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Bollywood Theme Party Ideas

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Bollywood Theme Party

Bollywood Theme Party

Bollywood Theme Party Ideas

Are you planning an amazing dinner celebration but are running out of dinner party theme ideas? Then you should consider a Bollywood theme party dinner.

Easy Party Themes

We did that for our recent dinner party.

Bollywood Night is one of the easy party themes only if you know how. We were lucky 'cos we have friends who knew how to organize this kind of event. If you have not done this before and do not know where to start, you are in the right place.

I will share with you how we organized this Bollywood Night so you, too, can have a fabulous and memorable dinner party.

Photo 1.1 : The backdrop for our  Bollywood Night dinner party

Photo 1.1 : The backdrop for our Bollywood Night dinner party

What Is Bollywood Night?

What is Bollywood, and what is Bollywood night?

For the uninitiated, the Indian movie industry is the largest in the world (it produces more movies than Hollywood) and is often referred to as Bollywood.

If someone uses the term "Bollywood," they either refer to anything related to Indian movies or something generic that is Indian.

Our Bollywood night is an Indian-themed dinner party with lots of Bollywood music and dances.

Photo 2: Bollywood Night Invitation Card

Photo 2: Bollywood Night Invitation Card

Bollywood Theme Party Invitations

Start the party right by designing your own themed invitation cards. For our party, we used an Indian girl dancing in a traditional saree. Use fonts that reflect the theme.

You can come up with other ideas that relate to India and Bollywood, like elephants, Indian movie stars, or an oil lamp.

Bollywood Theme Party Dress Code

When you send out the invitation cards, ask your friends to come dressed in Bollywood costumes.

They can rent them from a party costume store or fancy dress costume shops.

Alternatively, you can go to any Indian shop and buy colorful Indian dresses, such as a saree or dhoti.

It is also fun to print your very own Bollywood party t-shirt with a Bollywood theme photo.

Photo 3: Door gifts or party favors wrapped in Indian saree fabric, in line with our Bollywood Dinner Party Theme

Photo 3: Door gifts or party favors wrapped in Indian saree fabric, in line with our Bollywood Dinner Party Theme

Bollywood Decorations Ideas

Your Bollywood or Indian party decorations doesn't need to be elaborately decorated. Ours was quite simple:

  • Party Favors: Party favors should follow the theme, and for our Bollywood night, the party favors were Indian herbal toiletries wrapped in Indian saree fabric.
  • Reception Decorations: At the registration and reception table, we had the backdrop clad in colorful sarees with a huge welcome banner, "Welcome to our Bollywood Night." This will set the party tone and get everyone excited.
  • Decorations for Hall: If your budget permits, you can decorate the dining hall with garland, cascade, and other colorful crepes or fabrics following the dinner party theme. We opted not to do this and spent the money instead on prizes for games and lucky draws.
  • Bollywood Table Decorations: There are several ideas for the final additions to the theme dinner tables, like the scattering of table confetti, rose petals, or feathers. Alternatively, you can play around with table numbers and holders, place names, table planners, or even dinner plates and cutleries. Our dinner was a buffet dinner, so the only table decoration was a simple table flower arrangement.

    Where to Buy Indian Party Decorations

    You might find some of the Indian party decorations suppliers at your local mall, but the easiest is to check online such as on Amazon. Just search for "Indian Party Decorations", and you will find lots of sellers to choose from.

Party Food Ideas Buffet

The good thing about the Bollywood dinner party theme is the variety of party food that we can serve, not only in taste but also in its cooking style. You can have rice, chapati, or naan served with spicy chicken, beef, mutton, or fish. In addition, there are many varieties of delicious Indian sweets and desserts.

Food Choices: The challenge with themed dinner parties is not only to incorporate elements of some of these themed dishes but to ensure the guests are given choices. Some people may have problems with, say, hot and spicy foods.

So we decided to have a buffer dinner that also includes a mixture of Western and Chinese foods, just in case.

Tidbits: For pre-dinner tidbits, we had spicy peanuts and hot and spicy murukku, a South Indian snack.

Photo 6: Rhythmic yoga presentation for the opening gambit

Photo 6: Rhythmic yoga presentation for the opening gambit

Opening Gambit: Rhythmic Yoga

The dinner's opening gambit was the five-minute rhythmic yoga performed by one of our yoga instructors.

Rhythmic Yoga is performed in pairs, but for our Bollywood Night, he did it alone and followed the rhythm of Bollywood songs.

You can come out with something similar or have a sita music performance or anything else that will set the mode for the dinner. Be creative.

Bollywood Dance Competition

Besides the usual lucky draws, we also organized a Bollywood Dance competition and the Best Bollywood Dress competition.

These activities are important as it keeps the dinner 'occupied with activities' and is relatively cheaper than hiring an outside performer.

These performances are by friends and people that you know, and it is more interesting to see them act, dance or participate. It may not be a polished show, but you will have fun as you discover their talent or lack of it. Even if they are not talented, you still enjoy and laugh at their performance!

Dinner Party Theme

Now that you have this fantastic Bollywood theme party guide and have found inspiration get your family and friends together and have fun organizing it for your next dinner party.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: What is an appropriate gift to bring to a Bollywood themed party?

Answer: It depends on your host, really. If not sure, bring chocolates!

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Thank you all for dropping by and leaving wonderful and encouraging comments. Parties are fun but when you have a thematic party, it is even better.

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Your ideas of organizing a Bollywood Night party are wonderful! Your presentation of this engaging hub is very detailed with helpful suggestions and suitable photos. Look like you had a lot of fun! My Indian friend who lived in Sweden, along with her few other Indian friends threw Bollywood Night party, similar to yours. Well-done!

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