8 Best Christian Wedding Songs for a Solemn Occasion

Updated on June 30, 2017

Church weddings have a breathtaking aura to them. The lights, the carpets, the themes, and definitely the music are what complete a church wedding. As solemn as the occasion is, the music also plays an active role in making the wedding auspicious and solemn.

The challenge of picking songs for a Christian wedding is real. You have to make sure that you have a playlist of church-appropriate songs that blends with the mood, and at the same time, it should have some element of 'weddingness' to it.

So here are a bunch of songs that meet such standards.

1. 'When God Made You' by NewSong

This song is definitely the best and one of the most popular romantic Christian wedding songs that bring God into the picture. It’s the ideal song that simply states that there is no better matchmaker than God himself. The song is a great start to a reception or even an amazing choice for the bridal march.

2. 'Love Is Not A Fight' by Warren Barfield

This is an amazing promise and a reminder that love is not a place to come and go but it is meant forever. The song is assuring while it also talks about the need to fight in order to sustain love and keep it going.

3. 'Butterfly kisses' by Bob Carlisle

What better song to add to this list of Christian wedding songs. This song is more than the warmth of romantic love between the couple. Rather, this is a song that goes down the memory lane. It’s one where the father gives his daughter away with a heart full of warm memories.

4. 'I Will Be Here' by Steven Curtis Chapman

This dreamy song is one of the calmest and promising songs to be played for a wedding. It blends well with a serene and tranquil wedding evening. The song is just a reminder that you have someone’s shoulder to cry on. It's a promise that you are there for each other however the journey looks like.

5. 'When The Rain Comes' by Third Day

This is another song that is meant for a church wedding that is quite and promising. It is a wedding song that reminds the newly married couple that life is going to be tough and you can’t stop yourself from taking the bumpy road, but what you can do is be there for each other despite it all.

6. 'The Wedding' by Michael Card

Every Christian wedding will need at least one song that reflects a story from the Bible. This song by Michael Card goes back to the wedding where Jesus turned water into wine miraculously. While it reflects upon a story from thBiblele, it also invites the presence of Jesus to the wedding that is happening.

7. 'The Prayer' by Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli

This song can be played to capture the minds of everyone around in the room. Celine Dion’s strong voice adds to the deep meaning of this amazing song.

This is one of those songs that is a simple prayer to God asking him to lead us and guide us in his way. This is quite a slow song and is perfect to fall as the last song with which the congregation can depart.

8. 'When I Say I Do' by Mathew West

Mathew West’s song is yet another song that reminds us of how amazing God is with his sovereign plan. This song is a song filled with gratitude and admiration for a God who brings people together to say ‘I Do’. This song is a great choice because it talks so much about the promising wedding, while it also thanks God and reminds us of the need to pray for every moment that is to come.


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      Thank you Lori :)

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      Oh, Susan, What a beautiful article - Brings tears to my eyes. God bless you with continued $ucce$$:))