identify. Buttercup has a more challenging hairstyle that allows for some variation. Since you're going to dress up as a trio, the other two hairstyles help to identify Buttercup, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

  1. Bubbles: All she needs to be recognized is two blond pigtails. If you aren't blond, you can get a blond wig or just put your hair in pigtails and not worry about the blond part.
  2. Blossom: Ideally, you'll want to have long red hair with bangs. She also has a red bow in her hair, so that's easy enough to copy. If you don't have long red hair and don't want to get a wig, just wear your hair down and add the bow.
  3. Buttercup: She has a black bob with bangs. Her hair is short and flares out at the sides, which can be a little difficult to imitate.

Makeup: You have two choices here: you can go for a character-inspired look using your character's colors, or you can try and recreate the huge-eyed cartoon character look with makeup and face paint. I've included one video tutorial for each option below. Feel free to get creative!

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Here is a collection of different Powerpuff Girl costumes and styles found on the Internet with my commentary.

Creative accessories

Creative accessories

These accessories can include belts and vests.

These accessories can include belts and vests.

Creative Accessories

Belts and vests: This first set of Powerpuff Girls costumes reveals a really cute way to tweak the accessories of the dynamic trio. I like how they changed the look of the belts, which are usually black, as well as including the vests.

Shoes: Also very nice is the decision to wear shoes matching the costume colors. All of this reflects what I mentioned earlier about how the look of the girls can be accentuated without taking away from easily identifying who they are.

Hair: Another feature that's particularly well done is how they did their hair to copy the look of the girls. Good job. This shows why the Powerpuff Girls are such a fun costume choice for a group. Sometimes it's hard to figure out how to wear the hair of Buttercup (the dark-haired character), but this is a great example of how to do it in a way that is true to how she looks.

Or do a more elegant look.

Or do a more elegant look.

Elegant Look

Uniformity: Here is a look at some really cute Powerpuff Girl costumes which look like they were made together. These women all used the same materials for the dresses and belts, which added a nice touch to the overall look. The satiny material also gives the outfits an elegant touch.

Simplicity: Notice how easy it would be to put together these outfits. It doesn't have to be an overwhelming task.

Raiding your own closet

Raiding your own closet

Raid Your Own Closet

Choose cute clothing you already have: This group of ladies managed to put together a Powerpuff Girls group costume using articles of clothing they already owned. They look great, though I do think they could have chosen to match a little more. The closer the costumes are in looks, the more fun and compelling the group costume will be.

Tops and Shoes: For example, one thing that could have been done differently would have been for all three girls to wear full tops or not. For two to wear them and the other to show her tummy takes away something from the uniformity the three girls represent. Also, the boots are a great choice, but the middle lady not wearing them disrupts the flow of the trio. It would have been better for all three to be dressed alike in that fashion.

Still, each of these outfits looks pretty cool, and the color scheme and fun poses make it clear who these girls are meant to be.

Powerpuff Girls in Drag

Powerpuff Girls in Drag

Gender-Swapped Powerpuff Girls

Dress in drag: Dressing up as the Powerpuff Girls isn't just for girls. It can be a super fun way for three men to dress in drag together for a party or cosplay. I love that this group decided to gender-swap all of the characters, even adding in a female Professor Utonium and Mojo Jojo.

Costumes with big eyes

Costumes with big eyes

Costumes With Big Eyes

Crazy eye accessories: This is a very creative way of designing the signature round eyes of the Powerpuff Girls. Not only does it look cool, but also you can bet everyone will be delighted and laughing when they see a group of gals entering the room with the eyes made the way they are here. What fun!

It just shows how thinking a little outside the box can help differentiate you from others in the costumed crowd.

Zombie Powerpuff Girls

Zombie Powerpuff Girls

Zombie Powerpuff Girls

Get scary: These girls went all out with their terrifying zombie get-up. They would look amazing even without all the blood and gore, but that undead look really gives them an extra edge. If you want to get extra creative with your Powerpuff Girls costume, you could use makeup, fake blood and organs, etc., to get the zombie look, or you could find fangs or wolf ears and combine the costume with a vampire or werewolf look.

Post-battle Powerpuff: Another possibility, if you are going the dark route, is to use makeup to give yourself fake bruises and injuries and claim that your team just lost a battle against Mojo Jojo.

A low-maintenance version

A low-maintenance version

A Low-Maintenance Version

Simplicity: Even though the costumes here are very simple, it shows how you can take what you have available and still create a great look.

Keeping the colors consistent: I love that they used the same color on their legs even though the outfits have different materials and looks. The belts are the same, all black, but made up of different materials. As you can see, as long as the outfits are kept somewhat uniform, it all blends together for a great look.

Eye makeup: One unique thing here is the way the ladies colored their eyes lightly to recreate the round-eyed look of the Powerpuff Girls. It's hard to see and maybe could have been done a little darker, but it is a great touch to recreate the eyes of the girls in an easy but effective way.

Fun pose: I love the way they're posing. It captures the essence of the girls as they are about to go into battle. Cute!

The Powerpuff Girls Characters

Before you get started, let's get a feel for their basic characteristics and dispositions, as that can influence the character you may want to play, as well as the demeanor you have when playing her.

Here are their little blurbs from the closing theme:

Blossom, commander and the leader.
Bubbles, she is the joy and the laughter.
Buttercup, 'cause she's the toughest fighter.


Blossom is the brainiest of the girls, and she decided that she was the leader of the trio; albeit unofficially.

The three characters were based upon the old saying about what little girls are made of, referring to "sugar and spice and everything nice." Blossom is considered the "everything nice" of the saying. She wears pink and is the most level-headed of the girls. She's calm in a crisis and a natural leader although the other girls sometimes think she's bossy.

She has the power to freeze things with her breath.




Bubbles dresses in blue with blond pigtails. Her character is sensitive, kind, and cute. Not surprisingly, she represents the "sugar" part of the saying.

Although she has a very sweet and even ditzy personality, she's just as fierce as her two sisters when she fights the bad monsters. She has a stuffed octopus doll named "Octi," so that could be a prop for someone wanting to be even more realistic with the look. She also loves animals, so any stuffed animal would complement the outfit.

Her special power is throwing out supersonic waves with her voice.




Buttercup has the strongest personality of the sisters and is considered the toughest. She is quick to anger and loves to fight. It won't surprise you that her unique description from the above saying is "spice."

Buttercup isn't the thinking type but is always ready to leap into action, being more of a doer by far than anything else. Interestingly, she has no unique super power. She is dressed in green and wears her black hair in a bob.

Have Fun and Ham it Up

What is the one thing that all these photos have in common? They are all smiling and having a great time. Even in the last two photos, where the ladies were mimicking the serious look of the Powerpuff Girls (or zombies!) as they were going into battle, we all know they broke out laughing once the photo op moment was over.

Have Fun Dressing Up

Dressing up as the Powerpuff Girls is a really fun thing to do, as you can see, and everyone loves to do some type of pose to reflect the qualities and characteristics of the girls.

Not only can you and your friends have fun dressing up together, but you can also enjoy working together on the costumes and looks. Taking time together to create these compelling and humorous costumes is all part of the experience. It doesn't get much better than that!


vibesites from United States on October 07, 2013:

Sounds like fun costume ideas this coming Halloween, for a change. :)

Mishie on September 01, 2013:

In the first group of pictures the girls are actually wearing the outfits from a reboot of the show called Powerpuff Girls Z.

HolidayGiftIdea on August 23, 2013:

Those are some pretty amazing costumes. I could never do something like that. Nice work.

MakinBacon from Louisville Area on August 03, 2012:


I know. The fun colors and hilarious homemade costumes are an awesome way to enjoy Halloween or any event you can wear a costume to. And if you have a couple of friends that like to have fun, Powerpuff girls is a fantastic way to participate and enjoy costume parties together.

minababe on August 03, 2012:

Very adorable costume idea, and love the picture gallery. I was kind of "bleh" about Halloween this year but the more I see this stuff the more I'm thinking about dressing up.

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