Planning a Disney Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

Updated on September 25, 2019
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Annie is a Disneyland and Disneyworld expert excited to share her tips and tricks for a Disney Bachelorette party!

A bride to be that loves Disney will love these Bachelorette party plans!
A bride to be that loves Disney will love these Bachelorette party plans!

When my sister told me she wanted to have her Bachelorette party in Disneyland, I knew I had to think of some ways to make the day completely special and unique. Planning a photo scavenger hunt was the way to go! While we went to California's Disneyland, I imagine some of these same ideas would easily carry over into Florida's Disneyworld.

The concept was simple: I put together a list of photos that we had to get by the end of the day. Some were photos of the bride-to-be while some had to be the whole group or certain member of the group. I didn't split us up into teams, which was an idea that I had, but I figured it would be more fun for the group to work together. The thing I loved most about doing this was that it guaranteed we would end up with a ton of pictures from the day! It was also something that was a lot of fun for us to do.

First, though, we had to plan our attire. I recommend that groups either plan to all wear similar things or have shirts made. For our group, we decided to have all of the attendees wear all (or almost all) black with the standard red/black Minnie mouse ears. The bride was just told to wear all white and we brought her some white ears with a veil! We saw lots of other bachelorette parties while we were there and most had some kind of matching element in their outfits.

A goofy proposal: this wasn't one of our Disneyland scavenger hunt tasks, but it should've been!
A goofy proposal: this wasn't one of our Disneyland scavenger hunt tasks, but it should've been!

The Scavenger Hunt

  • A picture of the bride with a cast member named who shares her name: This one was fun and could be difficult depending on your bachelorette's name. Ours was Jessica, so this was relatively easy for us to find. I also added a fun addition that anyone in the group who sees a cast member with their name has to take a photo with them.
  • A picture of a character checking out her ring: We didn't quite get this, but we ended up with the proposal picture, which is an even better pose.
  • A picture of group members being swallowed by Monstro the whale.
  • A picture of our group members yelling on any ride: Our Tower of Terror photos was hilarious!
  • A picture of the bride with the hitchhiking ghost: The Haunted Mansion ended up being closed during our visit so unfortunately, we didn't get this one.
  • A picture of the group cheering on the bride as she tries to pull the sword from the stone
  • A picture of our group members in a teacup

You don't even need to get on the ride for this one!
You don't even need to get on the ride for this one!
  • A group picture with Mickey and Walt: There's a statue that works for this shot, but I left it vague to make people use their heads a little more.
  • A group picture wearing 3-D glasses.
  • A picture of any members of the group with the Jungle Cruise captain.
  • A creative mirror selfie with the bride (not a bathroom mirror).
  • A picture of Jessi with another Disney Bachelorette/Bride: This one wasn't hard to find.
  • A group picture in radiator springs: A staff member took this photo for us and then proceeded to do an entire photoshoot!

  • A picture trying on hats at the Mad Hatter: We had a lot of fun with this one.
  • Find the bench where Walt first dreamed of Disneyland and take a picture on/with it.
  • A picture of the group on the Mark Twain Riverboat. Ask if the bride can visit the wheelhouse: Unfortunately, this was closed for our visit too.
  • A picture of the bride eating Mickey ice cream: Yum!
  • A picture of the bride on her favorite ride (Midway mania, in our case).
  • A posed group shot on a ride (Tower of Terror, California Screaming, etc)
  • A group shot in front of the castle. Take another of the bride jumping in mid-air: I think this is our best picture of the trip!

As a bride you'll fit in like a Disney princess at Disneyland or Disneyworld.
As a bride you'll fit in like a Disney princess at Disneyland or Disneyworld.

Print on a pretty background, hand out to everyone at arrival, and you're done. The most magical place on earth is the best place to spend a magical bachelorette party, and a photo scavenger hunt will ensure that you also get a ton of magical photos.


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