Fun and Hilarious Group Activities and Games for Everyone

Updated on July 29, 2017

Are you planning a party or gathering and thinking of fun and exciting games and activities to organize? Here are five fun and hilarious party activities and games that are well-loved and are sure to bring lots of laughter to the event. They will last about 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the number of times the game are being repeated. Have fun!

Game no. 1: “In and Out”

Material required: masking tape

Suitable Age: 3 to teenagers

Number of players: as many as the game hall can accommodate

  1. Use masking tape to tape two parallel lines that are two feet apart from each other. The area in between the two taped lines is considered “IN” area and vice versa for “OUT” area.
  2. Divide the children to two groups, and ask each group to stand shoulder to shoulder outside the lines
  3. When the leader say “IN”, all must remain in “OUT” area or jump to “OUT” area.
  4. Whoever fails to follow will have to leave the game.

Remarks: School going children love this game. Some teenagers like to join in to challenge themselves.

Game no 2: “The Silent Killer”

Material required: none

Suitable Age: 7 to adult

Number of players: maximum 30 people in a circle

  1. Sit all of the children in a circle, with legs crossed.
  2. Have all children put their heads down.
  3. One leader (preferably an adult or teenager) walks around the circle and taps one child on the head.
  4. This child being tapped at is “The Silent Killer”. The child "kills" other players by winking at them.
  5. If you are winked at, silently count to 10, then put your feet in the middle of the circle and take a nap.
  6. If the killer kills 2 people, then he wins.
  7. The killer can be "witnessed" as well. If you think you know who the killer is, before you get winked at, you can say you have a suspect. Such as "I suspect that Annie is the killer". If someone seconds it (agrees with you) then Annie loses. Otherwise she comes clean. If Annie is not the killer, then the accusers are dead to.

Remarks: Some naughty children will pretend to be the killer, which complicates the situation. However, the confusion is what makes it fun.

Game no 3: “Sausage”

Material required: none

Suitable Age: 6 to adult

Number of players: as many as the game hall can accommodate

  1. Everyone sits at on side facing the stage/chair.
  2. One person stands on the stage or sits on the chair.
  3. Each person takes turn to ask the person a question.
  4. The only answer to every question asked can only be “sausage”.
  5. The first person to make the person on the stage laugh wins a try on stage.
  6. See who last with the most questions.


What is the name of your school? Sausage.

What do like to wear? Sausage.

Remarks: This funny game brings lots of laughs. Children and adults love it.

Game no. 4: “I am Overloaded”

Material required: 20 medium to big clothes (T-shirt, skirts, trousers, jacket, hat, socks) for 2 groups

Suitable Age: 7 to adult

Number of players: maximum 8 in each group

  1. One player from each team puts on clothes given to him.
  2. They are given 2 minutes to do it.
  3. Whoever put on the most clothes win.

Remarks: If necessary, more groups can be formed by preparing more clothes.

Game no. 5: Upside Down and Back Again

Material required: 2 blankets

Suitable Age: 4 to adult

  1. Each group stands on a blanket.
  2. The blanket must be turned so that the underside is on the top without the players leaving the blanket.
  3. Then the blanket must be turned over again in the same way.
  4. The winner is the team that is the fastest.
  5. If a player touches the ground (step out of the blanket), the game must be started from the beginning again.

Remarks: If necessary, more groups can be formed by preparing more blankets.


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      thanks, silverberg.

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      very good and interesting games

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      Very interesting games , they can be played by both children and adults in parties or out door.