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7 St. Patrick's Day Games & Ideas for Your Party

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St. Patrick's Day Games

When planning St. Patrick's Day games, fun ideas for your party often don't come to you as easily as you hoped.

While celebrating this holiday is easy because you really only need to get some decorations and get everyone to dress up, even if it's only in regular green clothes, how do you get the atmosphere right and make sure everyone has a great time?

Look no further! Here are a few ideas to get you started, and you may find as you start to take these on board, you will begin to have ideas of your own. If not, don't worry. There's plenty here to keep everyone entertained for as long as you need.

Fun Ideas for Your Party

1. Word Game

To start the night off, as people first start to arrive in twos and threes, have some paper and pencils around for them to help themselves. Printed on the top of each piece of paper will be a short phrase of your choice. For example SAINT PATRICKS DAY or LEPRECHAUN PARTY or even MARCH SEVENTEENTH

Choose your phrase, but make sure everyone has the same phrase. Then ask your guests to make as many words as they can from your phrase. Each word must have at least three letters. Just a bit of fun to see who can make the most, give the winner a drink.

Generally, people want to have a couple of drinks before they join in with the more raucous and embarrassing games!

2. The Necklace Game

A game that helps interaction in the group, especially if not everyone knows each other, is the necklace game: For this, you need string, wool, or yarn. Better still paper Hawaiian leis.

Drape a necklace around everyone's neck as they arrive. Then get them to pick an opponent to play the 'yes and no' game. They have to ask their opponent questions to try to get them to say yes or no, while the opponent has to answer with anything BUT yes or no. If they trip up and say yes or no, they have to give their necklace to the other person. Then move on to the next person, and try to win theirs.

You can continue for as long as you like, or put a time limit, or a limited number of questions, per pairing. The game can continue during the entire party if you wish, with the winner being the person wearing the most necklaces at the end of it all.

3. Money Envelopes

Another fun idea for your party, that can continue all through the evening, is that you prepare a lot of envelopes containing play money. (Monopoly money if you have it, or just get some pieces of paper and write an amount on them) Every time somebody wins a game, whether there's a prize or not, they receive an envelope with money. (They can open the envelope, but save the money till the end.) Everyone tries to win as much as possible, and then as the very last game of the night, you tell them to use their play money in a blind auction.

You will have already prepared a prize in a bag or wrapped in paper, and the partygoers bid 'blind' as they have no idea what's in the bag. Only you know what's in there, and you can put a nice prize in, or a joke prize, like a plastic turd or a silly child's toy. The highest bid wins the 'prize'. A comical way to finish the evening.

4. Pass the Multiple Parcels

Another game with mystery bags is a comic version of pass the parcel. Prepare several bags or parcels with various gifts inside. As these are St. Patrick's day games, try to make everything green, in keeping with the theme of the night. Some will be good prizes, others will be practical jokes, i.e. underwear, swimsuits, sunglasses, funny hats, silly novelties.

Sit everyone in a circle and pass the parcel! As in the well-known game, play some music, and when the music stops, that person opens the parcel. How many layers are on the parcel is up to you. The person who reveals the item inside has to wear it! Can be extremely funny, especially after a few St. Patrick's Day cocktails!

If you can't be bothered with wrapping lots of parcels, just put everything in one big bag, and when the music stops, that person shuts their eyes and dips into the bag.

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5. The Balloon Game

If you have some balloons, preferably green ones, you can play a game of keeping the balloon in the air. Choose a theme or category. Keep it on the Paddy's Day theme if you can, i.e., green things, Irish things, alcoholic drinks, etc.

With everyone in a circle, each player has to tap the balloon into the air while saying a word from the chosen category. This works its way around the circle, each person one word, one tap. Anyone allowing the balloon to fall, or failing to come up with a word, must drop out.

If children are involved, you could just get them to keep the balloon in the air.

6. Themed Charades

Charades with a special theme can be fun, too. Just prepare plenty of ideas beforehand: books, films, songs, etc., all with Paddy's day or Irish themes, or green in the title. Examples of songs include "When Irish Eyes are Smiling," "It's a Long Way to Tipperary." Examples of films include The Green Berets, The Luck of the Irish, and so on. There are countless possibilities.

7. Quiz

If you feel so inclined you can make yourself a quiz, with Irish or St. Patrick's connections. This idea is probably better for a bar, and can be played in teams. I don't think anyone at a house party wants their intelligence tested, unless you want to make a comedy quiz with funny questions and answers.

Most of these fun ideas for your party can continue all night long if you want them to, but don't forget to keep the music going too. Especially once the drinks are flowing, people want to dance!

You can add to the fun with green cocktails and food at your party, too!

Whatever the occasion, a well-planned party will be enjoyed and remembered for a long time.

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Party Planer Girl on March 17, 2012:

Love the ideas! Sure to make this party rock!

dianew (author) from Spain on March 16, 2012:

Thanks kj Have fun !!

kj on March 15, 2012:

very helpful!!!!!!!!

Carol55 on February 15, 2010:

Great ideas.. more fun ideas for a St. Patricks day party here Creative GREEN invitation idea~

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