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10 Perfect Destination Wedding Locations

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These destination wedding locations are great for your wedding!

These destination wedding locations are great for your wedding!

Destination Wedding!

Brides want their wedding to be perfect. It takes a great deal of time, money, and effort to plan a dream wedding. Dream weddings don't just happen in a backyard. The destination is carefully thought out, planned, and paid for. That said, it doesn't have to cost a fortune. In fact, dream weddings need not be extravagant, but in order to have a perfect dream wedding, the location should be perfect. A simple wedding in a great location is the best! (You won't even need to travel for your honeymoon somewhere else because the wedding location is already perfect!)

So, here are the 10 perfect destinations for the wedding of a lifetime . . .

Top 10 Best Wedding Destinations

10. St. Lucia, Caribbean
9. The Netherlands
8. Santorini, Greece
7. Cape Winelands, South Africa
6. Chiang Mai, Thailand
5. Palawan, Philippines
4. Banff, Canada
3. Rotorua, New Zealand
2. Iceland
1. Lake Como, Italy

10. St. Lucia, Caribbean

There is nothing more symbolic of a wedding union than the iconic twin peaks of the Pitons in St. Lucia. This beautiful volcanic island in the Caribbean is quite remote and expensive to get to but it is definitely worth every penny. The island's white sandy beaches are perfect for that dream beach wedding.

Wedding Requirements in St, Lucia:

St. Lucia may be pricey for couples from the far East but the wedding process in itself is quite easy. The minimum number of days required for the couple to be married in civil is just two days and wedding fees are more or less 250 dollars inclusive of the marriage license and notarial fees. For church weddings, the waiting period is longer because the church requires that the couple's names be posted on the church door for 15 days before the wedding date. Couples who delight in sunrise and sunset will definitely be happy to get married here because it is a legal requirement to conduct the wedding ceremony after sunrise and before sunset otherwise the marriage is invalid. The wedding license is given after the ceremony. The documents needed to be provided are:

  • birth certificate,
  • passport,
  • marriage application (two days before the wedding date), and
  • the immigration form upon arrival to the country.

When to go:
St. Lucia is blessed with very good weather all year round. If money is not an issue then the best time is between December to March since it is the high season. Low season is between June and November.

9. Castle and Boat Weddings, The Netherlands

There is no other place perfect for fairy-tale weddings than the Netherlands. The country is very small yet it is lined with numerous castles perfect for wedding venues. The castle offers not only a venue for the wedding ceremony but also restaurants and catering services as well as suites for the newlyweds and their guests. This saves the couple a lot of time choosing a restaurant and a hotel after the ceremony because everything is already provided once you rent the entire castle ensuring absolute privacy and solemnity.

A perfect fairy-tale wedding is never complete without a castle. But if fairy tale is not your thing, don't despair. The Netherlands has a lot of other things to offer. The country is surrounded by canals so a boat wedding is also a very good and romantic option while cruising. Instead of a limousine, the newlyweds can also use bicycles after the ceremony to make it a little bit more extraordinary since the country is famous for being the bike capital of the world. In the spring, the tulips are in season and so brides can definitely take pride in showing off their bouquet of tulips while walking down the aisle.

Wedding requirements in the Netherlands:

The Netherlands is the first country to legalize same-sex marriage so gender is definitely not an issue here. However, only civil weddings are recognized in the Netherlands as legal so church weddings are not enough to make it official. To get married in the Netherlands, one must be a resident of the country or a dutch citizen; so it is not a place for tourists to get married. The documents required are:

  • passport,
  • birth certificate,
  • proof of nationality,
  • proof of address,
  • proof of civil status, and
  • the intention to marry submitted to the municipal hall.

When to go:

Dutch weather is very unpredictable. Outdoor weddings need to be carefully planned and there should be some umbrellas or roof for the venue in case it rains all of a sudden. The best time to go is in the spring when tulips are in full season and in the summer when it is generally warmer.

8. Santorini, Greece

There are so many reasons why people from all walks of life want a piece of Greek paradise. First, Greek weddings are very traditional, romantic, and beautiful. Second, the country is rich in beautiful beaches and scenic mountains. Third, food in Greece is very delectable. And of course, it is the home of the sought-after Santorini. There is no other place in Greece perfect for a Greek wedding theme than Santorini. It could be expensive depending on the wedding plans but it is definitely worth it. You can have a wedding anywhere you like; inside caves, along the beach, on a balcony, or in a resort overlooking the volcano. You also don't need to go anywhere else for the honeymoon because Santorini is already an ideal place to be.

Wedding requirements in Santorini:

If you like to have a civil wedding in Santorini, you need to stay for at least eight days on the island before the wedding to allow the authorities ample time to process the application. For church/religious weddings two months at least is required for the process of papers because there are more documents required by the church before the wedding day. The documents required for civil weddings are:

  • birth certificate,
  • consular registration certificate,
  • certificate of no impediment (obtained from the Superintendent registrar—two separate copies),
  • Decree Absolute (if divorced),
  • Death certificate (If widow/widower),
  • Change of Name Deed (if name was changed), and
  • if applicable, Adoption Certificate.

Weddings are usually held in the early evening at 6 pm and civil weddings are officiated by the mayor.

When to go:

May to October are the best months for a dream wedding because the weather is not so warm and all the facilities on the island are at your service. July and August are the warmest months though and it is also the busiest.

7. Cape Winelands, South Africa

The Cape Winelands is composed of five municipalities of Stellenbosch, Witzenberg, Drakenstein, Lange Berg, and Breede Valley. Here, you will see acres after acres of vineyards, towering mountains, cheetahs, oak trees, olives, and green pastures for horses and donkeys. The Cape Winelands is also the culinary capital of South Africa so feast your taste buds with delightful South African cuisines. Savor the local produce like cheese and olives. Taste their exquisite local wine. Go to their farms and pick strawberries, ride donkeys to your wedding, and enjoy a bath time in one of their mineral hot springs. Cape Winelands offer many things for the couple and their guests to enjoy. It is also heaven for artists and photographers alike. The mountains and scenery make for a perfect wedding moment that you'd want to preserve for a lifetime.

The cost? For foreigners it is very affordable thanks to the exchange rates . . . but it still depends on the wedding plans and ideas put in place.

Wedding requirements in Cape Winelands:

There is no required number of days of stay in South Africa in general before the wedding however, it is advised to allow two days before the wedding for the process of application and to get to know the wedding facilitator. You can marry anywhere in South Africa but the legal part of the wedding should be conducted inside the church or religious building, inside a government office, or in a private house with proper witnesses and open doors.

The documents required are:

  • Birth Certificate,
  • Visitor's permit and passport (for tourists),
  • Death certificate for widowed,
  • Parental consent (if under 18 years of age), and
  • Final Decree of Divorce (if divorced)

When to go:

The best time for weddings is between November and March because it is summer. You can enjoy the outdoors and take a hike anywhere in the region. June to August can be wet and cold so plan carefully if you like to be a June bride.

6. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is home to numerous islands and white sandy beaches and so it is an ideal place for beach weddings. However, as much as beach weddings are popular it is important to note that a beach can be anywhere and people won't notice that it is indeed a wedding that happened in Thailand. If you love Thailand and you want to capture its true beauty and incorporate it into your wedding, you should go to Chiang Mai. This is in the north of the country and here you will discover the other side of Thailand.

Couples can light a lantern, go to national parks and enjoy the gorgeous mountains that surround the province, eat exotic foods that can only be found in Thailand, talk to people although locals do not speak very good English, get a blessing from the elders before your wedding day, feed the elephants and if lucky you may even borrow an elephant for your wedding ceremony (but never ride them please . . . ) and experience the traditional Lanna-style wedding that you will forever cherish with your partner.

Wedding requirements in Chiang Mai:

For foreigners who want to marry in Thailand, a minimum of four4 days is required to stay in the country before the wedding. The process of documents takes a lot longer as everything needs to be translated to Thai and then some other documents in Thai will have to be translated into English or any other language used by the couple getting married. This has to be taken into account before planning the wedding. Report of the wedding will have to be conducted in respective consulate offices by the couple after the wedding.

Documents required are:

  • Passport,
  • Affidavit of Freedom to marry (from one's embassy in Thailand and this has to be translated to Thai and legalized), and
  • Marriage application.
  • In other cases (if one of the parties is widowed or divorced, for example), some documents will have to be provided.

When to go:

October to January is the best time to have the wedding because the temperature is not so warm. Avoid Mid-February to Mid-April as this is the time for farmers to prepare their crops for the season of planting and so there will be heavy smog in the air caused by the burnt fields.

5. Palawan, Philippines

The Philippines is a very beautiful country. Its pristine waters are usually lined with white sandy shores perfect for beach weddings. The rugged landscape is also ideal for nature lovers where one can see numerous waterfalls, rivers, lakes, caves, and towering mountains which can all be used as a natural backdrop for wedding photos. Anywhere you go there will always be a nice little spot to capture and add to your wedding album.