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Alien-Themed Party Food and Snack Ideas

Serve your guests these fun, alien-themed party foods and snacks!

Serve your guests these fun, alien-themed party foods and snacks!

Food Ideas for an Alien-Themed Party

Greetings, Earthlings! If you are planning an alien-themed birthday or Halloween party and are looking for fun party food and snack ideas, you have stopped at the right place. All of these out-of-this-world recipes will please even the pickiest of party guests, and kids are sure to love these space-inspired green snacks.

In this article, you will find so many easy-to-make alien-inspired foods, including sandwiches, parfaits, chips and dip, cookies, and popsicles. Read on to find what ingredients you will need and see step-by-step directions with pictures for creating each fun party food idea.

Alien Party Food: Green Goodies and Intergalactic Snacks!

  1. Alien Sandwich
  2. Alien Parfait
  3. Alien-Themed Chips and Dip
  4. Alien- and Star-Shaped Cookies
  5. Green Alien Popsicles
An alien sandwich with space-themed goldfish crackers.

An alien sandwich with space-themed goldfish crackers.

1. Alien Sandwich

Our first party food idea is no ordinary peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It is a super fun creation made to look like an alien in outer space that kids will have no problem gobbling up.

Let your kids join the fun by helping them create the alien face with different kinds of cookie cutters and having them arrange the sandwich and crackers on their plate. Below is a list of ingredients, supplies, and directions to follow for creating an alien sandwich.


  • Bread (two slices per sandwich)
  • Peanut butter
  • Jelly
  • Space-themed goldfish crackers
  • Green grapes


  • Toothpicks
  • Pizza cutter
  • Cookie cutters


  1. Use a pizza cutter to cut the two slices of bread into your desired alien shape. (I went for a circular shape in the photos shown here.)
  2. Create an alien face on the top slice by pressing small cookie cutters into the bread.
  3. Spread peanut butter and jelly on the bottom slice of bread. Put the slices of bread together into a sandwich.
  4. Slide green grapes onto two toothpicks and insert them at the top of the sandwich for antennae. Add four more grape-covered toothpicks to create the arms and legs.
  5. Arrange the space-themed goldfish crackers (the bag includes stars, moons, planets, and rocketships) to make a fun outer space scene on the plate.

More Fun Sandwich and Side Ideas

Here are some other fun alien sandwich ideas and accompanying sides:

  • Use various kinds of meats, cheeses, or spreads to make your sandwich. Make sure the brightest colored food item will show through the holes.
  • Attach raisins or olives (green or black) to create the alien face, or draw it on the bread with squeezable condiments.
  • Use star- or space-shaped cookie cutters to cut fun shapes out of fruit, cheese, or Jell-O for an alternate side item.
Our finished alien parfait.

Our finished alien parfait.

2. Alien Parfait

Our next idea is the perfect treat for an outer space birthday or Halloween party. Your guests will get a kick out of these fun alien parfaits! We layered our parfaits with crumbled Oreo cookies, vanilla pudding, and green Jell-O. If you are not a pudding fan, substitute either vanilla yogurt or ice cream for this layer. Below is a list of everything you will need and directions to follow to create this yummy treat.


  • Crushed Oreo cookies
  • Vanilla pudding (or substitute yogurt or ice cream)
  • Green Jell-O
  • Large marshmallows (you'll need two per parfait)
  • Green sugar sprinkles


  • Plastic bag
  • Green straws (you'll need two per parfait)
  • Clear cups


  1. Place the Oreo cookies into a plastic bag and crush them into pieces. My boys enjoy using toy hammers to smash their cookies.
  2. Pour the crushed cookies into the bottom of a clear cup. Top with vanilla pudding. Repeat the two layers, and then top with green Jell-O. (For a smaller cup, use only one layer of cookies, pudding, and Jell-O.)
  3. Slide a large marshmallow onto both of the green straws. Apply a small amount of pudding to the end of each marshmallow and dip it into a plate of green sugar sprinkles to create the alien's eyes. (For a smaller cup, you may need to cut the straws in half.) Insert the straws into the parfait and enjoy!

Parfait Variants and Substitutions

Add or substitute these tasty ingredients to make your own alien parfait:

  • Ice cream
  • Yogurt
  • Whip cream
  • Fresh fruit
  • Crushed nuts
  • Granola
  • Honey
This is a fun way to serve alien-themed chips and dip.

This is a fun way to serve alien-themed chips and dip.

3. Alien-Themed Chips and Dip

No party is complete without a room full of hungry guests munching on a bowl full of chips served with a delicious dip! Instead of the same ol' chip and dip routine, try out some of these fun ideas to spice up this snack at your alien-themed party:

  • Don't get out that usual chip and dip platter! Instead, pour the chips into a silver-colored bowl or aluminum container to give it more of a spaceship appearance.
  • Serve a green-colored dip to accompany your chips. In the picture above, you can see Ruffles chips with French onion dip colored with drops of green food coloring.
  • Glue googly eyes to the ends of two green plastic spoons. Place these spoons into the dip to make it appear as if an alien is peeking out of the bowl!
Our finished alien-shaped cookies.

Our finished alien-shaped cookies.

4. Alien- and Star-Shaped Cookies

Another easy snack idea is to bake some cookies with fun outer space shapes and decorations. Create out-of-this-world cookies for your guests with circle- and star-shaped cookie cutters and colored sugar sprinkles. Below you will find a list of what you will need and step-by-step directions for creating these fun cookies.


  • Sugar cookie dough
  • Flour (for rolling out the dough)
  • Green and yellow sugar sprinkles
  • Glitter decorator gel (or icing)


  • Star- and circle-shaped cookie cutters (or various space-themed ones, like this cute rocketship cutter)
  • Rolling pin


  1. Make a batch of homemade sugar cookie dough or buy the prepackaged kind. Roll the dough out on a flat surface until it is 1/4 inch thick. Use flour as needed to prevent the dough from sticking to the surface or rolling pin.
  2. Use the star and circle cookie cutters to cut out the shapes for the cookies. Add two small strips of dough with circles at the ends to each circular cookie to create the alien's eyestalks or antennae (see the photo above). Sprinkle the star cookies with yellow sugar sprinkles and the alien cookies with green sugar sprinkles.
  3. Roll up the leftover cookie dough into balls and dip these into the green sugar sprinkles. Flatten them out onto a cookie sheet.
  4. If you are using homemade dough, bake both sheets of cookies in the oven at 350° for 10–12 minutes or until the edges are golden brown. If you are using a prepackaged cookie dough, follow the baking instructions on the package.
  5. Allow cookies to cool on baking sheet for 3 minutes. Carefully remove the cookies with a spatula and set them aside to completely cool.
  6. When the cookies are cool, draw on them with glitter decorator gel or icing to create the alien faces.
  7. Arrange the finished cookies on a plate. You can use the plain green cookies as the backdrop for the stars and aliens.
Our finished alien popsicles.

Our finished alien popsicles.

5. Green Alien Popsicles

For a frozen snack idea at your space-themed party, try this easy recipe for homemade alien popsicles. While kids will love the green color and yummy taste, you will love that this recipe can be made with just three simple ingredients! If you don't already own a set of popsicle molds, use small plastic cups and add a popsicle stick after they have been in the freezer for around an hour.

The amount of popsicles this recipe makes depends on the size of your molds or cups. With my mold, I can usually get around 8–10 popsicles from this mixture. Here is the list of what you will need and how to make these fun alien popsicles.


  • Package of lime Jell-O
  • 2 oz. vanilla yogurt
  • 1 cup water



  1. In a pot, bring 1 cup of water to a boil, then remove it from the heat. Add the package of lime Jell-O and stir until the powder is completely absorbed in the water.
  2. Pour the mixture into a bowl and slightly cool in the refrigerator for 5 minutes.
  3. Add the vanilla yogurt and mix well into the green liquid. Pour the popsicle mixture into the molds (or cups) and freeze for 5–6 hours before serving.

More Alien-Inspired Party Snacks and Finger Foods

Food IdeaSuggestions

Green Vegetable Tray

Serve broccoli, celery, cucumbers, green olives, and green peppers with vegetable dip and fun alien spoons.

Green Fruit Tray

Serve green apples, green grapes, kiwi, and melon with fruit dip and fun alien spoons.

Jars of Green Candy

Fill jars with green-colored candy, such as M&Ms, gumdrops, sour apple gummies, and spearmints.

Chicken Fingers or French Fries

Serve slender pieces of chicken or French fries with a place card that says "Alien Fingers."

Alien Popcorn Balls

Make popcorn balls tinted green with food coloring and add M&Ms or licorice to create the alien face.

Alien Wraps

Make lettuce wraps filled with your favorite ingredients with a place card that says "Alien Wraps."

Green Trail Mix

Make a trail mix with your favorite ingredients and add drops of food coloring to give it a green tint.

Alien Punch

Combine green Kool-Aid, pineapple juice, ginger ale or lemon lime soda, and lemonade concentrate to make a fun green punch.

Alien Smoothie

Make healthy green smoothies with spinach, fresh or frozen fruit, milk or fruit juice, and ice. (See video below!)

Enjoy Your Space-Themed Party!

As you can see, there are so many fun foods to serve at your alien-themed party. Whether you are celebrating a space fan's birthday or just spicing up a Halloween par