10 Great Birthday Party Themes for Young Boys

Updated on July 18, 2019
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These 10 themes are sure to be a hit with your son and all his friends!
These 10 themes are sure to be a hit with your son and all his friends! | Source

Kids' birthday parties are so much fun, but unless you're a paid party planner, you probably don't revel in the logistics that come with preparing for them. Coming up with the right theme can be one of the most difficult parts of throwing a great party.

If your son is a rough-and-tumble, "all boy" type, here are 10 awesome theme ideas to get you headed in the right direction when party-planning for your little one. Each includes helpful specifics to get you started in terms of games, activities, food, and decorations. These ideas are great for boys about 10 years of age and younger.

10 Birthday Party Themes for Young Boys

  1. Dinosaurs
  2. Pirates
  3. Superheroes
  4. Firefighters
  5. Harry Potter
  6. Toy Story
  7. Sports
  8. Zoo Animals
  9. Racecars
  10. Legos

For an animal that's been extinct for the past 60 million years, dinosaurs sure know how to party!
For an animal that's been extinct for the past 60 million years, dinosaurs sure know how to party! | Source

1. Dinosaurs

Does your little one love ancient history, dinosaurs, and all things prehistoric? If so, this theme is such a cute way to celebrate your son's birthday!


You can find tons of party supplies to match this theme online or at your local party store. For other decorations, you can use green streamers, balloons, and tablecloths.

Games and Activities

Set up a dino-dig! Bury some dinosaur toys or "bones" in a sandbox or your yard and let the kids dig for them. Hold a dinosaur egg hunt by painting eggs or stones to look like dinosaur eggs. Hide them outside then let the kids search for them. Give whoever finds the most dino-eggs a toy dinosaur as a prize.


For snacks, use bugle chips as dinosaur toenails/claws, and make dinosaur eggs out of rice crispy treats. Guests are sure to have a blast with this Jurassic-themed party.

Make an ordinary pool party extraordinary by incorporating a pirate theme.
Make an ordinary pool party extraordinary by incorporating a pirate theme. | Source

2. Pirates

This theme is a great one, especially if your child's birthday is during the summer when it's warm enough to incorporate some water games and activities.


Decorations are abundant for this theme, and you can accent them with black, red, and yellow balloons and tablecloths. Decorate the table with dollar store necklaces and coins or "doubloons." Instead of party hats, you can leave out bandannas for the guests.

Games and Activities

Create a treasure map and let the guests go on a treasure hunt! If you have a sandbox, you can even bury treasure in it for the guests to find. If it's warm outside, you can add more outdoor activities to match this theme like swimming, waterslides, or water-gun/balloon fights.


Argh, all this lootin' and comandeerin' has worked up quite an appetite! Chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil are sure to satisfy your motley crew's thirst for treasure. House them in plastic treasure-chest party favors to complete the package!

3. Superheroes

This is one of the very best themes for little boys! You can even turn it into a costume party by inviting guests to dress as their favorite superhero.


Decorations will depend on the child's favorite superhero—if your little one loves batman, choose black and yellow tablecloths, decorations, and streamers. For a superman fan, go with red, blue, and yellow.

Games and Activities

A great activity for this theme is a "telephone booth" style photo station. Guests can be photographed in the booth in their superhero costumes. You can also stage footraces to see who is as fast as The Flash or play "Catch the Villain", a superhero-themed version of the old game cops and robbers.


Bake cookies and allow your guests to decorate them with their favorite superhero's logo or insignia using colored frostings.

 Firefighter-themed parties are easy to prepare and decorate for.
Firefighter-themed parties are easy to prepare and decorate for. | Source

4. Firefighters

Does your little one dream of being a fireman one day? There are tons of great ideas for this theme, and it can be so simple to decorate!


Red decorations complement this party perfectly. If your child has any firetruck toys or Dalmatian stuffed animals lying around, these can also make great additions to the party. Pick up some firefighter hats at the dollar store for your son's guests to wear at the party.

Games and Activities

Set up a firefighter obstacle course using ropes, tires, ladders, or anything else you have lying around. End the course near a hose with a spray attachment, and have each guest spray the hose at a traffic cone as if putting out a fire to mark their completion of the circuit. Guests can attempt the course multiple times during the party and try to beat their own time to improve their firefighting skill.


Firefighter food can be anything from fiery-looking cupcakes to red and orange fruits to grilled vegetable kabobs.

Since the Harry Potter series is one of the most popular children's franchises of all time, it makes a great birthday party theme for young boys.
Since the Harry Potter series is one of the most popular children's franchises of all time, it makes a great birthday party theme for young boys. | Source

5. Harry Potter

This is one of the few I've listed that is even cuter for bigger kids! This is an especially precious idea for an 11th birthday—give your child their Hogwarts "letter of acceptance" a week or so before his birthday party.


Since this theme is so popular, Hogwarts-themed party supplies are readily available at party retailers and online. Be sure to use the colors of your child's favorite Hogwarts house to decorate.

Games and Activities

Have your guests play a game of quidditch using old brooms, a ball, and goals made from hula hoops. Make a "Have you seen this wizard?" newspaper photo booth from poster board. This party is sure to be absolutely magical.


For snacks and drinks, consider serving butterbeer (root beer) and wizard-hat cupcakes (place chocolate-covered ice-cream cones atop the cupcakes to make them look like wizard hats).

6. Toy Story

What could be cuter than throwing a Toy Story-themed party for your little Woody or Buzz? This is another great theme for a dress-up party.


Decorations can be purple, white, and green for Buzz; or red, yellow, and brown for Woody. Purchase green balloons and adorn them with large googly eyes to recreate the alien toys.

Games and Activities

For a great party game, play "make a potato face" with some Mr. Potato Head dolls. You can also use real potatoes and have your guests add faces to them with finger paint.


To celebrate the character Ham, serve pigs in a blanket. Toy Story-themed cakes are also widely available.

Sports-themed parties are sure to work up an appetite, so be sure to provide plenty of snacks!
Sports-themed parties are sure to work up an appetite, so be sure to provide plenty of snacks! | Source

7. Sports

Do you have a little football, soccer, or baseball player? He'd love this sports-themed party idea.


Because this is one of the most popular party ideas for little boys, you can find party supplies to match this theme at dollar stores or party supply shops.

Games and Activities

This is an easy one. Host this party at a park and have guests play some of your child's favorite sports.


Cheese puffs make great "basketballs" and popcorn makes another great snack as it is a staple food item from concessions stands for any type of sport.

Cultivate your son's interest in animals by throwing a zoo or safari-themed birthday party.
Cultivate your son's interest in animals by throwing a zoo or safari-themed birthday party. | Source

8. Zoo Animals

If your son is an animal lover, this theme is perfect. He and his friends will go wild over this animal-centric celebration.


Decorate your party area to look like a zoo! Use zebra stripes, cheetah print, and other animal patterns. Fill your house with plants to make it feel extra wild.

Games and Activities

Hire a mobile petting zoo for entertainment. Your son and his guests will adore this authentic, interactive experience. Note: When choosing a mobile petting zoo, do your research and choose a business that operates safely and ethically and transports and treats its animals well.

For party favors, place small animal toys in goody bags. Guests can trade with one another for their favorite animals.


Decorate the cake with zoo animal toys and serve concession-stand foods that you would find at the snack bar at the zoo. Funnel Cake, corn dogs, and animal crackers all make great choices for this theme.

9. Race Cars

If your child loves Hot Wheels or Disney's Cars movies, then this party is perfect for him.


Decorate with black-and-white checkerboard banners that resemble finish lines. Flame decals and racing stripes also make excellent accents for this theme.

Games and Activities

Set up a huge Hot Wheels track and let guests race toy cars. You can also make wearable cars out of cardboard boxes and stage a footrace for your son and his guests.


Bake a squat, round cake, and decorate it like a race-car tire using black and gray frosting.

Nothing can hold a child's attention like pile of unassembled legos!
Nothing can hold a child's attention like pile of unassembled legos! | Source

10. Legos

I have never met a little boy who didn't love Legos. Since the debut of the Lego movies franchise, these brick-based building toys are more popular than ever.


Because Legos are such a popular toy, there are tons of decorations and cakes available that complement this theme. Encourage your son to display some of his proudest lego construction projects at the party for his guests to see.

Games and Activities

Set out bins of legos and challenge guests to build the most imaginative thing they can think of. Play a game of charades where instead of acting out a word or concept, a player must build it out of legos while others guess. For party favors, give your son's guests small lego sets.


A lego-brick-shaped birthday cake would make a great addition to this classic party theme.

Party On!

I hope you've found one or more of these themes helpful in your party-planning thought process. Whichever theme you choose, ask your son for help and input! Planning a party can be almost as much fun as throwing one. If you have any awesome food, decoration, or activity ideas that would go well with one of these themes, let me know in the comments!


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