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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for High School Teens & Sweethearts

My name is Becki, and I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays!

Looking for some great ideas for how to celebrate Valentine's Day at high school this year? You should prepare for a romantic date with your sweetheart! Make it memorable with some of these ideas.

Looking for some great ideas for how to celebrate Valentine's Day at high school this year? You should prepare for a romantic date with your sweetheart! Make it memorable with some of these ideas.

What to Get Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day in High School

High school can be a wonderful or a difficult time, and teenagers rarely have control over their experience. Adults often tell teens that they should make the most of these years because they're going to look back on them fondly. One thing is for sure: Few days are as memorable in high school as Valentine's Day, whether you're the girl walking around with a dozen red roses or the boy wishing he had someone to send them to. This is one of the days during high school that can define who you are as a person, your popularity, and your position in the herd. High school can be tough—Valentine's Day makes it tougher for some. So how can you make this a successful day regardless of your situation? You're already doing it! You're reading this guide.

Whether you have somebody this year or you're alone on Valentine's Day, this guide is for you. The goal is to produce a memorable experience that you and your sweetheart can look back on fondly. You can make this day enjoyable for yourself and others around you by doing something special for your girlfriend, boyfriend, or someone who doesn't have a sweetheart, and don't forget to make it a good day for you, as well!

Teachers and parents should also be encouraged to continue reading this guide, as it will help you encourage your students or children on a day that should be, most of all, about love and relationships—yours included!

Choose something romantic to do for your sweetheart this year. A public expression of your affection can go a long way to boost her moral!

Choose something romantic to do for your sweetheart this year. A public expression of your affection can go a long way to boost her moral!

Do Something for Your Sweetheart

If you have a date this Valentine's Day, whether it's a steady girlfriend, boyfriend, or somebody you've just started seeing, put them first this February 14th. A lot of people like affection, especially on V-day. So it doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl: Boys like to be shown affection too. If you're in a relationship, you should aim to make your sweetheart smile and beam throughout the day so that they feel special on this holiday. Others will notice how you treat your significant other, and that will likely benefit your sweetheart's standing among your peers (which is a good thing for them if popularity is important).

Many schools offer roses or carnations on this holiday, often sold through the student council. You should be able to get flowers for your sweetheart from the school, and they will often be delivered during class (again, drawing positive attention toward your sweetheart if popularity is the goal). This is a seriously romantic gesture that most girls (and maybe even some boys) will love, so you should think strongly about doing this for the person that you're dating. This may be a better option for girls than for boys, but that doesn't get girls off the hook as far as doing something for your boyfriend goes!

If you're going to be purchasing flowers from a florist instead of buying through your school, you should make sure that the flowers you buy are red and pink. You may choose to mix in some white, but avoid yellow: it's a breakup flower!

Girls should consider a romantic card for their boyfriends. For those whose boyfriends enjoy the attention, a card that plays fun music might be a good idea. Making sure that this is delivered to his locker or class is a nice touch; that way, others can see him open it. It's nice to have other people see how much you're loved and how affectionate your sweetheart is to you. Boys like attention too!

Do Something for High School Lonely Hearts This Valentine's Day

Being single on Valentine's Day sucks, especially when you're in high school and are constantly being exposed to all the affection and gift-giving of this holiday. Teenagers, in particular, have a hard time with being single because culture and peer pressure have a tendency to tell them that they aren't worthy if they aren't dating somebody. Making adolescence even harder isn't the purpose of this holiday, but for some, that may be how it feels. Apart from finding a way to celebrate yourself this Valentine's Day, you might want to think about doing something to celebrate with other singles and find a way to boost one another during this holiday.

  • Buy Roses for Those Who Don't Have a Date: One option (and perhaps the best that you have) is to bring some extra cash to school on February 14th to purchase extra roses or carnations (if your school sells them) to give to those who haven't received any. If you know that someone doesn't have a sweetheart or that there's somebody at your school who is lonely this year, you can make a world of difference by doing something nice for them.
Teddy bears make great gifts for your girlfriend. This is something you can do for your kids, too!

Teddy bears make great gifts for your girlfriend. This is something you can do for your kids, too!

Give Your Sweetheart a Teddy Bear

Valentine's Teddy bears make great gifts for a number of reasons. Most girls enjoy something plush, particularly if it's customized to fit their personality or interests. They come in a number of sizes, from tiny to overly large, and can be home-made, store-bought, or hand-made in a factory (such as Vermont Teddy Bears). Stuffed animals like bears are often very special because they give your special someone something to remind her of you when the two of you aren't together. It shows her that you thought about her enough to get her a very personal gift, and it makes a wonderful substitute for jewelry.

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When choosing a stuffed animal, look for something that's high quality and durable. The teddy bear should be able to withstand a lot of cuddling and transportation (particularly if you're a parent purchasing for a youngster). It should be attractive in appearance. The best bears are made out of mohair pile fabric (mohair is expensive but worth the money!). You don't need to spend outside of your budget, but get her something nice!

If you have to, skimp on the roses (and buy her one at school instead of a dozen from a florist) and get a nice bear. The bear will last forever; the roses will fade.

  • Teddy bears will remind your sweetheart of you when you can't be together.
  • Your sweetheart's friends will be jealous because it's such a romantic gesture.
  • Teddy bears are a sweet gift for teenage sweethearts.
Suggested Gifts for Teens

Valentine's Card

Teddy Bear

Roses or Carnations

Other Ideas

As mentioned above, if you have enough money for the teddy bear but not for the roses, either purchase carnations instead or skip the flowers and opt for the bear. Having the bear sent to her class will really stand out!

Tips for Teachers: Making Students Feel Loved on Valentine's Day

Teachers: There's a fairly good chance that many of your students won't have somebody to send a flower to or who will buy them a card. Trying to ensure that all of your students feel cared about on this day is an admirable goal. Bullying takes on many forms, and being left out of social activities is only one way that students are sometimes bullied in high school. This Valentine's Day falls on a Friday, which means that your students will have the entire weekend to hurt if they go home feeling left out of this particular social event.

Not everyone is able to love themselves on Valentine's Day, and some students may need help recognizing their good qualities. Your goal as a teacher should always be—in part—to build your students up, even when they're in the process of tearing themselves down. Make sure that you're observing which students are feeling left out this year, and give them an extra boost when they most need it. This helps combat negative feelings on V-day.

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George Patterson from Charleston, WV on January 30, 2014:

That would be a good one :)

Becki Rizzuti (author) from Indianapolis, Indiana on January 25, 2014:

My husband proposed on Valentine's Day. I think that one had to be my favorite gift so far!

George Patterson from Charleston, WV on January 24, 2014:

What was your favorite Valentine's Day gift? I once got a singing hamster that sang Ain't to Proud to Beg by the Temptations. That is by far my favorite. Anyway that's some good stuff to know!

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