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How to Make a Witch Figurine

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How to Make a Halloween Witch Figurine

Halloween season is almost here! This is my favorite holiday, and I love creating new pieces for my home decor. After making my cauldron, I knew I needed a witch to complete the look. Using items I had around the house, I got to work. The result was even better than I expected.

This witch figurine is perfect for adding a little magic to your home. Customize your figurine to match your decor, and as always, swap out any items you don't have with those you do.

Materials needed.

Materials needed.

Materials Needed

  • A small bottle
  • Thin packing Styrofoam
  • Black leg warmer
  • Old black t-shirt
  • Black mesh
  • Cardboard
  • One ball (I used an old blender bottle tumbler ball)
  • Thin black or dark-colored string
  • An old chain
  • Black ribbon
  • Tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

Steps 1—7

1. To begin, wrap your packing Styrofoam sheet around your bottle in a cone shape to get a feel for the size. Cut the Styrofoam, so it's flush with the bottom of your bottle and secure it with hot glue.

2. Once the hot glue has cured, slide your leg warmer over the bottle. Cut two slits in the bottom.

3. Cut the excess fabric at the bottom, leaving just a little to hang along the ground as a skirt would.

4. Gather the excess fabric at the top and tie a string or ribbon around it.

5. Find the face of your witch body. Once you know which side you want to face out, put some hot glue into the top section of your fabric. Immediately place the ball inside.

6. Put a thin line of hot glue along the seam of your fabric to close it up.

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7. Fold the corners back and secure with hot glue.

Steps 8—12

8. Shape your thin piece of cardboard into a cone. Holding it closed, place it on top of your witch head to get the right fit. Once you have the size you need, secure it with tape. Cut off the excess cardboard.

9. Take another thin piece of packing Styrofoam and place your cone on top of it. Carefully cut a circle out around your cone to make the brim of your hat.

10. Fold your Styrofoam circle in half and cut a slit in the center. Open it back up and cut out a center hole.

11. Attach your circle to your cone using hot glue. Be sure to leave some of the Styrofoam hanging out to create the brim of your hat.

12. Cut a piece of your old black t-shirt to wrap around your hat. Secure with hot glue.

Steps 13—17

13. Wrap the mesh around your witch's dress. Secure at the top with a dab of hot glue.

14. Cut the excess at the bottom, leaving enough to trail around your witch.

15. Wrap a chain around your witch hat to add pizazz. You can also carefully bend the top to add interest.

16. To finish your witch, wrap a black ribbon around her neck if you wish.

17. Display your witch figurine as part of your spooky holiday decor!

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