The 10 Top Boy's Toys for Christmas

Updated on September 5, 2019
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Johnny's a London-based writer with a penchant for reviewing toys, games, gear, and gifts of all types.

These toys are perfect for young boys everywhere!
These toys are perfect for young boys everywhere! | Source

Top Boys Toys—2017

Looking for the perfect present from amongst the top boys toys this year? This is the top ten list of boys toys for the 2017 season.

About this page: These 10 were independently reviewed by myself with some help from my nephew. We went around gathering reams of research data from friends, family and people we've met on our travels together while messing about in toy shops and around our neighbourhood and park's nearby.

Recommended Shopping: This lens will hopefully guide you through the ranks of these top 10 most popular presents this season. All of the recommendations can be found on sites like Amazon, eBay, and other major retailers.

The Ten Top Boys Toys in 2017

  1. Syma S107/S107G Remote Control Helicopters
  2. Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster
  3. LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple
  4. Retro Slushee Machine
  5. Air Hogs Hyperactives Pro R/C Vehicles
  6. Doggy Doo Game
  7. Sesame Street Lets Rock Elmo Toy
  8. Animal Planet Remote Control Air Swimmers
  9. Transformers Dark of the Moon MechTech Ultimate Optimus Prime
  10. Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber

1. Syma S107/S107G Remote Control Helicopters

Ages 14+

Congratulations to the number 1 this season, the Syma S107 Remote Control Helicopter. My nephew enjoyed piloting the craft in between my attempts to grab it off him to veer it off on an accidental kamikaze mission.

This remote control helicopter is one of the world's newest, smallest and lightest RC Helicopters available.

At about 7.5" long, it fits in the palm of my hand and is fully functional, equipped with ground-breaking Gyroscope technology. This mini Gyro Metal helicopter charges directly either from the USB cable or from the controller (this uses "AA" batteries and has a full-function control for brilliant flying accuracy and dexterity. One of my personal favourites and the deserved winner of this years list of top boys toys.

2. Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster

Ages 8+

Coming in a close second in this year's top boys toys selection, is without doubt, one of the current favourite of boys of many ages, including me!

Boy did I have fun with these when I got them home for... er, research.

The Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster is the ultimate in Vortex innovation and technology! The Nitron blasters awesome toy-technology propels a full-auto storm of discs at extreme ranges for an all-out living room and garden assault.

Its electronic scope features pulsing targeting lights to help you center your aim and there is a 20-disc onboard magazine storage to keep reloading time as short as possible. Honestly, this was as much fun as paint balling, only safer and less expensive! My nephew was also just as delirious as me with boy-fun, it also keeps him happy until I manage to one day wear his parents to relent to allowing him to go paint balling. (Only a few more years Will!)

3. LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple

Ages 8-14

I always loved Lego when I was a kid. Luckily Lego has grown with the times too and is a fantastic choice for the third place in our top boys toys hub this year. Now boys get to Save the Dragon Sword of Fire from the clutches of the evil Skeleton Army with the LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple!

It's great fun for boys to battle for control of the four Spinjitzu weapons. I've gotta say I have trouble remembering the characters but my nephew informs me that Sensei Wu, Kai, Zane and Nya are in need of help to keep Lord Garmadon and his evil skeleton army from taking the ultimate Spinjitzu weapon... the Dragon Sword of Fire.

Even the temple itself is fun and splits into two, so that the fearsome Fire Dragon can emerge to protect the sword by spitting fire at Lord Garmadon.

4. Retro Slushee Machine

Ages 6+

I still remember when I was a kid and my cousin got one of these for Christmas. It was so cool and I was so jealous of the attention they were getting creating these delicious drinks.

It's still as good today and I've seen a few friends of my kids' friends with these and it is perfect for summer outdoor entertaining. The slushies are made with crushed ice or small ice cubes you can grab from your freezer, ordinary table salt, water and your favorite fruit juice.

We had great fun watching the slushies being made through the clear liquid box. This is this years retro choice in the top boys toys and you can trust that this slush machine will keep you cool and let you sip your favorite slushie on any hot summer day.

5. Air Hogs Hyperactives Pro R/C Vehicles

Ages 12+

The Air Hogs Hyperactives Pro R/C Vehicles is said to be the ultimate in high-performance, micro scale remote control cars. It is definitely the high-octane machine of choice in this years top boys toys list. I've got to say it's a far cry from the kind of puttering let-downs available when I was a kid. This is actually one of the toys we had already played with, as a friend of my nephew who seems to have everything had let him loose with one (under my supervision of course!).

Will managed a joy ride along the lawn getting very high speeds (apparently it can reach up to 450 mph... in scale speed, which is still very fast and got all kinds of praise from Will).

My nephew's friend did let us watch him at one point and he was a more experienced controlled driver, showing that you can get pretty nifty at these things with a little practice.

You can actually race 10 of these at once, which would have been amazing, although probably have ended up in a Demolition Derby if Will had anything to do with it!

These are definitely for the remote control car enthusiasts and the pistol grip controller gives some great performance.

Indoors or outdoors this is the perfect blend of product and performance without the cost and complexity of higher end cars.

6. Doggy Doo Game

Ages 4-15

Without doubt the most controversial game on the top boys toys list this year and far too much fun for my little nephew than I should sensibly allow (but it is Christmas... albeit a slightly messy one).

The Doggy Doo game is probably the most controversial on the list this year. The aim of the game is to avoid being the one who cleans up the plasticine poop, an interesting concept right?

The number of times you squeeze the lead is determined by the roll of the dice... a tense affair for any kid trying to keep his street cred. :)

When you squeeze the dog's leash it makes a gassy sound that keeps getting louder until... well, the title says the rest.

You don't want to be caught holding the lead when the dog does the business, as you are the one that needs to clear it up! Somehow I kept losing this game, pretty sure Will must have rigged it.

The first to clean up after the dog three times wins. If you can stomach it! ;)

7. Sesame Street Lets Rock Elmo Toy

18 Months-4 Years

This one is great fun for younger boys. You can pick up the microphone, pick out a song and sing along with without doubt the coolest character in Sesame Street (hey, anyone who can keep up with Ricky Gervais, video below, is alright in my book).

The Sesame Street Rock and Roll with Elmo Play-a-Sound Karaoke Book plays 23 classic children's songs featuring fun-filled Sesame lyrics. A detachable microphone lets you take the show on the road; you can even add drum rolls and piano flourishes to your performances! Another top boys toys contender and would be even higher if just younger kids toys were included.

8. Animal Planet Remote Control Air Swimmers

Ages 3-15

Will has actually had a Clownfish for quite a few months now. Whether you choose the Clownfish or opt for one of the others such as the Giant Shark it's pretty neat to see them "swim" through the air with life-like movements and a tail moving back and forth!

It's pretty simple to setup. You can fill the Mylar fish with helium (available at many types of party stores/florists shops) and you control the realistic movements from below with the remote control.

The fish can propel itself right and left, up and down and can actually make some pretty tight manoeuvres around obstacles (or Uncles) when it needs to and doorways are no trouble at all to get through.

9. Transformers Dark of the Moon MechTech Ultimate Optimus Prime

Ages 5+

Got to admit it. The nostalgia was running high when I saw this on the top boys toys contender list. I can remember playing with transformers when I was a kid and they were as cool then as they've become to kids today!

This particular season's favourite is based on Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the latest film in the series.

The Ultimate Optimus Prime Figure is the movie-adapted Transformers toy set to take the Christmas shoppers by storm.

This is actually quite a colossus compared to the toys I played with as a kid. Standing over 22 inches tall, it is an action figure that is well and truly deserving of the title "Ultimate." It's got a sleek design, nifty glowing weapon lights, and to leave my old toys in the dust it even has battle and conversation sounds. Ultimate Optimus Prime is an ideal toy for serious Transformers collectors this year.

10. Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber

Ages 6+

I don't think you can call yourself a real man these days without a childhood filled with the ways of the 'force'.

These sabres, of which there are several types available, allow the future Jedi Padawans to act just like Anakin Skywalker and the other heroes of our culture's great epic.

The Ultimate FX Lightsaber, is a glowing, humming, clashing joy! It looks and feels like the real thing and lets you arm yourself with the ultimate weapon of power and skill whether for role-play battles or for fighting your way to victory.

The memories I have of making "Kisshhhh, vraaaoou" noises with a sorry looking stick from our local park to beat George Vader from up the street pale to what Will and his friends will be able to experience as their sabres feature bright, glowing blades with power-up/down light effects, motion-sensor-controlled sound effects, and battle-clash lights and sounds. Saving the Universe has never been so much fun! Very happy to give the coveted final place in the top boys toys of 2017 to this fantastic toy.

© 2015 Johnny Maguire

Any Missing From This Top Ten? Let us know!

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