5 Unique Wedding Entrance Ideas

Updated on September 24, 2019
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Happy guests reacting to a funny wedding entrance.
Happy guests reacting to a funny wedding entrance.

Funny Wedding Entrance Ideas for Brides, Grooms, Bridesmaids, and Groomsmen

Your wedding day is a very special occasion, and you don't want any part of it to feel mundane—least of all when you and your "other half" enter to become Mr. and Mrs. for the first time.

Instead of walking in with nothing more unique than a smile and a wave, plan a more exciting and entertaining entrance. My friends and I felt that there had to be a more fun way to enter the wedding, and so we brainstormed the following ideas. Hopefully, one of these fun wedding entrances will leave you with a lasting and happy memory for years to come. (But before you run away with this exciting idea, it's best to discuss it with your bride or groom to make sure they agree. Really, you can't pull this off alone.)

Check out the happy faces of the soon-to-be-marrieds, the smiles of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and the guests' laughter. Let them leave your wedding talking about how they had never before witnessed a unique wedding party entrance like yours!

The groom entering with the wrong bride.
The groom entering with the wrong bride.

Unique Wedding Entrance #1: The Mistaken Bride

All your guests invited to the wedding party should know the bride and groom in person—or at the very least, be able to recognize them. So when the emcee announces your grand entrance, when the spotlight is directed at the entrance, open the door to reveal the groom holding hands with the wrong bride!

Proceed to stage a funny conversation:

The groom and the wrong bride enter. The groom acts unaware that he is holding the hand of the wrong bride. They walk about one third of the length of the aisle before stopping and staring at each other.

Groom: 'Eh, who are you? Why are you here?'

Wrong bride: 'I am your bride, remember? Your darling, your beloved wife?'

Groom: 'NNNOOOO....'

Wrong bride: 'You know, I have been admiring you for a long time. You are the best man on earth.' Insert good characteristics of the groom. 'That's why I am willing to be your bride.'

Groom: 'I guess you have misunderstood. I need to find my wife! My wife is the best woman on earth.' Insert reasons for choosing her as wife. Melt the bride's heart with his speech.

Wrong bride: 'Ok, now I understand why you chose your bride over me. Let me tell you where she is.' She whispers into the groom's ear.

Groom, now knowing where his bride is, is excited and happy. He turns and runs out of the ballroom, closing the door behind him.

Meanwhile, the wrong bride continues to crack up the crowd.

Wrong bride: 'Oh well, now that I have no groom, are there any volunteers? Please...' Sighs. 'I give up; I shall try again tomorrow. For now, shall we all rise and put our hands together to welcome the real Mr. and Mrs.!'

Then make your grand entrance! I am sure by now, all your guests will be laughing and very happy to see the real bride and groom!

The bride being chased down the aisle by a bear!
The bride being chased down the aisle by a bear!

Unique Wedding Entrance #2: Bear Chase

Dress your groom up in a bear costume. It's easiest to leave out the bear's body, so the groom just wears the head of an adorable bear costume. It will match well with his tuxedo. And don't worry, the costume is for the entrance only. Oh, make sure he can see well and walk straight. You really don't want your groom to be knocking down the flower stands along the aisle.

When the doors open, have the hurrying down the aisle as she is being pursued by a bear in a tux! When she's at the end of the aisle, the bear can catch her and remove his costume to give her a kiss.

You can easily change this by choosing a character that is significant to your relationship instead of a bear. Maybe the first soft toy he gave you is a Mickey, and you can have a Mickey chasing you down the aisle.

If the bride is willing, both the bride and groom can don the costume head of the characters important to their relationship. You can have Mickey and Minnie walking down the aisle before taking the costume head off at the end of the aisle and greeting the amused guests before going on stage.

If you feel nervous about this one, remember that most importantly, it is your wedding. You have the right to be happy and to introduce fun elements that characterize your relationship into your ceremony!

Unique Wedding Entrance #3: Obstacle Course

Walking down the aisle of the wedding reception takes about 30 seconds to one minute. How about playing some games along the way and enjoy every moment on the carpet?

There can be 'roadblocks' that form an obstacle course, forcing the couple to complete simple tasks before they are allowed to move on.

Ideas for the 'roadblocks' include:

  1. Hold a kiss for one minute and have the entire ballroom of guests countdown together. This can be tricky for shy couples out there.
  2. Share a strand of noodle, each from one end, without breaking it! Towards the centre of the noodle, their lips will touch and enjoy a kiss to remember.
  3. Feed your groom with a baby bottle of beer or red wine.
  4. Carry the bride in the prince and princess style from the last road block to the stage! This definitely creates a happy entrance, albeit a tiring one for the groom!

Make sure the couple discusses these 'roadblocks' with their friends and practice them beforehand. You really don't want big surprises, causing your to face uphill tasks that you cannot complete right in front of all your beloved guests! So, upfront preparation is especially important for this unique entrance!

Unique Wedding Entrance #4: Pop-Out Party Streamers

Pop-out party streamers set the scene for one-of-a-kind beautiful photos during a surprise wedding reception entrance. The key to this unique wedding entrance is picking the pop-out party streamers that pop-out to create just the effect you desire. So, what to look out for when choosing a pop-out party streamers for wedding entrance?

  1. The length of the streamers. They really should not be too long. The most common type of streamers are usually very long, exceeding 50 cm (15 inches) or even 100 cm (30 inches). Such long streamers really do not provide a good photo opportunity, and could tangle up the bride and groom. The ideal length I would suggest is 15 cm (4 inches). Short and sweet, this length of streamers will pop up higher into the air, giving the photographer more 'air-time' to capture the moment.
  2. Loudness of popping. If possible, choose ones with minimal sound. We don't want to excessively shock our elderly guests.
  3. After-smell of popping. You will be surprised that some pop-out streamers leave a tingly scent of smoke hanging in the ballroom. This is especially important to prevent if your venue is indoors. I can't really imagine how guests could enjoy their food with the smell of smoke in the air.

To add to the surprise, provide pop-out party streamers to friends scattered around the ballroom. Have them coordinate their popping by spreading evenly throughout the room, so guests sitting in the far corners do not feel left out.

Most importantly, plan the photo opportunity. Coordinate with your photographer and inform him or her of the where the pop-out streamers will go off. Know where to look and smile to the camera, so you make a great memory worth keeping for the rest of your life!

Unique Wedding Entrance #5: Flash Mob Dance

Last but not least, the mass dance wedding entrance!

Pick a song with an easy and catchy rhythm. Have your bridesmaids and groomsmen dance into the ballroom, showing funny acts and warming up the crowd prior to your grand entrance.

Enough said: watch the video above to get the idea!

Special Thanks

Many special thanks to my friends featured in this article! Readers out there: these entrances are real: real people, real weddings, and proven happy-crowd-warming wedding party entrances!

Have you thought of your wedding theme? We are having our wedding theme based on Up the movie! To complete the theme, we had a Up photoshoot! Look at my profile to see the photo shoot and my other writing on wedding ideas.


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      7 years ago

      loved it! thanx a ton.

    • Wedding Reviews profile image

      Ryan Swayt 

      7 years ago from Salt Lake City, Utah

      These ideas will all make for a very entertaining wedding. Thanks!


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