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Photography Ideas: 25+ Photos of Engagement and Wedding Rings

I love researching bridal fashion trends from around the world.

Why Ring Photography Is Important

The wedding day or engagement evening may come and go at the usual pace of time—and the moment is forever lost to us, except in our memories.

A photograph, however, can capture a moment forever. The invention of photography has allowed us to capture a moment to be cherished for life.

A wedding ring or engagement ring may be a small piece of jewellery, but it is something that the couple will hold dear for life. Because of the rings' symbolic significance, couples are constantly seeking new ways to take pictures of their precious rings.

Ring photography need not only center on rings on fingers (even though that is the sole purpose of rings), but there are a lot of creative ways to take pictures of engagement or wedding rings, whether it be just a gold band or a staggering unmentionable carat solitaire diamond ring.

This article will display beautiful photographs of wedding rings and engagement rings. I hope you will find inspiration here.

Whether it be an engagement or a wedding, everyone wants to have a memorable photoshoot of their special moments in life. Often, couples are at a loss when it comes to posing for photographs, and they may later regret not being prepared. Of course, there will be snapshots of moments that come naturally and what we refer to as “candid shots,” but besides that there is a lot to explore when it comes to choosing the right pose, background and props.

Each person has their own style, which can come through the photographs. Ideas abound when they not needed, and they are like the sand in an hourglass when they are most needed, so it is best to be prepared about one's wedding and engagement so that the best photographs may be captured.

This article will help all soon-to-be-married or soon-to-be-engaged people decide or choose the type of ring photographs they want for their photoshoot.

25+ photos of wedding and engagement rings that would make you want to get hooked

25+ photos of wedding and engagement rings that would make you want to get hooked

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Rings With Shoes

Forget the idea of pictures of just couples holding hands wearing rings. No doubt those photographs are adorable, but for those who are looking for unique photography ideas there are many other ways to take pictures of their special rings.

If the wifey is a shoe lover and has a gorgeous pair of high heels for her wedding, then she would definitely love to showcase both her shoes and her bling in one photograph! These are gorgeous ways to capture diamond rings and shoes together in one picture.

For the Lovers

Couples of course marry for love, but there are couples who love more than others. For those couples there are ways to take photos of their wedding rings that express that deep love. The photographs below will show how to say I love you with rings! Dust off the long-forgotten Scrabble box and get out the alphabets that spell “LOVE” and take some sweet photographs with that gorgeous ring.

For the Literary Lovers

Couples who love words, stories, and languages can indulge in a photo session with books and typewriter with their precious engagement and wedding rings. There are amazing photography ideas for all types of creative people.

For the Music Lovers

There are couples who love music, musical instruments, and singing. Music has a special part in their lives, and they would love to combine their love for each other with their love for music. Here are a few cool ways to mesh these two together. Take pictures of musical instruments with the wedding and engagement rings.

More Cool Ring Photo Ideas

There are so many creative ways to capture the couple's rings, as well as the love and commitment those rings symbolize. Here are some more ideas!

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