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100+ Epic Party Themes for Adults

I like to come up with fun things to do and pranks to play on people.

Need a Good Party Theme?

Here I've curated a mega list of 100+ party themes for adults, perfect for any birthday party, anniversary, retirement party, or holiday celebration!

  1. "Masquerade"
  2. "Spa Day"
  3. "Jurassic Park"
  4. "Harry Potter"
  5. "Gatsby"
  6. "Picnic"
  7. "Coachella"
  8. "Elon Musk"
  9. "Pool "
  10. "Cookie swap "
  11. "TV Characters"
  12. "Camping"
  13. "Name That Tune"
  14. "Karaoke"
  15. "Black and White Ball"
  16. "Nautical"
  17. "Witch's Brew"
  18. "Race Car"
  19. "Tiki"
  20. "Sangria "
  21. "Blockbuster"
  22. "Couples"
  23. "Greek Gods and Goddesses"
  24. "Rockstar"
  25. "Wonderland"
  26. "Murder mystery"
  27. "Rapper"
  28. "Fashion"
  29. "Goth"
  30. "Star Wars"
  31. "The Hobbit"
  32. "Garden"
  33. "Minecraft"
  34. "Masquerade ball"
  35. "Twilight"
  36. "Bollywood"
  37. "Harry Potter"
  38. "Surf's Up"
  39. "Cowboys and Indians"
  40. "Salsa Night"
  41. "Naughty Nurses and Doctors"
  42. "Fiesta"
  43. "Superheroes"
  44. "Knight in Shining Arm"
  45. "Roller Skating"
  46. "Monsters Inc."
  47. "Pop"
  48. "Comedy Club"
  49. "Mario Characters"
  50. "Olympics"
  51. "Disney"
  52. "Stories"
  53. "Reverse Charades"
  54. "Miami Vice"
  55. "A Night in Paris"
  56. "Trivia"
  57. "Taboo"
  58. "Minions"
  59. "Fire and Ice"
  60. "The Big Game"
  61. "Informal"
  62. "Pirate"
  63. "Toga "
  64. "Famous People"
  65. "Luau"
  66. "Western"
  67. "Vaudeville"
  68. "Summer"
  69. "Real Life Cluedo"
  70. "Pictionary"
  71. "Catwalk"
  72. "Mickey Mouse"
  73. "The Lord of the Rings"
  74. "Kabuki"
  75. "Great Gatsby"
  76. "Toy Story"
  77. "Moulin Rouge"
  78. "Wine and cheese "
  79. "Ghostbusters"
  80. "Vintage"
  81. "Retro"
  82. "Farm to Table"
  83. "Super Bowl "
  84. "EDM"
  85. "Up"
  86. "Gangster"
  87. "Yacht "
  88. "Gangsters and Flappers"
  89. "StPatty's Day"
  90. "Favorite Writer"
  91. " Mafia"
  92. "Burlesque"
  93. "Alice in Wonderland"
  94. "Oscars"
  95. "Sock Hop"
  96. "Scavenger"
  97. "Improv"
  98. "Winter Wonderland"
  99. "Around the World"
  100. "Mayan"
  101. "Zombie"
  102. "Pirates of the Caribbean"
  103. "Parade Watching"
  104. "Enchanted Fest"
  105. "Pumpkin Patch"
  106. "Disco"
  107. "Carnival"
  108. "Jungle Animals"
  109. "Hippie"
  110. "White Elephant"
  111. "Ugly Sweaters"
  112. "Muppets"
  113. "Rave"
  114. "Game of Thrones"
  115. "James Bond"
  116. "Ice Princesses and Snowmen"
  117. "Dia de los Muertos"
  118. "Pyjama"
  119. "Chili cook-off "
  120. "Circus"
  121. "Nascar"
  122. "Roaring 80's"
  123. " Deadly Sins"
  124. "Aztec Warri"
  125. "Pokemon"
  126. "Mardi Gras"
  127. "Geisha"
  128. "March Madness "
  129. "Hip Hop"
  130. "Cocktail"
  131. "Mad Scientist"
  132. "Sci-Fi"
  133. "Pop Culture"
  134. "Walking Dead"
  135. "Space"
  136. "Casino Night"
  137. "Glow in the Dark"
  138. "Under the Sea"
  139. "Wine Tasting"
  140. "Scavenger Hunt"
  141. "Mad Tea"
  142. "Milkshakes"
  143. "Oktoberfest"
  144. "Sails and Mermaids"
  145. "Cowboy"
  146. "Cityscape"
  147. "Legends of the Hidden Temple"
  148. "Jungle"
  149. "Beauty and the Beast"
  150. "High School Musical"
  151. "Cocktails and Canapes"
  152. "Marvel"
  153. "Anything But Clothes"
  154. " Quotes"
  155. "Groovy"
  156. "Winnie the Pooh"
  157. "Las Vegas"
  158. "Safari"
  159. "Hollywood"
  160. "Indiana Jones"
  161. "Swapsy "
  162. "Fairytale"
  163. "Wld Cup"
  164. "Barbie"
  165. "Circus"
  166. "Lego"
  167. "The Great Gatsby"
  168. "Favorite Book"
  169. "Geeks"
  170. "The Hunger Games"
  171. "Disco"
  172. "Chocolate "
  173. "DC"
  174. "Grease"
  175. "Mermaid"
  176. "Princess"
  177. "Rapunzel"
  178. "Rustic Chic"
  179. "The Wizard of Oz"
  180. "Murder Mystery"
  181. "Secret Agent"
  182. "Superheroes"
  183. "Fairytale"
  184. "Cyberpunk"
  185. "Laser Tag"
  186. "Mexican Fiesta"
  187. "Taco Tuesday"

How to Choose an Party Theme

Hopefully, some of the adult party themes above should give you some inspiration for your own event.

If you're still stuck, here are some factors to consider when choosing a party theme:

  • What is the occasion? A milestone birthday or anniversary might warrant a more formal party, while a holiday party can be more casual.
  • What is the guest of honor's personality like? Do they prefer to dress up or dress down? Are they more likely to want a party that is active or passive?
  • What is the season? A summer party might lend itself to a pool party or barbeque, while a winter party might be more indoor focused.
  • What is your budget? A more elaborate theme might require more money for decorations and supplies.
  • How many guests will be invited? A smaller party might be more intimate and easier to manage than a large one.
  • What is the location? Is there a place that is special to the guest of honor that you could use as inspiration? Or does your own home have a certain feel that you would like to reflect at the party?
  • What's your own personal style? Do you prefer simple and elegant or over-the-top and outrageous?
  • Have there been other recent themed parties? If so, you might want to try something different to avoid comparisons.
  • What kind of food and drink will you be serving? Does the menu lend itself to a certain theme?
  • What kind of music will you be playing? Does it match the feel of the party?
  • What kind of activities do you want to include? Do they fit with the theme?
  • What kind of favors do you want to give out? Do they tie in with the party theme?

Once you have considered all of these factors, you should better understand what kind of party theme will be right for your event. And remember, even if you don't choose a theme, your party can still be a success. Most importantly, it's just about you and your guests having a good time!

How Do You Make a Party Fun for Adults?

The key to making a party fun for adults is to ensure that there are activities and games that appeal to a wide range of interests.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Set up a photobooth with props that fit with the party theme.
  • Create a trivia game based on the guest of honor's life.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt that takes guests all around the party space.
  • Organize a karaoke competition with prizes for the best performers.
  • Set up a casino area with classic games like blackjack and roulette.

With a little planning and creativity, you can throw an adults-only party that everyone will remember for years to come. Just make sure to have fun with it and relax; after all, it's just a party!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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