Santa Craft From Creamer Bottle

Updated on December 30, 2017
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creamer santa craft, santa from creamer bottle
creamer santa craft, santa from creamer bottle

Christmas Craft for All

You'll enjoy making this Santa craft using a creamer bottle as Santa's body. I think the shape of the creamer bottle just begs to be used in crafts as you'll see with this Coffee-mate Santa and the "Kokeshi Doll Craft" featured in an earlier craft article Make a Kokeshi Doll. The Kokeshi doll is strictly a painted project while this Santa is dressed in felt and yarn.

This Coffee-mate Santa is easy to make and is a super cute Christmas decoration. It is also super inexpensive which makes it a great kids project. So, start saving your creamer bottles early and schedule a family time for making Santas. This Christmas craft project is definitely a Christmas craft for all ages.


  • Coffee-mate bottle 16 oz.
  • Craft paint: flesh
  • Felt: red, white
  • White yarn
  • 2 black chenille strips
  • 2 small black sequins
  • 1 small red sequin
  • Black Sharpie marker

Merged PDF files: Santa coat, sleeve, trimmings, beard, and hat

Step One

Wash the Coffee-mate bottle. Print out patterns and cut from felt as directed on the pattern pieces.

Clean Coffee-mate Bottle

Step Two

Paint the bottle cap with flesh colored paint. Let dry and give it a second coat of paint. Glue the red felt coat piece to the bottle with the straight edge at the bottom. Overlap at the center front and glue.

Paint Bottle Cap

Step Three

Overlap and glue the slits so the top of the coat follows the contour of the bottle.

Overlap and Glue Coat Top

Step Four

Center and glue the white front trim over the front coat. Glue the white bottom trim piece around the bottom of the bottle with the overlap to the center front.

Glue Trim on Coat

Step Five

Glue the white trim pieces to the bottom edges of the sleeve. Twine the two black chenille strips together, roll up the ends into mitten shapes.

Add Trim to the Sleeves

Step Six

The chenille strip should be slightly longer the the length of the sleeve piece so the mittens show a little. Overlap and glue the back of the sleeve.

Glue Back of Sleeves

Step Seven

Reference the picture and glue the sleeves to the back of Santa's coat.

Glue Sleeves to Coat

Step Eight

Glue the felt beard and mustache on Santa's face.

Glue on Felt Beard

Step Nine

Wrap white yarn around a piece of 8" x 4" of cardboard. I pulled the yarn from the center of the yarn hank, that's why it is wavy looking. Pull the yarn off the cardboard and tie a short piece of yarn around the center. Position the center of the yarn on the bottle cap and glue the yarn across the cap to form the beard. Trim the yarn to the shape of a beard. Add pieces of yarn where needed. Make another smaller bunch of yarn, tie in the center and glue above the beard to form a mustache.

White Yarn For Santa's Beard

Step Ten

Form another bunch of yarn to glue across the top of the cap to form Santa's hair.

Hair on Santa's Head

Step Eleven

Add additional yarn to the sides and back for hair. Trim if necessary.

Glue and Trim Hair

Step Twelve

Glue the white trim on the red hat piece where indicated. Glue the back of the hat, fit on Santa's head and glue. Shape the top of the stocking hat, glue in spots to hold the shape you want. Glue the red sequin above Santa's mustache and the two black sequins above and to the side of the nose.

Put a Hat on Santa

Step Thirteen

Using the black Sharpie, make stitch marks around the trims of Santa's coat and hat. Hang small Christmas trims to the ends of Santa's hands. I made a wreath from some wire star garland and tied three small bells together for the other hand.

Trim the Trim With Stitches

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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