Fun Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers for St David's Day or Welsh Parties!

Updated on January 31, 2017
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Adele Cosgrove-Bray a writer, poet, and artist who lives on the Wirral peninsula in England.

Are you planning a Welsh-themed party or celebrating St David's Day? This fun, free quiz can easily be used as part of the entertainment! It is suitable for all ages and can also be used to test people's knowledge of the beautiful country of Wales.

The answers are written in italics next to the questions.

Simply print-off the quiz, split your group into teams, and off you go!

Questions About Wales

1) What flower is used as an emblem of Wales? Daffodil.

2) Which vegetable is used as an emblem of Wales? Leek.

3) Which three colours are used on the Welsh flag? Red, white and green.

4) Name the highest Welsh mountain. Snowdon.

5) On the border of England and Wales is an ancient earthwork which is also a well-known walk. What is this called? Offa's Dyke.

6) Which English king was born at Pembroke Castle? Henry VII.

7) On which part of the coast can Pwllheli be found? Cardigan Bay.

8) Which animal is Wales famous for breeding? Sheep.

9) Name the setting for the TV series called The Prisoner. Port Merrion.

10) What was the ancient Roman name for Anglesey? Mona.

11) Where was Welsh singer Shirley Bassey born? Cardiff.

12) Name the Welsh boxer who won Joe Lewis's world crown? Tommy Farr.

13) What was the original name of famous Welsh actor Richard Burton? Richard Jenkins.

14) Which well-known Welsh entertainer is known for having women's underclothes thrown at him whenever he sings? Tom Jones.

15) Name the popular Welsh TV presenter and singer who first shot to fame as a child, with her album "Voice of an Angel". Charlotte Church.

16) Name the politician who was born in Port Talbot, and who became Foreign Secretary and Chancellor for Margaret Thatcher's government? Geoffrey Howe.

17) Who is Wales's most famous poet and playright? Dylan Thomas.

18) Which Welsh comedian used to march around the stage holding a giant leek? Max Boyce.

19) Name the Welsh singer and TV presenter who first won acclaim with "Walking in the Air"? Aled Jones.

20) The TV series, Torchwood, is filmed in which Welsh city? Cardiff.

21) What is the Welsh name for St David? Dewi Sant.

22) When is St David's Day? 1st March.

23) If you were born on St David's Day, what would your star sign be? Pisces.

24) Which town was St David a bishop of? Mynwyn.

25) What was St David given as a surname? Waterman.

26) What did St David insist that his monks do for themselves, rather than use farm animals? Pull the plough.

27) Which bird is often depicted as sitting on St David's shoulder? A dove.

28) What did St David allegedly do when people at the back of the crowd he was preaching to complained that they couldn't see or hear him? Levitate.

29) Which group of people is St David said to be the patron saint of? Poets and vegetarians.

30) Where is St David's shrine? St David's Cathedral, Pembrokeshire.

31) What is the Welsh name for Wales? Cymru.

32) What was the old Latin name for Wales? Cambria.

33) Where was the Prince of Wales invested as the Prince of Wales? Caernarfon.

34) Name the annual Welsh festival of the arts? Eisteddfod.

35) What is the name of the medieval collection of ancient Welsh folktales, some of which possibly date back to the Iron Age? The Mabinogion.

36) In the 15th century, who briefly restored Welsh independence from England? Owain Glyndwr.

37) What is the capital city of Wales? Cardiff.

38) What infamous deed bythe romans took place on Anglesey? Slaughter of the Druids.

39) Who became the first British Prime Minister in 1916? David Lloyd George.

40) What are The Seven Wonders of Wales? Snowdon, the Gresford bells, Llangollen bridge, St Winefride's Well, the Wrexham steeple, and ancient Overton yew trees, and the Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall.

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