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45 Adorable Valentine's Gifts for Coworkers That They Will Love

Elaine is an avid crafter who enjoys celebrating holidays with beautiful DIY decorations and gifts.

Spread the Love on Valentine's Day!

Spending hours every day with colleagues can make for the best friendship, so why not show them some love on Valentine's Day? It can be something as simple as some Hershey's Kisses wrapped in a little bag or maybe a personalized mug. They are sure to appreciate the gesture. You can purchase candy in bulk to make it cheaper—especially if you have a lot of coworkers.

These ideas can also be used for kids' teachers, neighbors, and friends. For example, you could also replicate these gift ideas as favors for parties such as hen parties and baby showers. Let's get inspired by these ideas to make a gift from the heart for February 14th.


Teller Appreciation Gift

This idea works for many occupations. Show them that you are tickled pink to have them in your life by purchasing pails from the dollar store and filling it with some pink items such as Post-It notes, for example. Then you can write your own meaningful message to include "tickled pink."


I Dig Working With You

For a really cute idea, purchase plastic shovels and wrap them with a candy gift bag. You can write the message "I Dig Working With You." In fact, you could copy this idea for kids' classmates too by changing the message to "I Dig Being Your Classmate."



For a soda-licious gift, purchase cute little 8oz sodas, ribbon, and paper straws. Make a heart-shaped tag and write on it "soda-lighted to be your coworker." You could also place them in little glasses with a mini liquor, so it becomes like a little cocktail gift for them.


Hands Down

Show them that they are hands down the best by purchasing hand creams and writing the message on a gift tag. You could also team this with hand sanitizer to make it an even more adorable gift.


Mug of Candy

Sweeten them up with a mug filled with their favorite candy. A reusable mug is such a practical and thoughtful gift, and they are sure to get plenty of use from this. You could fill it with foil-wrapped heart-shaped candies.

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Sharpie Mugs

Make them a small candy bouquet in a personalized mug. You can purchase mugs in your local dollar store and then personalize them using sharpie markers. Write their names on the mugs and then place some red or pink tissue paper inside with some heart-shaped lollipops.


Clear Mugs

You can purchase clear mugs at your local dollar store and then stuff them with colorful paper and candy to recreate this idea. It will really go down a treat with colleagues. Add a pretty bow at the top to complete the look.


Simple Valentine's Gift

For a super quick and easy last-minute Valentine's gift, fill little favor bags with Hershey's kisses or any other candy of your choosing. You can add a heart-shaped tag that says "Happy Valentine's Day."


Candy Puns

For a super cute and easy idea—Candy Puns are so much fun to make and receive. You can reuse jars or purchase new ones and fill them with themed candy according to the pun you want to write.

For example, one jar could be filled with mini butter finger candy, and you could write, "Life is so much butter with you." Another could be filled with York mint patties, and you could write "Mint to Be Together." Use a cupcake liner to cover the tops of the jars.


Bath Sundaes

This is a great Valentine's gift for teachers. Fill clear mugs with relaxing bat salt such as Epsom salt, and then add pink shower poofs to the top. You can also add cute soaps on top of the salts.


Polka Dots

These Valentine's Day gifts for friends and coworkers are made with bath bombs and conversation candy hearts placed in adorable polka dot patterned containers. Finish by wrapping them in treat bags or cellophane wrappers.


Chocolate and a Flower

Say it with a bucket of chocolate and a simple flower. That way, you know they will get flowers for sure on Valentine's Day even if they don't have a significant other. You could either purchase real or faux flowers, depending on the look you are going for.


Sucker Topiary

A Sucker Topiary is such a fun and easy gift to make. You'll need a bucket or pail, floral foam, and lollipops. Place your lollipops into the floral foam and arrange them in your pail. Finish with a heart-shaped tag that reads "Work would suck without you."

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