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Best Christian Music for Your Wedding Ceremony & Reception

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I love sharing ideas for a Christian playlist for weddings and other events.


Christian Wedding Processional Music

Choosing the right music for each phase of your ceremony and reception is probably the number one priority when planning your wedding. The music will set the tone of the entire wedding.

You will want the music you choose to reflect not only who you are as a couple, but also how you feel about each other and your Christian faith.

As a Christian couple, it is even more important to ensure that you select music that is glorifying to the Lord and reflects your relationship with him. Carefully selecting each song that will be played during your wedding ceremony is a big job and can consume much of your time.

Finding Christian music that you can relate to is not as hard as it used to be, due to the variety of Christian artists. There are so many great traditional, as well as contemporary, Christian songs that it should be easy to find some music that will be appropriate for your special day.

I have taken a lot of the work out of searching for your wedding music by compiling a list of Christian songs from many different artists and are appropriate for each of the different phases of your wedding.

Processional Music

You will always remember the song that was playing as you walked down the isle to pledge yourself to the one you will spend the rest of your life with. So make it count.

  1. Avalon - By Heart By Soul
  2. Jim Brickman - Your Love
  3. Carman - I Promise
  4. John Waller - The Marriage Prayer
  5. Matthew Schuler - Hallelujah
  6. Newsong & Natalie Grant - When God Made You
  7. Stephen Curtis Chapman - I Will Be Here
  8. Steve Green - Household of Faith
  9. Sandi Patty - Love Will Be Our Home
  10. Peter Paul & Mary - There Is Love
  11. Selah - Bless the Broken Road
  12. Michael W. Smith - You Belong To Me
  13. Westlife - The Rose
  14. When I Say I Do - Matthew West

Just as important as the entrance music that is playing at the bridal party and the bride's entrance is the exit music of the whole bridal party. It can be very awkward if you don't choose the right song to play as your bridal party walks back down the isle after the ceremony.

Most people choose something a little bit more upbeat for the recessional portion of their wedding ceremony. It is, after all, an extremely happy moment, everyone has an adrenaline rush by this point and are ready to begin the celebration.

You may want to choose something that will help the gathering to transition from the serious ceremony they have just witnessed into the celebration that everyone wishes to share with you. Give them some music to celebrate with.

Songs for the Recessional

  1. Avalon - Testify to Love
  2. Colbie Caillat - I Do
  3. Natalie Cole - Everlasting Love
  4. The Monkees - I'm A Believer
  5. Katrina & the Waves - Walking on Sunshine
  6. Mercy Me - Shake
  7. Phillip Phillips - Gone Gone Gone
  8. Sixpence None the Richer - Kiss Me
  9. Stevie Wonder - Signed Sealed Delivered
  10. Sugarland - Stuck Like Glue
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Have the Perfect First Dance

Now for that all important first-dance song. There are so many choices; so this will be something you must both agree on.

Maybe you already have a song that is "your song" that would be the obvious choice. But if you are still searching for just the right song, I have compiled a list of some Christian-themed songs, that would be beautifully appropriate for your first dance as married partners.

First-Dance Songs

  1. Stephen Curtis Chapman - I Will Be Here
  2. Dave Barnes - God Gave Me You
  3. Jim Brickman - The Gift
  4. Jim Brickman - My Destiny
  5. Grey Holiday - You Belong to Me
  6. KC & JoJo - All My Life
  7. Newsong ft Francesca Battistelli - The Way You Smile
  8. Robert Pierre - I Will Love You
  9. Michael W. Smith - Love of My Life
  10. T Carter - This Ring
  11. Rascal Flatts - The Day Before You
  12. Westlife - Beautiful In White

Father, Daughter Dance Music

This dance is very bittersweet. It is such an emotional point in the reception. The music should reflect the relationship between the bride and her father.

This feels like the real point, when the father gives his daughter to the groom. The song should convey the way you feel about your father and the relationship you have with him. You want your father and your groom to know, what your feelings are about your relationship to the most important man in your life to this point.

Father/Daughter Dance

  1. Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses
  2. Brianna Haynes - Through the Eyes of My Father
  3. Celine Dion - Dance With My Father
  4. Francesca Battistelli - Hundred More Years
  5. Heartland - I Loved Her First
  6. Krystal Keith - Daddy Dance With Me
  7. Michael W. Smith - She Walks With Me
  8. Steven Curtis Chapman - A Parents Prayer
  9. Stephen Curtis Chapman - Cinderella
  10. T Carter - Daddy's Angel
  11. The Temptations - My Girl
  12. Tim McGraw - My Little Girl

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Cutting the wedding cake is such a fun and memorable part of your wedding reception. Finding a song to play while you are cutting the cake together as a married couple is not something you really think about.

Many people don't have any music for this portion of their wedding, but it can be so much more special and fun with just the right song. Playing an upbeat memorable song will help bring your guests into the festivities and make them feel included in the moment.

I have found some great songs that would be very appropriate for this special moment.

Cake Cutting Songs

  1. As We Break This Bread
  2. Hillsong - Deeply In Love
  3. Jim Brickman - Love of My Life
  4. Michael W Smith - Forever Yours
  5. Michael W Smith - I Will Be Here For You
  6. Steve Green - Cherish the Treasure
  7. Westlife - I'll Be Loving You Forever
  8. Westlife - When a Woman Loves a Man

Have Fun Picking Your Wedding Music

Picking the music that will be played in each phase of your wedding is an exciting part of planning your wedding. I hope these suggestions were helpful. Good luck finding just the right music for your special day. I would love feedback from you.

Your suggestions for additional songs are very welcome.

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