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10 Hilariously Fun and Memorable Baby Shower Games

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The author shares their advice on how to plan an entertaining baby shower that will keep guests engaged!

Celebrate the arrival of the new baby with these fun shower games!

Celebrate the arrival of the new baby with these fun shower games!

Game Time!

If you are in the middle of planning a baby shower, you’ve got a lot on your plate! You’ve got to set the date, decide on a theme, make out a guest list, buy some decorations, prepare the food, send out the invitations, rope in some friends to help, and—while all that’s going on—you’ve got to come up with some original baby shower games, as well.

Once you’ve got everything else organised, it’s the games that you have planned that will make the difference between an event that's hilarious and memorable versus one that's a bit ho-hum. Make your baby shower go with a swing, and take a look at these great baby shower games that will have your friends crying with laughter.

Can you identify a teething ring using only the sense of touch?

Can you identify a teething ring using only the sense of touch?

1. Guess the Baby Essentials

Can you guess what the essential baby items are—by using only the sense of touch?

Collect a range of small baby items, like a rattle, a teething ring, a bottle, and a bib, and place them all in a diaper bag. Hand out a pen and a piece of paper to each of your guests, and start passing the diaper bag around the room. Each guest, without looking, must then identify as many of the items in the bag as they can and write each one down on their piece of paper. Once everyone has had a go, collect up the pieces of paper and the guest who guessed most items correctly is the winner of a prize.

2. Guess Whose Baby

This is one of those baby shower games that will take a little bit of organising before the event, but with laptops and camera phones now commonplace, it’s pretty easy to arrange.

For this game, ask all your guests to send you a photo of their own baby, and then organise the photos on your laptop and number them. Hand round a piece of paper and a pencil to your guests and then, as you show each of the photos, one by one, your guests have to write down whose baby each one is. The game is really simple, but looking back at some of the old photos of your friends’ babies can be great fun.

3. Match the Odd Socks

You might need to get some friends to help you get ready for baby shower games like this one, because the more pairs of baby socks you have, the more fun the game will be. Get together as many pairs of baby socks as you can lay your hands on and jumble them all up together. Split your guests into teams of two and give each pair a pile of jumbled-up socks. Each team then has 60 seconds to match up as many pairs as they can.

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4. Name the Baby Food

Do you have any idea what the food you fed to your baby tasted like? Well, now’s your chance to find out with this great food-tasting game. Get a selection of jars of baby food, remove the labels, and number the lids so that you can tell which one is which. Then, everyone at the party gets a taste of ten different baby foods and has to guess what flavour each one is. The person who gets the most flavours right is the winner of a prize.

Can you identify exactly what is in that dirty diaper?

Can you identify exactly what is in that dirty diaper?

5. Dirty Diaper Game

The baby shower game will gross out most moms, even when you know what it is that’s really in the diapers. Buy a selection of chocolate candy bars. Some with nuts, some with caramel, some dark chocolate, and some milk chocolate. The more colours and textures you have, the better this game will be. Then, melt each of the chocolate bars slightly and put the gooey mess inside a diaper. You can then pass the diapers round for each person to have a smell and a taste and, the guest who guesses the most brands of chocolate poop correctly is the winner.

6. Baby Drink-Up Race

This is a hilarious game for adults-only, coed baby showers, and those to which the kids are invited, too. Fill up some baby bottles with drinks—beers for the mums and dads and juice for the kids—then hand round the bottles to your guests. Give them a countdown of three, and then everyone has to drain their bottle dry as fast as they can. The first person to finish their bottle, without choking, is the winner!

7. Blindfolded Diaper Change

This one is a really simple baby shower game, but one that usually ends with some hilarious results. You’ll need some life-size baby dolls so, if you don’t have any of your own, ask around your friends before the shower and ask them to bring theirs. The idea of the game is simple: you just blindfold each guest in turn and they then have to put a diaper on the doll. The guest who can do the best fitting diaper in the shortest amount of time is the one who wins a prize.

It might get a bit messy . . .

It might get a bit messy . . .

8. Feed the Baby Blindfolded

Don’t panic—we’re not talking about feeding a real baby blindfolded, but messy baby shower games are often the best! This game is more than just a little messy, though, so be warned. Split your guest into teams of two people, and provide each team with a jar of baby food, two small baby spoons, and two bibs. One team at a time, each pair will be blindfolded and they have to feed each other the baby food as fast as they can. The team that empties their jar of baby food in the fastest time is the winner.

9. Baby Scrambler

Find out how well your guests know their baby items with the baby scrambler game. Think of about 20 different baby items and then scramble up their spellings so that you get things like; perdia (diaper), totletb (bottle), and tattler (rattle). Hand out your list of scrambled baby item names to your guests and give them 60 seconds to work out as many items as they can.

Shh! Don't say "baby"!

Shh! Don't say "baby"!

10. Don’t Say Baby!

This game won’t last long at a baby shower, but it’s a great way to break the ice and get the party going. As each guest arrives, pin a diaper pin on their shirt, and tell them that they are not allowed to say the word ‘baby'. If any guest hears another guest saying that word, they can take that guest's pin and pin it onto their own shirt. The winner of the game is the person who is left with the most pins on their shirt.


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