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17 Birthday Party Ideas for a 10-Year-Old Boy

Birthday Party Ideas for a Boy's 10th Birthday

Birthday Party Ideas for a Boy's 10th Birthday

Boy Birthday Party Ideas

Every parent wants their child's birthday to be special, which is, perhaps, why organising a child's birthday party can often feel very stressful! And the older children get, the harder it can be to decide what to do to help them celebrate with their friends. Here is a non-exhaustive list of party ideas for a 10-year-old boy.

17 Fun Ideas for a 10-Year-Old Boy's Birthday Party

  1. Low-Impact Paintballing
  2. Swimming Party and Pizza
  3. Sleepover With Movie and Make-Your-Own Pizza (Low-Budget Choice)
  4. Ten-Pin Bowling
  5. Laser Party
  6. Nerf Party
  7. Activity Party
  8. Skate Park Party with Scooters or Skateboards
  9. Barbecue With Water Fight Party (Summer/Warm-Weather Choice)
  10. Football Party
  11. Tubing Party
  12. Bubble Football
  13. Special Day Out Party
  14. Camping Party at Camp Site (Warm-Weather Choice)
  15. Theme Park Party
  16. Party at Home with Pizza, Magic Show and Sleepover
  17. Trampoline Party
This is a picture of my older son at a paintballing party!

This is a picture of my older son at a paintballing party!

1. Low-Impact Paintballing

Older boys love paintballing. Getting out in the woods with their friends and acting out war games is both active and fun. Paintball, however, is typically reserved for 12-year-olds and above, depending on the venue.

So can 10-year-olds really play paintball? Yes! But only at certain locations. There is a version of paintballing that is very suitable for children aged 8+, as it uses paintballs with 60 percent less impact. If you have a venue nearby that offers low impact paintballing, then it is an excellent choice for a 10-year-old boy. It's not cheap, so you might have to limit the amount of guests when compared with other parties, but it's sure to be fun!

My son, who turned 10 just a few weeks ago, was recently invited to two junior paintballing parties. He had a fantastic time, returning home a little bit muddy but brimming with enthusiasm. The only drawback was the drive to the venue—it was nearly half-an-hour away, making picking up and dropping off a bit more of a hassle than usual. Aside from that, all the children had an amazing time and used up a lot of energy in the great outdoors!

2. Swimming Party and Pizza

Swimming parties can be a great choice for a 10-year-old's birthday party, as you usually pay for the pool hire rather than per guest. If your child has a lot of friends, it means they can all be invited! Many swimming pools can be hired out for parties at selected times of the week, and some even have inflatables for hire, which always goes down well with children.

10 is also a good age for a swimming party, as there are less regulations regarding the amount of adults that are required to be in the pool with the children. (In the UK, most pools do not allow children under the age of 8 in the pool without an adult, and even then the ratio is around 3 children per adult.) Not only that, but most children can swim by age 10, meaning that the party is much more stress-free and fun.

Some swimming pools have side rooms which you can use for self-prepared food, or you can all go off somewhere else for food afterwards.


3. Sleepover with Movie and Make-Your-Own Pizza (Low-Budget Choice)

Children love sleepovers. The chance to have a whole group of friends for a sleep over is even more appealing (if you can stand it!)

By the age of 10, having multiple friends for a sleepover should be a lot less chaotic than it might have been in the past. 10-year-old boys are happy chilling out, as long as they have something to do, such as watching a movie (or play computer games!). They'll probably want to stay up as late as possible, but that's just part of the fun and to be expected. Provide pizza for supper and let them sort out the toppings themselves, on ready-made bases. Not only will they enjoy it, but it will take up part of the time, leaving less opportunity for the madness to take over!

This option for a 10-year-old's birthday party is excellent if you don't mind your home being temporarily invaded and you want to plan a party on a budget. It is a low-cost option but definitely just as much fun—in fact, don't they say the best things in life are the simplest?

Going Out to Watch a Movie

An adaption to the above party choice would be to take a few friends out to watch a movie and then return home for pizza and a sleepover or just to eat. This would work well if there is a good movie that has just been released that no one has seen yet, although it would be more expensive.

By the age of 10, children take bowling much more seriously, which makes it easier to hold a party at a bowling alley.

By the age of 10, children take bowling much more seriously, which makes it easier to hold a party at a bowling alley.

4. Ten-Pin Bowling

Ten-pin bowling is a popular pastime, but as a party, it doesn't work as well for younger children. That's mainly because the children get bored waiting for their turn and chaos often ensues. But by the age of 10, children are much more interested in the game itself and are likely to have a more competitive streak to match. In fact, when I bowl with my 10-year-old and his friends, I have to try really hard to beat them!

You can often get deals on multiple games, and some bowling alleys have cheap evenings that are a real bargain. You can usually either book the lane on its own and take the children somewhere else to eat afterward or book a party package (which might work out more expensive but will probably be easier).

5. Laser Party

Laser parties are ever popular with boys. Age doesn't mater—from about 7 upwards, they can be enjoyed by anyone. It's a less intensive game when compared to paintballing, and because it is played indoors the weather is never an issue. It's good fun, children use up lots of energy, and you can usually get party food at the venue too.

With maximum fun and minimal effort required by parents, other than turning up, it's always a good option.

6. Nerf Party

Boys love Nerf. Some venues hold organised Nerf parties, but you can do it yourself if you have the equipment and the space. In fact, when my son went to an organised Nerf party at a local centre I ended up thinking we could have done it better in the garden at home if we had enough time to prepare. You can eat your party food in the 'base' too.

I'm sure many venues put on super parties, but the one we went to was a bit lame and in a tiny hall where there was nowhere to properly hide. However, if you don't have the space or don't want the hassle, checking out the venue and equipment before booking should ensure your Nerf party goes down well with all the guests.

The key about shooting games is that you need stuff to hide behind so that you can defend yourself and surprise your 'enemy'. You could make scenery from strong card or wood (make sure anything heavy can't fall) and paint it to look realistic. You could make 'bases' from tents and camouflage materials, or even furniture and old sheets. Then make sure all your guests have access to a Nerf gun and bullets (they can bring their own if they have them) and you're all set for battle. ​

A do-it-yourself Nerf party is certain to become chaotic without any form of organisation. If you like that, then great. Otherwise, you can arrange your own games, like one team trying to get to the other side without being 'shot', or even one-on-one games where the winner goes through to the next round until there is an ultimate Nerf champion!

Warning: The do-it-yourself option is probably only viable if you already have a lot of Nerf guns, or if your guests do.


7. Activity Party

An activity party is another suitable option for a 10-year-old boy, and these days there is something to suit everyone.

Climbing is a popular option, as is archery. Canoeing might be another great option if you have a nearby facility, and other outdoor options include crate stacking (something that children of this age find really fun!) and even bushcraft or raft building. A word of warning: at a canoeing party my son and some of his overexcited friends suddenly ran fully clothed into the water at the end of the party—in November, in the UK. It was cold! A change of clothes is probably essential!

Many outdoor centres have birthday party options, so it is worth checking out what is available to you locally. Afterwards, everyone can chill with pizza or party food and cake!

8. Skate Park Party with Scooters or Skateboards

Skate parks are very popular, especially with boys. If your 10-year-old is passionate over scooters, skateboarding, or even BMX, then this could be a brilliant choice for a party. It would require everyone to bring their own equipment—currently, scooters seem to be incredibly popular and a vast number of children of this age group seem to own one.

With regards to venues, there are two options. If you have an indoor skate park facility nearby, you could enquire about private hire for a couple of hours—some places will offer this. Usually, hire will be limited to off-peak times, perhaps on a quiet day after school. It's worth it though, because the children will have the ramps all to themselves without any older kids getting in the way, something which they will love.

Otherwise, you can meet at a public skate park, indoors or outdoors, and provide a picnic or alternative birthday food. This is a good option if the weather is warm and you are looking to provide a fun party on a budget.

My son has attended several indoor skate park parties, and he has always had a great time. He is really passionate about scooting anyway, but even the kids who don't go in for it in a big way had fun. Some kids had more than one scooter which they took along so that those without one could participate.

9. Barbecue with Water Fight Party (Summer/Warm-Weather Choice)

It might sound simple, but what 10-year-old boy doesn't like drenching his friends with a water pistol? This one is best left to the height of summer, but it's definitely a contender for the fun option! Add the barbecue with burgers and hot dogs, and it's the perfect party setting! (Just don't forget to tell everyone to bring swimwear or spare clothes!)

You'll need enough space for the children to run around soaking each other, plus a non-exhaustive supply of water (so don't try to hold the party in the local park!) and you're all set. If you don't want to spend the whole afternoon getting wet, you could throw in some other fun activities to go with it

10. Football Party

A football party can be a great choice if your 10-year-old and his friends are enthusiastic about the game. In many areas there are centres with multiple pitches that hold parties, usually on astro turf and often with a side room that can be used for party food and cake. When you book a party package you will be allocated a staff member to host the party, which makes for a stress-free and smooth-running experience. Generally, the party will consist of exercises and fun games, followed by a mini match at the end. It doesn't matter if not all your guests are die-hard football fans!

11. Tubing Party

Tubing is a fun choice for a 10-year-old's birthday party if you have a nearby winter sports facilities that offers it. Basically, it consists of plummeting down a ski slope (not the really steep ones!) in a big, rubber ring. The party will be led by a host and might consists of going down singly at first, then in pairs, then all together at the end. Watch the accompanied YouTube video for an idea of what tubing as a birthday party will be like.

Both my children have participated in tubing parties a number of times, and they have always had a great time—we're lucky that we live in an area with a dry ski slope; this party choice is location dependent, but if you have nearby facilities it's lots of fun!

12. Bubble Football

Bubble football, sometimes referred to as zorb football or zorb soccer, is FUN. It is active, hilarious, and most kids love it. Anyone can enjoy it—you absolutely do NOT need to be a 'serious' player. In fact, there is nothing serious about bubble football at all!

You'd have to check if there is a provider with the equipment in your area, and you're likely to have to find a venue if your garden is too small or unsuitable. Local sports halls can often be hired out at minimal cost, particularly school sports halls that are not being used at the weekends.

My son was invited to an archery/bubble football party last year, and the bubble football was the real hit! It's a sporty party which is more about hilarious fun than who is winning at any time. In fact, watching it reminded me of a TV show called 'It's a Knockout' that aired when I was a child—I always remember that part of it (my favourite part) involved contestants participating in sumo wrestling whilst wearing huge, inflatable suits!


13. Special Day Out Party

Birthday celebrations don't have to mean organised parties with lots of guests. By this age, some children are much more content with a 'special day out' instead. Taking just one or two best friends along, and making a whole day of it instead of the usual couple of hours or so, can provide a fun and memorable experience.

Options for a 'special day out' party and almost limitless. Depending on what is available to you; how far you want to travel and much you want to spend, you could do anything from a trip to the movies followed by a meal in a restaurant, to a whole day at a theme park.

Other ideas include travelling by train to somewhere exciting (in the UK it could mean a day out exploring another city, like London—think Tower of London, museum, HMS Belfast, London Dungeon, Ripleys, etc); tickets to a major sporting event; a karting session (petrol go-karting is very expensive and probably not an option for more than one or two guests); or just a day out filled with lots of the already mentioned activities. With just one or two friends, your 10-year-old could combine a few activities over the day and it won't be any more expensive than taking a whole group to just one venue.

This type of celebration can mean less stress for parents, too, especially if it does not have to be hyper organised.

14. Camping Party at Camp Site (Warm-Weather Choice)

If you have all the equipment, camping with your friends is fun! You could book a pitch at a nearby camp site, take a tent or two (make sure the children are probably supervised and don't invite too many) and away you go. Some places have on-site facilities (playgrounds, golf, football pitches, swimming pools) or you can just enjoy the great outdoors! Go for one night or two, take stuff to do (football, cricket bat, etc.) and your guests will go home happy but exhausted (hopefully!).

15. Theme Park Party

There is something for everyone at a theme park, and a visit with a small group of friends makes for an exciting party. If you are lucky enough to live close to a theme park, then this might be a great option for a party for a 10-year-old. By this age, children are a bit more sensible, and with plenty to entertain everyone, it should make for an enjoyable and smooth-running party.

This party choice may not be suitable for winter birthdays, depending on where you live, as parks often close down in cold-weather areas (and are much less enjoyable in the cold and wet). It's also a good idea to take along an even number of children so that everyone has someone to sit next to on the rides!

16. Party at Home with Pizza, Magic Show, and Sleepover

Children's entertainers might seem babyish to 10-year-olds, but magic is for everyone, even adults. If your child likes magic, find a magician who performs more serious shows, with illusion and cool tricks without the banter aimed at younger kids. Adults hire good magicians for weddings and other celebrations, so it is certainly an appealing and more unusual option. You could book the magician to come to your house, and provide pizza and a sleepover to go with it!

Although we haven't hosted a magic party ourselves, I recently took my sons to a magic show at the theatre and they were enthralled, even my older teenage son who usually doesn't want to come out with us! A large proportion of audience members were adults, the magic was cool and sleek and very unique, and the magician was funny, but not in a silly or childish way. There was a great deal of audience participation, which added to the fun, and both the boys raved about it afterwards.

The show was so impressive that I started to think how good it would be to hire out a magician like this for an older child's birthday. We ended up doing something else for my youngest's recent birthday, but it would definitely be something I would bear in mind, depending on the cost.

17. Trampoline Party

Right now, trampoline parks are popping up everywhere. Trampolining is cool, and fun for both boys and girls. With wall-to-wall trampolines, parks have a variety of facilities, including disco areas, dodgeball courts, basketball and airbags for flips. You can enjoy party food on-site (sometimes in a private party room), or you can take your guests elsewhere.

This makes for an excellent 10th birthday party choice, that your child can enjoy with a crowd of friends. My youngest son has had his own party at the local trampoline park, and it was one of the easiest parties we have ever had. The host from the venue made sure everything was organised, and even entertained the children while they were eating (and going a bit crazy!) And by the time it was over, they had all used up a lot of energy!

I hope you have been inspired by these ideas for your child's 10th birthday party—let me know in the comments section if you have any ideas of your own!


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