5 Thanksgiving Poems and Rhymes

Updated on November 9, 2016

Fall is in full swing and winter is near, this can mean only one thing, that Thanksgiving is near! Family gatherings are tradition on this major holiday, and although traditions may already be established in the family, it’s never too late to introduce new traditions!


Thankful Thoughts

Poems have such a way with words, don’t they? Of course! Whether it’s a message you are trying to get across or just something nice to say, a poem is always a good way to go. They are easy on the ears and can be very catchy. They can be fun, funny, serious, sad, angry, happy, or full of many different emotions at once.

Thanksgiving poems should always have a happy tone because Thanksgiving is a nice holiday for families to get together for some fun festivities.

They should be centered around being thankful for everything you have and direct that thankfulness to God in most cases. Also, poems for children are commonly read at Thanksgiving gatherings, making for fun, light-hearted bits to read to get the kids involved as well.

It’s always recommended to write your own, original pieces. It’s in no way frowned upon to simply read ones that have already been written, so as long as you really relate to the poem. If you do decide to write your own, be sure to pick and choose your words carefully to keep the message positive; after all, it’s Thanksgiving!

Here are a few examples:


Gathering Together

Autumn time and with it means
It’s Thanksgiving once again!
Now the time to get together
With family, loved ones, and friends.

Rejoice in the cooler weather
With the leaves all on the ground,
The animals preparing to migrate
Making not a single sound.

Rake the leaves from the grass
To make a gigantic pile
For the kids to dive right in,
Having fun all the while!

The adults mingle inside,
Nostalgia in the air.
The fireplace burning brightly,
Quite a serene affair.

Set the table for dinner,
Putting everything in it’s place.
With the turkey right in the middle
Let’s not forget to say our grace!


Turkey, potatoes
Hot gravy, too
All of this and a
Napkin for you
Kids at a table
Set for them on the side of
Gathered adults all
Visiting family Thanksgiving day
Is so delightful is the very best way
Never forget late family members and say
Grace for those and plan for December



Thankful for everything
Under the Son
Rejoice in the Lord and
Kiss and hug
You love
(Then eat some turkey!)

Turkey Art

Trace your hand in the sand
Or on paper if you prefer
Draw some eyes that look surprised
And that Laffy Taffy dangly thing
Fluffy feathers on each wing
Lets not forget the flail of a tail
A tiny beak and silly feet
Turkey, Turkey oh so perky!

Always Be Thankful

Always be thankful for the food you are given
The house that you live in, the clothes that you’re wearin’
Always be thankful for the family nearby
Those far and wide, those who stick by your side.

Always be thankful for warmth by the fire
The chance to retire, the music of the choir
Always be thankful and pray to the Lord
Thanks for the meal and the love that’s outpoured.

Time to Say Grace

Poems are so much fun, aren’t they? When you go with a Thanksgiving poem, you can even replace a typical grace with the poem, so as long as it’s thanking God and directed at Him.

All you would do is ask the room to bow their heads in silence and proceed to read the poem to God followed by an ‘AMEN!’ Then everyone will know it’s time to dig in!

What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

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      do better rhymes on poems


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