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Spooky Porch and Yard Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is fun for children and adults. I was noted for my annual Halloween parties & creative costumes & really enjoy this time of year.

Decorate your porch for maximum creepiness this Halloween.

Decorate your porch for maximum creepiness this Halloween.

How To Decorate Your Porch for Halloween

Scare the trick-or-treaters by having the spookiest porch around. We aren't talking about cute jack-o-lanterns. It's time to get creepy, scary, heavy-duty spooky porch decor. Need ideas? Check out these suggestions and scary props to help you decorate your front porch.

You'll want some sound, some action, and lots of creepy figures for your haunted porch. Oooh, are you ready for this? I like the idea of an animatronic figure that responds to sound.

When people approach your front door, they will remark about the skeleton in the hammock. Their voice or even their footsteps will activate the animation. You can get a skeleton that snores while its ribs move up and down. That should surprise a few trick-or-treaters, for sure. (You need 3 AA batteries to operate it.)

Tips for Your Spooky Halloween Porch

  1. Don't use real candles, get the battery-powered ones. You don't want to risk someone's trailing costume catching on fire or someone knocking one over and setting your porch on fire.
  2. Besides animatronic figures on the front porch for Halloween, consider having a real live actor (yourself or a friend or neighbor). Trick or treaters will say, "it's not real," but scream and run when you move towards them.
  3. Watch out for tripping hazards. This is particularly important with people in costumes as they sometimes can't see well through their masks. Keep extension cords out of traffic areas.
  4. Look up haunted house tips as many of these work for the spooky porch as well.
Decorated porch in Massachusetts

Decorated porch in Massachusetts

Porch Window Idea

I recommend this window mummy poster as part of your Halloween porch decor. The light shining out from inside the house highlights this and makes it pretty creepy and dramatic.

You get a big look for just a few dollars and can save it to use next year. You'll be amazed at how dramatic this looks and it is inexpensive when you factor in the number of years you can use it.

Add Moving Figures!

It can be an animatronic figure like the one I recommend below, or you can get a friend to pose in costume on the porch. They need to remain motionless until someone approaches, then startle them with sound and movement.

You'll get years of use from this creepy swamp hag moving figure. Friends and neighbors will return and bring their friends to see it in action. How creepy! The eyes light up and the arms move and she turns her head. She has 3 different little speeches. This one isn't cheap, but it has all the bells and whistles.

Get some rubber snakes and an alligator to put around her for added effect.

Add a Fog Machine!

You'll find different sizes of fog machines since I don't know how big an area you need to create fog for. The mini-fog machine might suit you fine, but there are bigger ones as well.

This machine should do the job for the average porch. There are bigger machines if you are trying to fog a huge area. Don't forget to get the special fog juice to use in the machine too. There's also a timer that you can get to activate the machine.

More Ideas for the Haunted Porch

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This front porch was converted into a spooky castle for Halloween and a fence was created to safely feature the inflatable characters.

This front porch was converted into a spooky castle for Halloween and a fence was created to safely feature the inflatable characters.

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Tell Me about Your Halloween Porch Decorating Ideas

Michey LM on October 27, 2012:

You are very inventive, I enjoy the lens.

Rosyel Sawali from Manila Philippines on September 21, 2012:

Amazing! Halloween is beginning to sound more fun with all these scary decor stuff! ^_^