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How to Throw a Rave-Themed Party for Teenagers

Jaynie has extensive experience with party and event planning. She has planned events for groups of 20 to 600 people.

Throw a hit rave-themed party with these easy-to-follow ideas.

Throw a hit rave-themed party with these easy-to-follow ideas.

Rave Party Ideas

If you're looking for a fun theme for your teen's next party, consider throwing a rave. These parties are fairly inexpensive and lots of fun. We hosted a rave a few years ago, and it was a huge hit with all the kids that attended. There isn't much planning involved because teenagers prefer to make their own fun. Once you've got details such as the venue, music, and decorations down, you can simply sit back and let the fun happen.

Invitation to a Teen Rave

Kids are big into social networking, so invitations can be sent out over text or social media for free. If you prefer to get creative (or want to include anyone who doesn't have a phone or a Facebook account), you can create inexpensive and fun invites using black construction paper or cardstock and neon gel pens in colors such as green, yellow, orange, and pink. Using these basic supplies, you'll be able to make visually stunning invitations. You can even attach a thin glow stick or pixie stick to your invite for added flare.


I prefer larger venues that allow guests to move about freely but are not so overwhelming that the intimacy of the gathering is lost. We held our rave in our backyard in a 20 by 20-foot tent with side walls. It was the perfect space for the roughly 25 guests. We lined one wall with two eight-foot tables and chairs.

Good lighting plays a huge role in a great party.

Good lighting plays a huge role in a great party.

Food and Beverages

A table at the back of the tent was lined with finger foods, including lollipops and pixie sticks, which are traditional rave treats. A small, dorm-sized fridge was under the table and stocked with soda cans and water. Mocktails were available in pitchers and included virgin strawberry margaritas and pina coladas.

Lighting and Favors

Since lighting is crucial to creating a fun, festive rave atmosphere, we strung white lights around the perimeter of the tent, added strobe lighting from a very small, inexpensive strobe light, and provided countless glow sticks in a variety of colors for the guests. Glowsticking is a traditional rave party activity. This created an incredibly colorful display that was reminiscent of an authentic rave club scene and kept the teens entertained for hours.

Black lighting is another festive element that adds much to the ambiance of your party. It is especially effective indoors or in smaller spaces. If you are using black lighting, suggest that guests dress in solid, light colors and wear white shoes that will really pop under the lighting.

Music and Dancing

Of course, it's easier to dance on a wooden dance floor, but we didn't have one, and the guests didn't seem to mind. If you have a wooden deck available or if you rent a great dance floor. I don't think it's critical. Many kids will dance, but as with all teen parties, there will be more sitting around talking, chasing each other around, and generally goofing off, so the dance floor really becomes a luxury rather than a necessity.

Music is key to a successful rave. There is a lot of excellent rave music available through iTunes. Some of our favorite selections are included below.

Playlist for a Teen Rave Party

  • Yves Deruyter: Back to Earth (Rave Mix)
  • Moby: Go (Radio Edit)
  • Fatboy Slim: The Rockafeller Skank; Praise You
  • The Lovedoctor: Rave Slammer
  • Benny Benassi & The Biz: Put Your Hands Up; Satisfaction; Time
  • Benassi Bros.: I Love My Sex
  • New Order: Blue Monday; Bizarre Love Triangle
  • Thievery Corporation: Lebanese Blonde
  • Aleister Einstein: Creep
  • Yaz: Don't Go; Situation
  • Tony Moran: The Promise (Radio Edit)
  • Cheb Mami & Sting: Desert Rose (Club Mix)
  • Dance Conspiracy: Dub War (Chapter One)
  • Daft Punk: Da Funk
  • Der Fancy Boys Featuring Luci D: Don't Fear The Reaper (Club Mix)

There are also rave CDs available on Amazon that will provide hours of danceable tunes.

Lighting and music are important. If you're going to skimp on anything, don't let it be these!

Lighting and music are important. If you're going to skimp on anything, don't let it be these!

Rave On!

The general idea is just to let the party happen. Once you've supplied the treats, venue, favors, and music, just sit back and let the party happen. Have a great time!

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Jaynie2000 (author) on June 05, 2014:

Our party was in August of 2008.

tamera on June 05, 2014:

when was this party

davidstewart348 on January 29, 2013:

I also would like to suggest to give the kids glow in the dark necklaces when they enter the party. This way everybody wears something that glows whether they have a glow stick or not. More on this: Good luck everyone with organizing your next party!

Jaynie2000 (author) on February 20, 2012:

Oh it will. Who doesn't love dancing to excellent music and beautiful neon? Have a GREAT time!

SarahNicole on February 20, 2012:

Looking forward to my party!!! I hope it all works out!