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How to Throw a Chicken Party for Kids

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How the Chicken Party Started

Easter had come and gone, and my hubby and I were walking around WallyWorld, better known to some as Walmart, and saw all the discounted Easter stuff, you know the high priced stuff you bought before the sale!

My hubby, better know as Grampa, told me, "You know, it is a shame that the grandkids only get to color eggs once a year—who made the rule that they can only do it once a year?!"

Now that is how the chicken party got started. We filled the cart with all the egg coloring we thought we would need and anything else that would fit in with our chicken party.

Planning the Chicken Party

I did parties all the time for my grandkids and let them invite their friends. So we had quite the hen party with all the little chicks that came.

We first colored the eggs I had boiled ahead of time, and they put beautiful designs on them. They got to take the ones they designed home with them.

Of course, when Grannie had a party there was always food. We kept in the chicken theme as much as we could. We had chicken strips, French fries, bite-sized fruit with those fringed toothpicks and ice cream floats.

Making the Chicken Hat

My daughter and daughter-in-law made chicken hats for everyone to wear—we laughed so much while we were making these hats. We bought all the feather boas we could find and enough shower caps for each child at the Dollar Store.

They glued the boas all around the shower caps until they were covered, and made a chicken bill out of yellow poster board. They were so cute—the kids loved them! There are a lot of chicken-themed items you can also buy in the stores. I went cheap.

Chicken Strips and French Fries


Buy Food Already Cooked If Time Is an Issue

Make it easy on yourself buy chicken strips or nuggets, dipping sauces, gravy, and French fries! Buy some fresh fruit—my grandkids loved bite-size pieces with a fancy toothpick. Some of their favorite fruits were orange and apple slices, watermelon, grapes, and pineapple just to name a few. They also loved chunks of cheese!

Now for the ice cream floats—they are easy, just make sure you do not forget the whipped cream in the squirt can and maraschino cherries with the stem! I know, you usually do not put that on a float, but we do at Grannie's house.

I always served buffet style and helped with the smaller kids!

I live in a rural area, and we do not have a McDonald's to go buy chicken strips and French fries—as if we could afford to buy them! So this Grannie had to make everything homemade.

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I have an oven roaster that has a divided section insert and I use that to keep the chicken and French fries warm—it worked perfectly!

Ice Cream Floats


Ending Our Party with the Chicken Dance

Will I guess you know how we ended this wild party! Yes, we did the Chicken Dance! Old and young had so much fun.

I did this when my grandkids were around 9 or 10. They are now in high school, college, and getting married! Some of their friends that came to the party still remember it.

Chicken Dance Video

Use Your Imagination—It Can Be Fun! Make Memories!

Just use your imagination and make memories with your kids and grandkids by having special parties for them and their friends!

Do this while they are young because when they are in the boyfriend and girlfriend stage and get their driving permits, they don’t run in the door with their arms wide open and run to you for a hug! They still give hugs, but I have to steal them sometimes.

More crazy and fun parties we had over the years were a rock and roll, tea parties, luau party, oriental party, and more!

Video Making Chicken Cupcakes

Party On, Dance Like Nobody's Watching!


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Talk Chicken Party!

Margie's Southern Kitchen (author) from the USA on March 04, 2018:

Yes, Louise it would work well for Easter too, maybe some bunnies could join the chicks or replace them!

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on March 04, 2018:

There's some good ideas here for a chicken party. Easter can be a lot of fun with these ideas.

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