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Lego Birthday Party Game Ideas

VirginiaLynne is a mother of five. She writes about parenting, crafts, games for children, family fun, and Christian ministry ideas.

Lego Party Games

Keeping young ones entertained can be a difficult endeavor. Here are four wonderful, Lego-themed games to keep them entertained and engaged.

In This Article

  1. Car Racing
  2. Master Builder's Challenge
  3. Quick Lego Building Games
  4. Lego Trivia Games

Racing Challenge

We have family that lives a few miles from Legoland, California, so we've visited there too many times to count and had lots of Lego-themed parties. This racing game is just like the one at the theme park testing room, and if you have this game at your party, you may not have to plan much else. Kids (and adults) can become very engrossed with building and re-building their car to see if it can go faster, straighter, and better down the ramp.


  1. Set of 4 wheels and axles for every player (if you don't have enough, kids can work in teams, or you can ask your guests to bring their own set of wheels!).
  2. Assorted Lego bricks for building cars (including platform bricks for the base).
  3. Ramp (we made ours from a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood).
  4. Tape (masking, electrical or duct tape for marking starting line and placement of cars).
  5. Starter (yardstick or a 1 x 2-inch board).

Easy Set-up

  1. Set up the ramp so that it is at an angle. We put ours on the couch. Adjust a bit ahead of time to see what angle makes the cars go down best.
  2. If you use a dry-erase board like we did, you can draw lines for the cars. If you use a plane board, then put a line of tape at the starting and finishing lines. Also, make "lanes" of tape above the starting line for players to put their cars into.
  3. Put various buckets of bricks out for the kids to use to build their cars. The more, the better!
Have a contest for the fastest, the sleekest build, the craziest, the tallest, and the most creative.

Have a contest for the fastest, the sleekest build, the craziest, the tallest, and the most creative.

How to Race

Give players a set of wheels and these instructions:

  1. Players take their wheels and build any sort of car they want, but their car has to fit into the slots on the ramp.
  2. When they are finished building their car, they can go to the ramp for a test run against whoever else is finished with their car.
  3. To race, put the starting board down on the starting line tape. Players put their cards in between the spaces marked by tape.
  4. At "ready, set, go!" the people holding the starting board lift it up, and the cars will roll down the ramp. The winner is the one who crosses the finish line first.
  5. After racing, the players can change their car or race again.

Prizes for Winners

Winning the races is part of the fun, but many times kids have even more fun designing and re-designing their cars. In the theme park racing room, we've seen grown men spend hours building cars in the racing center! As I said, you may not need any other games at your party if you play this one!

  1. Picture Prize: Take a picture of the kids with their favorite car design and print it out to take home, or send it in the thank you note.
  2. Lego Cars: If you can, you might let the kids take home the cars they've designed, which is probably the favorite prize!
  3. Theme Prizes: Another fun prize is to give the kids Lego Candy in a small bag or a small Lego set.
  4. Certificates or Ribbons: We have fun watching the different cars and thinking up prize categories like:
  • fastest
  • most unique
  • coolest
  • biggest
  • craziest design
  • longest
  • tallest
  • smallest
  • thinnest

Sometimes we've made certificates ahead of time or given out ribbons or party favors.

Fun Prize Categories

Most CreativeMost OriginalFunniest

Best Use of (any color) Bricks


Most Interesting Design

Longest (Tallest)

Smallest (shortest)

Used the most (fewest) bricks

Most Colorful

Fastest or Slowest

Most Stylish

Strongest build

Most Complicated

Best Interpretation of Theme

Best at Describing your Design

Best Name for Creation

Best Unfinished Design!

Master Builder's Challenge

What is a Lego party without time to build? At Legoland, they have several areas of the park devoted just to the building, with plenty of bricks in buckets, comfortable seats, theme ideas to get everyone started, and talks by master builders that give tips. Host your own Master Builder's Challenge and enjoy watching your guests have a great time talking and making amazing creations!

Materials Needed

  1. Large shallow containers for Legos. Make sure there is plenty of room to shuffle around the bricks.
  2. Lots of assorted bricks divided into containers (if you don't have enough, you can invite party-goers to BYOL (Bring Your Own Lego).
  3. A "Building Challenge" idea.
  4. Tables and chairs for kids to sit on while building.
  5. A place to display the creations (you might want to have a table with a special tablecloth to show off the finished creations).
  6. Index cards and pens (for kids to write the name of their creations on).
Busy at the build!

Busy at the build!


  1. Tell the partygoers that you are going to give them a chance to become Master Builders by completing a challenge. Give them the theme of the challenge and the amount of time they will have to build.
  2. Set the ground rules. If you are worried that your group may have trouble sharing, you may want to have them use only the pieces in their bowl (or maybe have them ask to borrow from others). Or you might want to have them switch bowls every few minutes to mix things up. Generally, we find that it works well just to explain that Master Builders are all working together to help everyone make the best creations they can.
  3. Let the build begin! After they finish their creations, have them take index paper and fold it in half to make a display card. Have them write the name of their creations and tell a little bit about them.
  4. Let everyone admire the creations. Let each Master Builder explain what their creation is and how they thought up the idea.
  5. Take pictures of each Master Builder with their creation.
  6. You can award prizes or certificates. See the "Creative Prize Categories" list for ideas, or make up your own.
  7. We often put the creations on top of the birthday cake or around it before we sing "Happy Birthday!"
Build a Lego monster!

Build a Lego monster!

Master Builder Challenge Ideas









person (not minifig)

Christmas ornament


any holiday











anything school

your favorite thing

an instrument

something you can wear

fighting tool

Master Builder Videos

The number one thing most fans want to know is how to become a Master Builder. Luckily, there are many videos online, like the one below, which help kids to learn the techniques Master Builders use to create. A great birthday party activity is to let the kids watch one of these videos before doing their own challenge.

Lego games are a great way to get kids focused and having fun.

Lego games are a great way to get kids focused and having fun.

Fast Games

Here are some quick games you can use to fill in the time or while you are waiting for other people to arrive:

Tallest Stack: An easy and fast game is to find out who can build the tallest structure. Have kids work alone or in teams of two or three. Give them a time limit (5-10 minutes) and tell them that, in the end, it is the tallest building that wins. You can have them use just regular bricks or let them use anything you have available. Make sure they have a sturdy surface to build on. This is a game even the youngest players can do with Duplo bricks.

Best Bridge: This is a good team game. Set two tables about one to two feet apart (farther apart for older kids) and tell them that the goal is to build a bridge of bricks that spans the gap. Give them a time limit. If they have trouble, give them the hint that they may need support from the bottom and top. You can give a special prize to the ones who finish first.

Knock 'em Down: Kids love this one, and it can be a great ending game. Have kids make mini- figures and then set them up on poles (as we did) or on top of buckets, or just on the ground. Let the kids take turns knocking those figures down by rolling balls to hit the poles.

Quick and Dirty Build: Prepackage a small set of bricks in a Zip-Lock bag or another container. You can have each "kit" have the same sort of pieces or different ones. The challenge is to build something interesting with just those pieces. A lot of times, we use extra bricks we have around for this game and then let the builders take these creations home as their prize.

Use balls to knock 'em down!

Use balls to knock 'em down!

Lego Trivia Games

Do your guests love the Lego Movies? Have fun with your own Trivia Gameshow. You might even want to videotape it like the family in the video below.


  1. Questions and answers (see links or use questions in quiz or blue box).
  2. A parent or older volunteer to play game show host.
  3. Bricks to keep score (or you could give them one piece of something they can construct so that the winner is the team that is able to finish the model first).

How to Play

  1. Divide kids into two teams and have them sit or stand on different sides of the room.
  2. Give questions to one side at a time. Kids get to take turns at giving the answer with help from their team. If the team disagrees with the answer, have them take a vote.
  3. If they answer correctly, then they get a Lego Brick to put on their Flat. If they answer incorrectly, the other team gets a chance to earn a brick (you can also give more than one brick to make the game go faster).
  4. The game ends when all the questions are answered or when a team has finished building their model.
  5. The prize goes to the team who answered the most questions.
  6. Variation: Have questions rated from easier to harder and give more bricks for the harder questions. You can either ask questions randomly or give kids a chance to choose what level they want (a one, two, or three brick question, for example).

Hint: If not all your guests have seen the movie, or if you want more trivia facts, you might want to add some of the Lego trivia facts below to the game, also.

Other Ways to Play

Individual: Instead of playing in teams, you can ask the questions and have everyone write down their answers. Then share the answers one by one and see who gets the most correct.

Placemat Quiz: You can even have the questions printed out on placemats for guests to answer and discuss while eating.

Time Filler: Another idea is to just use these trivia questions as a time filler. Ask a question or two for the kids to answer while getting ready for another game, waiting for other guests to arrive, or while waiting for parents to come to pick everyone up.

Lego Movie Trivia Questions

  1. What is the name of the main character? (Emmet)
  2. What is the main character's job? (construction worker)
  3. How much does Emmet pay for coffee? ($37)
  4. What is Wild Style's real name? (Lucy)
  5. Who is Wild Style's boyfriend? (Batman)
  6. What is Wild Style dressed as? (Ninja)
  7. What business is Lord Business president of? (Octran)
  8. Who is the voice Actor for Lord Business? (Will Ferrell)
  9. What will the piece of resistance do? (attaches to Emmet's back, and when put back as a cap on Kragle, it explodes and releases everyone)
  10. What are Master Builders in the movie? (builders who can build without instructions by using their imaginations)
  11. What does Lord Business want to do? (glue the Lego Universe together)
  12. What did Lord Business use to erase the "good cop" face? (Q-tip and nail polish)
  13. What type of business was Octran when it first appeared in Lego sets? Bonus: When did that name first appear in Lego sets? (gas stations, bonus if they can say when those sets first appeared-1992).
  14. When the Logo of the movie is being built, what animal can you see standing on the Lego bricks? (a kitty cat)
  15. The character of the 1980s spaceman "Benny" has what part of his outfit broken? (his helmet, which is broken in exactly the same place as a real Lego figure's helmet, is usually broken).
  16. What is the theme song of the movie? (Everything is Awesome!)
  17. What is Vitruvius' staff made from? (a chewed-up lolly pop, extra fact: most of the time a lolly-pop stick will fit into the hand of a minifig).
  18. What does Vitruvius wear underneath his robe? (tie-dye shirt and blue jeans)
  19. Who is the film dedicated to, and why? (executive producer Kathleen Flemming passed away while the movie was filming).
  20. When Wildstyle talks about the different worlds of Lego, she mentions "a bunch of others" while a quick slide show plays in the background. Name one of the Lego themes in the slide show ( Fabuland, Bionicle, Lego Friends, Speed Racer).
  21. What is the Kragle that everyone is afraid of? (Krazy Glue).
  22. What everyday object beheads a Lego figure in the movie? (a penny)
  23. For what actor is this their first animated film? (Morgan Freeman)
  24. What word is never said in the movie? (Lego)
  25. What kind of animation was done to make this movie? (CGI, although it was made to look like stop-motion animation)
  26. Who was the real Vitruvius? (a Roman architect whose name in Greek means "master" and "builder)

Lego Trivia Questions

  1. What does Lego mean in Danish? (answer: play well)
  2. What are the Danish words for the name Lego came from? (LEG GOT)
  3. When were the first Lego Bricks made? (1932)
  4. Out of every million Lego bricks made, how many are defective? (about 18)
  5. If all the Lego bricks made in 2012 were put end to end, how far would they go around the world? (they would go 18 times around the world)
  6. How many Lego bricks are there for every person on the earth? (86)
  7. How much bigger is a Duplo than a regular Lego brick? (8 times bigger, but they both fit together)
  8. How many Lego bricks would it take stacked together to reach the moon? (40 Billion)
  9. How many bricks high is a Lego mini figure? (4 bricks high without a hat)
  10. About how many Lego bricks are produced every hour? (over 5 million)
  11. How many different ways can two eight-stud bricks be combined (24 different ways)
  12. Which of the following is not a Lego theme: a. Jack Stone b. Harry Potter c. Fighter Planes d. Paradisa. (Fighter Planes)
  13. Which theme includes "Lego Alpha Team?" (Underwater)
  14. How many pieces are in a standard five-hundred-piece bucket? (trick question! 500)
  15. Name a popular Lego competitor. (Megablocks)
  16. What famous film director has a Lego character made to look like him? (Steven Spielberg in the Lego Studios series)


Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on August 23, 2017:

Rebecca--I love that you like Legos!

Rebecca Cecil on August 23, 2017:

I love legos. This would still be an amazing idea at my next birthday party. I am going to start a master builder challenge with all my friends.

Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on September 22, 2015:

Thanks Charito! We've thrown many Lego birthday parties! My son in the pictures is now a senior in High School and will be starting his degree in engineering next fall. He still has lots of Lego bricks and sets and he still challenges his friends to building contests!

Charito Maranan-Montecillo from Manila, Philippines on September 22, 2015:

This is such a unique way to throw a kids' party, Virginia! It sure breaks away from the usual games like "pin the tail on the donkey", musical chairs, musical statues, "follow my leader", and other old favorites which are also practised in my culture.

I grew up playing with LEGO blocks. So did my son.

If my son should marry later on and raise kids, we'll try holding a LEGO birthday party for them.

William Leverne Smith from Hollister, MO on July 26, 2014:

Love Legos! Whole family loves Legos! Thanks for more great ideas. ;-)

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Somehow missed this before. Guess we'd better find a date; having a Lego party is now inevitable!

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This idea is a great hit for children's parties. I would love this theme is I were a child. Lots of fun ideas and helpful suggestions in this post.

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