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The 20 Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

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20 Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

20 Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

If you’re the maid of honor or part of a bridal party and need to throw an epic bachelorette for your sister, best friend, or college roomie, make sure the lucky lady getting married has a weekend or night to remember.

Discover the hottest trending ideas—think glamping weekends near and far, spa days, women-focused entertainment (wink, wink), and even co-ed parties. Whatever it is that floats your boat, create a weekend to remember and go all out.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

1. Do Las Vegas

Las Vegas will never be cliche‚—it’s simply iconic and a great idea for a fun bachelorette party. Las Vegas is the ultimate naughty girl experience no matter what you’re going for. From the classy to the less savory, you’ll find whatever you need in Las Vegas, Nevada. People all around the world know what it’s all about (but they might not know what actually goes on there until they’ve been).

Things to Do in Las Vegas

Think strip clubs, Magic Mike Live, and Cirque du Soleil, or get your 90s girl on and sing "Hit Me Baby One More Time" for some Britney Spears nostalgia. Throw back some tequila sunrise shots and pick a fun theme for the girls—little black dresses, sequins and platforms, or sexy one-pieces. Pick a fun theme to kick it off, and the possibilities are endless!

If hanging by the pool and getting your day-sipping on is more your style, there’s plenty for you to enjoy. From clubbing to going out to eat, Red Rock Canyon to mermaid shows, Las Vegas is sure to deliver, and the possibilities are endless.

2. Go on an Extreme Adventure

There’s nothing more intense than the moment someone says “I do” than doing something equally adrenaline-pumping and extreme for a bachelorette party. Prep your bride-to-be to take the plunge with something that will get her heart pumping. Okay, so not everyone wants to jump out of an airplane, but when you make the event once-in-a-lifetime and in honor of your gal pal, it’s hard to say no.

Do an Extreme Adventure With the Girls

Choose from anything from bungee jumping to trapeze, skydiving to zip-lining, or even a mellow ropes course in the redwoods. There is an activity out there that will please everyone—even those that are afraid of heights. To make it extra special, pick a place with meaning and significance. If your gal pal met her honey in Lake Tahoe, consider an activity in the mountains. Pick a favorite venue with meaning that is convenient for all. This party theme is a sure winner.

Take to jet-setting and fly sky-high to a dreamy location.

Take to jet-setting and fly sky-high to a dreamy location.

3. Fly Somewhere Cool

Jet-setting isn’t just for the rich and famous. Pick the best planner in your bridal group and have them scan airline deals for the perfect getaway. Keep the trip near or far depending on your budget. You can fly within state or go abroad, take to the beach or head to the mountains for a cooler climate—the possibilities are endless.

For those with a little more leeway in the wallet, think big and think fashion, elite clubs, and city life: Paris, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, and San Francisco. For those who like a little sun and luxury, head to the islands of Hawaii, the Bahamas, Australia, Italy, Greece, or even California's sunshine coast.

Go Somewhere Affordable

If you’re on a budget, keep it fairly local. Live in the suburbs? Jet-set to the nearest city one state over. From New Orleans to Tennessee, Seattle to Phoenix, there’s a culture and a nightlife sure to dazzle and appeal to any bridal party.

Consider a festival—from music to art and wine.

Consider a festival—from music to art and wine.

4. Hit up a Festival

Get your gal group together and hit up the festival the bride-to-be has been wanting to attend for who knows how long. Whether it’s a musical venue like Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, South by Southwest, the San Francisco Symphony, or something farther out and more obscure like Comic-Con, Oktoberfest, Mardi Gras, or Fur Con, get your groupies together and live large.

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Go to a Music Festival

There is a festival for everyone, from small to large, cheap to expensive—it all depends on the group you’re going with. Perhaps you want to go for nostalgic reasons (think college days) or you’re looking for something with some refinement, like an art and wine or film festival. Either way, do your research and get to packing.

Amusement parks aren’t just for kids, they’re for influencers too

Amusement parks aren’t just for kids, they’re for influencers too

5. Enjoy an Amusement Park

So, maybe you all are a bunch of Harry Potter or Universal Studio fans; maybe you like roller coasters or love to go to the county fair, ride the Ferris wheel, and take some influencer-style photos for your Insta or Snapchat.

Whatever it is that you get down with, pick something that the group will enjoy and think local. Depending on your location, choose from the following theme parks and amusement parks and make it a weekend to remember—and don’t forget the cotton candy!

Amusement Park Options

  • Hersheypark
  • Busch Gardens in Tampa
  • Cedar Point
  • Disney World or Disneyland
  • Legoland
  • Harry Potter World
  • Universal Studios
  • Knott's Berry Farm
  • Six Flags

6. Relax With a Tropical Vacation

Nothing spells relaxation like a weekend of lounging in the warm sands in a tropical location. Let the weight of the day-to-day grind melt away in the sands alongside some of your closet gal pals. You probably already know where it is your bride-to-be might like to go–Hawaii, Maui, Cancun, Australia, Costa Rica, and beyond . . . there are so many gorgeous beaches to visit.

Plan a Tropical Getaway

Think drinking, tanning, lots of sun, and probably some cute bachelors for all you single ladies. Take a sunset sail sipping some yummy drinks or relax at a day spa with an infinity pool. Make it a luxurious weekend of doing . . . nothing. There’s no better place to take it down a notch than in a tropical paradise.

Take to wine country and get tasting

Take to wine country and get tasting

7. Taste Wine Country

Nothing is quite as luxurious as wine tasting, especially when you do it with your ladies. Wine country is all about fine-dining and great sipping, so dress the part and take a tour. You can pay for guided towards or make arrangements at a local cellar. Although California (Napa and Sonoma) is known for its wine, there are wonderful wineries throughout the state and around the world.

What to Do in Wine Country

Get ready to drop some money on some high-end dinners with fancy tasting menus. If your group is all about foodie-culture, consider a farm-to-table treat. Enjoy some time by the pool or hot tub as the evening winds down and pamper yourself with spa time or beauty regimens that involve massages, facials, or mani-pedis.

Step up to the mic.

Step up to the mic.

8. Hit a Comedy Club

Are you looking for a good laugh? Do you have a group of gals that just love entertainment and comedy? Check out a comedy club and support local comedians. You can even pay to see a famous comedian - either way, it’s bound to be a good night. We all know that laughter is good for the mind, body, and soul, so let the bride-to-be melt away the pre-wedding jitters with a good night out and some fun laughs all alongside her best buds.

Melt away the stress.

Melt away the stress.

9. Dive Into a Spay Day

Every bridal group is sure to love a good spa day. Anything that involves relaxation and beauty is a win-win and hard to pass up. Consider getting natural facials, manicures and pedicures, massages, and then sealing the day off with a hot tub, cold plunge, and sauna or steam room. Consider some fun venues that offer day passes and curate that outdoor paradise vibe. From all-natural settings like hot springs to tea houses and resorts, pick a venue that all will enjoy.

10. Cross an Item Off the Bucket List

We all have a bucket list, and before your gal pal becomes “Mrs.,” there’s sure to be something on her list she needs to cross off. Some bucket list items are near and some are far, some are easier to achieve and some require more planning. Consider the group you are working with, what your budget looks like and get to planning. Some fun ideas include the Northern Lights, hitting up a nude beach or skinny dipping, taking a trip and a safari on a wildlife preserve, star-gazing against the backdrop of a glacier, or whitewater rafting. It’s time to celebrate and it’s time to live it up, so get to the list and start doing!

Bowling is a classic.

Bowling is a classic.

11. Get Retro and Go Bowling

If you are going out with a group that is a sucker for nostalgia, bowling is right up your alley, literally. Consider a fun night like disco bowling. Eat and drink a pitcher, munch on some pizza, socialize, and get your game on. From dancing to fun tunes from the 70s in costume, to wearing matching jackets and your hair in style, bowling is a classic activity that is sure to strike a chord with all.

12. Spend a Night in at Your House

No one ever said that in order to host a great bachelorette party that you have to go out or even spend big. Get a projector and put on a fun movie (even something naughty), order some delicious pizza, create some fun cocktails, or even hire a stripper. Sometimes, the fun can be had from indoors. Pick a theme and make it a pajama party, play board games, or play a drinking game. It all depends on what your group is about, but this idea is perfect for getting creative and there is no end to the possibilities.

Take a road trip.

Take a road trip.

13. Take a Road Trip

Take a road trip with the gals. Get a fun (and cute) rental van and do van-life for a bit. You can go for a pop-up tent camper, a convertible for a smaller group, a coastal or cross-country train ride, or even just carpool in your own vehicles and save some money. Go to a location you have always wanted to go, spend nights in the hotel together, and watch your favorite movies. Check out the local scene and explore the town. Be sure to identify your party wherever you go - and don’t be shy! Get singing with some karaoke, get a team together for trivia night, or do something else exhilarating and local.

Pack your pack and hit the trails.

Pack your pack and hit the trails.

14. Get Your Girls Hiking

Hiking and backpacking isn’t just for the guys - it’s the 21st century and ladies are out living it up in the wild outdoors every day. Consider planning a fun day hike with a picnic or get more serious and route yourself an overnight or weekend backpacking trip. If you’re inexperienced start easy and small, but if you hangout with some outdoorsy types, pick something challenging and plan ahead. Hiking allows you the time to discuss the meaningful points of life.

Time on the water is time well spent.

Time on the water is time well spent.

15. Hit the Water (Rafting, Kayaking, Surfing)

Yes, time on the water is time well spent. Not only is the water both challenging and soothing, but everyone can use a little water therapy. Whether you go for something relaxing like kayaking on a gentle, calm lake, want something scenic like rafting below a glacier, or what to sign up for a surf class in the Pacific, you’re bound to find an activity all can agree on. Pack a picnic, some fun snacks, some champagne, beer, or wine, depending on your jive, and get to the great outdoors.

16. Go to a Local Adult Club

Get your gal crew together, dress hot, get some single dollar bills, and head to a strip club. Yes, that’s right, it’s time to get liberated. Have a fun night out with the girls and go wild. From all-male clubs, to all-girls clubs, and co-ed, find something that everyone will be comfortable with. Get your drink on and don’t forget to walk on the wild side.

Host a night in for the ladies.

Host a night in for the ladies.

17. Host a "Toy" Party

Nothing can be more fun than planning a night just for the ladies. Consider an evening featuring toys for the girls. Invite someone over who sells them for a night in. If you don’t know anyone, go out and buy your own toys with friends or simply enjoy shopping for them. Consider picking out lingerie or watching instructional videos. From fairly innocent to full-blown raunchy, let it be a night to remember.

Learn something new with a creative adult class.

Learn something new with a creative adult class.

18. Take a Creative Class

The creative possibilities are endless with this bachelorette party idea. Think of fun activities like a pole-dancing class, cooking class, aerial yoga class, wine-tasting class, art class, or cocktail-making class. It really depends on the group you are celebrating with and the bride-to-be. Checkout local deals on groupon - even consider doing something you’ve never tried before. Now is the time to do it!

19. Visit a Psychic

Are you into trying something a little off the beaten path? Get your group together and get your fortunes told by visiting a psychic. You can each take a turn or simply go with those who wish to try it, depending on how adventurous your group is. Check out local reviews for ideas of who to visit - from tarot readers to clairvoyants and energy healers, open your mind to possibility and take a look into your future friendship together.

20. Host a Craft Party

A craft party offers a great opportunity for bonding and socialization, and you get a fun souvenier from the party to remember your friend’s special day. This type of activity can be of a variety of fun themes like a succulent or terrarium plant party, decorating aprons, painting wine glasses, making homemade candles, and decorating cute shirts. These are just some ideas to get you started with. Check out Pinterest for some additional cute DIY ideas and get planning.

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