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How to Make Sweet Cone Party Favours

Emma enjoys making party favours and giving advice on how to make them.

Sweet Cones for Birthday Parties

Sweet Cones for Birthday Parties

When I attended a birthday party as a child, I'd be given a party bag at the end. A typical party bag would consist of a slice of birthday cake and two or three plastic toys (something similar to what would be found in a Christmas cracker). So, it could be a whistle or a yoyo and perhaps a pack of mini crayons.

A goodie bag at the end of a party is an exciting thing to have, but as a parent making several of these up, they could become expensive. Plus the little plastic toys would no doubt end up in a drawer or the bin.

When it was my daughter's third birthday recently, I thought over the idea of actually making sweet cones instead of handing out bags with toys young children could break or even choke on. Plus sweet cones are far more attractive and fashionable. Making handmade cones add a more personal 'thank you' touch. And if you make them yourself, you can control what goes in them and the amounts.

What Are Sweet Cones?

Sweet cones are so simple and can be made up yourself. I know of people who make and sell these for a living, but I made 20 in less than an hour. The sweets I used were inexpensive and the cones were bought online. Again, so cheap to make.

A sweet cone is exactly that—a cone with sweets in them. The clear cellophane bags can be purchased in bulk on Amazon or ebay and they come in different sizes. I used medium sized ones for two and three year old children. Some also come with ribbon or ties. So I got half pink and half blue. I also bought some stickers to go on which is optional. I picked pink Peppa Pig and blue/green Paw Patrol. You can even get personalised stickers from your party host.

If you are making sweet cones for a more grown up party, you can get more sophisticated stickers.

Your empty cone is there waiting to be filled with sweets and treats of your choice. Just layer them, using a colour theme if you wish, then tie at the top. Takes minutes to make!

Cellophane Cones

Cellophane Cones

What Sweets Do I Put In?

As I was making sweet cones for children of pre-school age, I was conscious of the amount of colours and sugar they may be consuming. So I considered 'healthier' alternatives to sweets.

The sweet cones I have seen are layered with:

  • Smarties
  • Chocolate Buttons
  • Rainbow Drops
  • Jelly Tots
  • Marshmallows
  • Flying Saucers
  • Millions Chewy Sweets
  • White Chocolate Mice

So I looked at what else I could put in. I considered:

  • Popcorn
  • Raisins
  • Yogurt Raisins
  • Other Dried Fruit
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I decided that I would compromise. I didn't want parents to hate me as I was handing out sugary sweets and e numbers, but at the same time it was a party and something for the children to want.

So in my cone bags I filled the bottom with chocolate raisins, the middle with white chocolate buttons then the top with pink and white mini marshmallows.

I needed to be aware of using soft sweets which couldn't be choked on. That meant no nuts or hard toffees. I used chocolate raisins as a compromise on using just dried fruit, and chocolate buttons instead of smarties or skittles which are hard.

Other Uses for Sweet Cone Favours

Sweet cones are great as they can contain anything you want in any colour and any size. You can use different style stickers depending on the occasion and ribbon as colourful or simplistic as you wish.

Use them for:

  • Baby Showers
  • Wedding Favours
  • Summer Garden Parties
  • Valentines Day (use red ribbon and chocolate hearts)
  • Christmas (put hot chocolate powder, layered with mini chocolates and marshmallows, with a Rudolf sticker)
  • Children's Parties
  • Gifts

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Emma Kisby (author) from Berkshire, UK on January 04, 2018:

Hi Mary - yes those toys always get thrown away - and when you're doing party bags in bulk they can become expensive too. Thanks for reading.

Mary Wickison from Brazil on January 03, 2018:

That is a good idea and as you say better than buying toys which will likely be thrown away. You know these will not go to waste.

Emma Kisby (author) from Berkshire, UK on January 03, 2018:

Hi FlourishAnyway - yes I think that would be a fab idea! So much you can do with the sweetie cones!

FlourishAnyway from USA on January 02, 2018:

I love this idea for hot chocolate, perhaps for Valentine’s Day.

Emma Kisby (author) from Berkshire, UK on January 01, 2018:

Thanks Nell!

Nell Rose from England on January 01, 2018:

How cool! And such a great idea for parties!

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