25 Thanksgiving Jokes: Why Did the Turkey Cross the Road?

Updated on December 3, 2016

To prove he wasn’t a chicken! This is just one of the very many funny, and yes, totally corny, Thanksgiving jokes to consider sharing around the Thanksgiving table or writing in your Thanksgiving cards.


Make Them Laugh

There’s very few times when jokes are not appropriate, and Thanksgiving is not one of those times.

Over dinner, many different conversations take place: some serious, some political, others just not so interesting. Livin' up the conversations a bit by telling a few Thanksgiving jokes!

Awkward silence in the room? Tell a joke! Can’t think of how to contribute to a conversation? Tell a joke! Mouth full of food? Tell a joke anyway! It'll just make it funnier.

With all of these orders to tell jokes, you probably need a few to recite. More often than not, there’s young children present for Thanksgiving dinner, so be sure to keep the jokes appropriate for little ears if this is the case.

Other than that, the sky’s the limit. Pick and choose carefully if the family is eating so as to not cause someone to lose their appetite or their stuffing.

Here are some funny and (mostly) kid-friendly Thanksgiving jokes to tell during the Thanksgiving festivities. Get ready for some good laughs and terribly tacky punchlines.


Thanksgiving One-Liners

  1. What did the turkey say before Thanksgiving dinner? I’m stuffed!

  2. What happens when a turkey dies? They get cran-buried!

  3. What kind of train does a turkey ride on? A gravy train!

  4. How many turkeys are on the farm on Thanksgiving? It depends on how many people were hungry!

  5. Why was the turkey sad? He knew he was getting gobbled!

  6. What do you do with a fat turkey? Eat it!

  7. What do you do with a skinny turkey? Stuff it and eat it!

  8. What do you do with an obese turkey? Use two ovens!

  9. How many turkeys does it take to screw in a lightbulb? I don’t know either, I was asking you!

  10. How do you know a turkey is ready for dinner? The timer is popped!

  11. What do Sesame Street characters have for Thanksgiving? A Big Bird!

  12. How did the scarecrow mess up Thanksgiving dinner? He put the wrong stuffing in the turkey!

  13. Why was the turkey excited for Thanksgiving? The farmer invited it to dinner!

  14. What did the mad turkey say to the other turkey? Go pluck yourself!

  15. What’s better than a turkey on Thanksgiving? A turkey wrapped in bacon!

  16. What kind of cup does a turkey drink from? A goblet!

  17. April showers bring may flowers, and Mayflowers bring Pilgrims!

  18. You just can’t take a turkey to church; they’re so FOWL!

  19. If Pilgrims were on the road today, what would they be driving? Plymouth cars!

  20. What instrument can a turkey play? The drums!

  21. What do turkeys do when they see a turkey hunter? They start quacking!

  22. What kind of key can’t open a door? A turKEY!

  23. What do Pilgrims see before they die? The Pil-grim reaper!

  24. What was the turkey’s cause of death? Fowl play!

  25. Can a turkey jump higher than the Eiffel Tower? Yes, because the Eiffel Tower can’t jump!


Finding Your Punchline

With all of these Thanksgiving jokes, you can have your family laughing for hours!

It’s kind of hard not to tell jokes on Thanksgiving because the jokes are practically already there!

Can you think of a few? Turkey is quite inspiring!

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Cute Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids


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