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How to Throw a Tequila Mockingbird Literary Cocktail Party

My friends and I love to find creative ways to have fun with each other when we hang out.

This party idea involves preparing pun-based cocktails that pay homage to classic literary works.

This party idea involves preparing pun-based cocktails that pay homage to classic literary works.

What is a Tequila Mockingbird Party?

A tequila mockingbird party is a gathering amongst friends centered around cocktails that are inspired by a literary work. The name tequila mockingbird is a play on words for Harper Lee’s classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird. This kind of party is for friends who enjoy reading and have some knowledge of the greatest literature of all time. The following are the steps I took in creating my very own tequila mockingbird party with my co-workers.

How to Throw a Tequila Mockingbird Party

  1. Set a Date and Invite Your Friends
  2. Have Everyone Choose Their Own Cocktail
  3. Plan How the Party Will Work
  4. Play Some Games

1. Set a Date and Invite Your Friends

This party will be more fun if all people are into literature; however, it isn't necessary. The experience of this party can definitely be fun for all. Tell your friends that each person is responsible for bringing one appetizer and their own alcohol and ingredients for the drink they are going to make. I suggest inviting everyone over at noon to ensure everyone has time to sober up and is safe driving home at night.

2. Have Everyone Choose Their Own Cocktail

People can choose to make any cocktail they would like as long as the name is inspired by a literary work. You can use Google, Pinterest, or the official Tequila Mockingbird book itself off of Amazon. I highly recommend that one person out of your group gets this book. Luckily, one of my co-workers already had one. There are countless cocktail recipes in this book that are inspired by literature. You'll no doubt find one that you love. My favorite recipe out of this book was called the Moby Drink. It was a lot of fun to flip through the pages with my co-workers and laugh about the names of the drinks.

The Moby Drink made with vodka, Curacao, and Swedish Fish as a garnish

The Moby Drink made with vodka, Curacao, and Swedish Fish as a garnish

My Cocktail of Choice

The cocktail I chose to make was inspired by Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, and it was actually just a pink lemonade margarita. The pink reminded my of a lotus flower, which led me to think about the "Lotus Eaters” section of The Odyssey. My drink had to have a name that connected it to this literary work, so I created the name The Lotus Drinkers for it. Just like those lotus flowers in The Odyssey, my drink will put you in a trance, and you will never want to go home.

The Story of The Lotus Eaters

Odysseus’s men found themselves trapped on an island under a woman’s spell. This woman had her servants continuously feed the men magical lotus flowers that made the men never want to leave. Odysseus, being too clever, saw this before it was too late for himself. He tore his men away from the island, tied them to his ship with a rope, and sailed away with his men who wanted to break free.

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The Lotus Drinkers Cocktail Recipe

The following measurements all depend on how much you want to make and how strong or sweet you want your drink to be.

  • 1 cup pink lemonade
  • 1 cup prosecco
  • 1/2 cup Luna Azul tequila
  • 1 shot of triple sec
  • Juice of 1 lime
The Lotus Drinkers (AKA pink lemonade margarita)

The Lotus Drinkers (AKA pink lemonade margarita)

3. Plan How the Party Will Work

There is no official way to run a Tequila Mockingbird party that I know of, so you are free to run it however you want.

Here Is How I Decided to Do Mine

One person at a time comes to the table for their presentation of their cocktail. They are to tell everyone the name of their drink, how it's inspired by a literary work, and show everyone how to make the drink in a pitcher. Each of the people watching will have their own sample glass in front of them. Each of my guests had a shot glass in front of them as their sample glass. The person presenting will then pour samples of their drink in everyone’s sample glasses. Once everyone has had time to present, everyone will decide which drink they would like a full glass of.

4. Play Some Games

When the presentations are finished and everyone has their own drink, play some games to keep the party going. I highly recommend playing the game What Do You Meme. This game is hilarious, and it can have all of your guests rolling with laughter. Most of the cards in this deck are appropriate, but there is a section that has explicit content in it. Depending on who you have over, you may want to filter out the bad cards before you play.

Another fun game you can play is Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition. This was another hit at my party, and I know it is a success at other people's houses too. What I like about this Monopoly Game is that it doesn't take long like the classic version does. Once all of the properties have been bought, the game is over. What makes this game the most fun is the fact that you can cheat! There are even handcuffs for you to put on when you have to go to jail. You really have to watch your back with this game. Everyone is on their toes the entire time!

How Did My Party Go?

It was a blast! I definitely will want to do another one in the future. I am so glad everyone brought an appetizer, and we started at noon. Most people did not leave until 8:00pm, and I was completely okay with that. I am also very glad I handed out shot glass as ways for everyone to sample their drinks. That limited everyone's alcohol intake for a while and allowed everyone to try multiple drinks. We learned from each other, had fun in the process, played some games, and filled up our stomachs more than we could handle with yummy finger food.

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Liz Westwood from UK on July 27, 2019:

This is an interesting idea for a party. The non-alcoholic mocktails idea is a good one, as I am coming across more people avoiding alcohol these days.

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