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6 Reasons to Celebrate Your Birthday

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.

Why should you celebrate your big day? Here are six great reasons.

Why should you celebrate your big day? Here are six great reasons.

What's So Special About Birthdays?

Your birthday only comes around once a year and should be celebrated for at least six major reasons. A birthday is a time when people acknowledge the anniversary of their birth. In many cultures, birthdays are celebrated with gifts, parties, or other special activities. Below are six important reasons to celebrate your birthday.

6 Reasons Why Birthdays Are Important to Celebrate

  1. Your Birth Was Your Beginning
  2. Celebrating Is an Expression of Thanks
  3. It's an Opportunity to Refresh Your Outlook
  4. It Opens the Door to New Mercies
  5. It Is a Chance to Acknowledge Your Existence
  6. It's a Great Opportunity to Bond With People

1. Your Birth Was Your Beginning

Your birth was the beginning of your life. God created you to serve a purpose in this world. Every time you have a birthday, it is an indication that you still have work to do for the kingdom of God. Your birthday is a sign that you have yet another chance to fulfill your unique mission.

A birthday is a momentous occasion to be commemorated just as a nation commemorates its birth or as an organization celebrates its founding. A birthday is much more than an occasion to receive gifts. Your birthday is a chance to remember the day that a major event occurred, celebrate, give thanks, and reflect upon how you are still alive to celebrate the day you were born.

2. Celebrating Is an Expression of Thanks

A birthday is a time to celebrate birth itself. It is an expression of thanks to God for being born and still being alive. It is also an occasion to rethink your life. It is a great time to reflect on your past, evaluate your present, and make plans for your future. It is a time when your past intersects with your present and future.

Your birthday is an opportunity to reset your outlook on life.

Your birthday is an opportunity to reset your outlook on life.

Your birthday is a transition from what was to what is to be.

— Margaret Minnicks

3. It's a Chance for a Refresher

A birthday is not only a time to think about your birth but also a time to think about your rebirth. To recall your birth is to call in a new beginning. No matter how things went yesterday or last year, you can always try again. Your birthday is a refresher—a chance for regeneration—not just materially but spiritually.

4. It Opens the Door to New Mercies

To have lived another year is an achievement. After all, you have another year's worth of blessings to thank God for. Think of how much of God's air you have consumed during the year. Think of how many nights God allowed you to lie down and sleep and how many mornings He awakened you with brand new mercies (Lamentations 3:22–23).

You're still here! Now let's celebrate.

You're still here! Now let's celebrate.

5. It's a Chance to Acknowledge Your Existence

When you celebrate your birthday, you acknowledge your existence on this earth. No matter what kind of family you were born into or what your past looks like, you are here to live your life to its fullest. Celebrating your birthday is a way to thank God for allowing you to be born and live to see another birthday.

6. It's an Opportunity to Bond With People

Birthday celebrations are great ways for your family and friends to bond with you if you let them. Usually, people make a special effort to be nice to you on your birthday. Birthday presents are good, but a wish that comes from the heart is worth all the presents in this world from those who love you. It truly is the thought that counts.

Celebration Ideas

Celebrating your birthday doesn't mean that you have to have a big party every year. Sometimes people do have parties to celebrate what they call "the big ones," such as turning 18, 30, 40, 50, 60, or 70. A simple dinner with your family or a few close friends is usually all it takes to feel happy, uplifted, and appreciated. Greeting cards and telephone calls are always welcome as well.

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So, why not celebrate your birthday each year? It is always good to acknowledge that you exist on this earth. Receive it in good faith when others are willing to celebrate your birthday with you.


Chan Ching Chon on July 09, 2020:

This is very inspirational.

Margaret Melling on June 24, 2020:

Birthdays were always special in our family.Sadly,I am now 92,Carer for my husband,90.

. We cannot do much to celebrate.Our only daughter and her husband have an apartment in Spain and they are going,covid90 permitting,to go late September,I.e.just before my birthday.Am I silly to be hurt?To feel I am of no importance? Other opinions would be appreciated. Thank you.

Andre Howard Jr. on June 11, 2020:

After reading your article & comments, I have to agree with many others about the celebration of birthdays. There is no record of anyone celebrating a birthday, in the Bible.. We must come to terms with this, along with a religion, that was man-made. We should research this topic as it is changing daily with goggle & major search engines.

Jessy on June 09, 2020:

Thanks it as very helpful

Pandya on June 01, 2020:

Extremely good article

Samuel Bash on May 11, 2020:

Why all the servant of God starting from Abraham down to the disciples of Jesus Christ did not celebrate their birthday

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on April 24, 2020:

Thanks, The Sampsons, for reading my article about birthdays and comments. I am glad you have come to the realization that you birthday is special. Hopefully, you will celebrate and enjoy your next one.

The Sampsons from The Ozarks, Missouri on April 24, 2020:

Thank you for this article. My birthday was never really "celebrated", more like "Why did you live and your brother didn't"..."You will never take the place of Dean". I had lots and lots of "reminders" about this.

That has stuck with me all my life and I'm now 66. Basically, I ignore my birthday and so does everyone else. My husband gets me a card and gift, but as far as his side or my side of the family - zip!

Now I see I should just be grateful for being born alive, and able to have a life at all. I must be more grateful in this area and find ways to "count".

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on April 05, 2020:

Thanks, Sarah, for commenting on my article and for your encouragement. May God bless you and your family.

Sarah on April 05, 2020:

Well written article, I always made it a habit of thanking not only God for giving me life but also thanking my mom, that although very poor & a dad who left us before I was born, she chose to have me.Never had a big elaborate celebration but mom would fix me a nice dinner & home baked cake, we would reflect on our past & make new plans for the coming year & that meant more to me than any big party. I have raised my 2 sons with the same principles & ideas. God bless you Ms Minnicks & continue on with more writing.

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on February 12, 2020:

I love these reasons for celebrating birthdays, especially the one for thanking God for my birth. Everyone would benefit from reading this article and I will pass it on to my friends and family.

Thank you, and God bless!

serenity on February 06, 2020:

my birhday is on march 6

Allsos hub on January 09, 2020:

..........speak your truth..

... Silently

Alex on January 03, 2020:

I am so happy to have stumbled upon this article and it being filled with more purpose than I thought I was searching for. God is so good and made us to enjoy his creations. Let us thank the Lord for the birth of friends and families and each of our lives!

Candice on December 03, 2019:

Well written article, but the celebration of the anniversary of ones birth isn't backed by scripture really at all. Have you noticed that in the genealogies not one birth "date" is recorded? Mostly because the emphasis wasn't focused on a person's entrance into the world but what they did once they were in it. I think each person has the right to choose what they celebrate and if it were done with the focus on Thanking God for another year than it would be pleasant. I simply find no basis for it in scripture, the only birthday celebrations mentioned were Pharoah's and King Herod's (both coincidentally ending in death).

Thank you for your perspective.

Dick on December 02, 2019:

The day of your death is more important than the day you were born

Laban on October 16, 2019:

As a Christian we should thank Almighty God for allowing us to have life while our beloved are past on. It's important to be with our families and friends on a such day

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on October 07, 2019:


Lourdes on October 07, 2019:

Thank you for sharing this article mam, i will share this in our group devotion this morning because its my birthday. Thank u & God bless!

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on October 01, 2019:

Craig, everything I have to say about celebrating birthdays is in my article. I choose not to use valuable time trying to compare celebrating birthdays with what the prophets did in the Bible. You seem to have made up your mind about the issue, and so have I.

I will not be discussing this further!

Craig on October 01, 2019:

You didn’t really answer my question.... there’s a million things prophets didn’t do that we do!!! But the principle remains the same. God’s standards have never changed so just as Christians didn’t celebrate birthdays back then, we shouldn’t today. But why do you choose to celebrate them??? What scriptures do you use to justify celebrating birthdays.? Just curious...

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on September 30, 2019:

Craig, that doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate birthdays just because God's prophets didn't celebrate birthdays. They didn't drive cars, have bank accounts, or do a million other things that people do today.

Most people celebrate their birthday, but you don't have to if you don't want to do so.

Keysha on September 16, 2019:

Awesome article, today is my birthday and I'm not really celebratory about only to give thanks to God. I believe the Lord led me to your article to get a better perspective of the meaning. Well stated!!!

harish on September 11, 2019:

yeah it good.

kunwar on August 07, 2019:

Really its a very interesting article.

And the person who wrote it,

i think he/she is a great writer.

Kavya Saxena on June 25, 2019:

Whoever write these lines. He/She is a very good English writer.

Amazing quotes.

erik on May 25, 2019:

Great article! GOD bless you.

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on April 12, 2019:


Aloysius on April 12, 2019:

Well written article,

I must admit i enjoyed it.

Until now i considered birthdays just like any other days one could go have some bottle of beer in the pub, original i had planned to go watch a movie with a friend i so much loved, it however appears that the girl never regarded me, but instead fooling me, with that in mind i thought it unnecessary to even celebrate tomorrow being my birthday.

However, by reading of this article i could decipher that what waits us in the future is more bigger and better that what has happened to us.

Indeed at all times we owe ourselves and God the obligation of appreciation.

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on November 14, 2017:

Thanks, Pat, for reading my article and sharing your comments. Good for you to have done some things for yourself when you start shopping for personal items a month ago.

Don't worry about the result of your mammogram. As you said it doesn't have to be serious. Otherwise, the doctor would have told you to return sooner than six months from now.

Enjoy your birthday!

Pat Graham on November 14, 2017:

Margaret thanks for thinking of me. Enjoyed reading the article. This year I started shopping a month ago. I bought clothes, perfume and ended it with a new bible. It's a NIV study bible that I got from QVC. I look it. I had my annual mammogram this morning. I have some calcium build up in my left breast. So I have to go back in 6 months. I know calcium build up doesn't have to be serious. However I would have rather they not have found anything. So please keep me in prayer.

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on November 02, 2017:

I hope you enjoyed your birthday!

Darlene Winston on November 02, 2017:

Great article! Thanks

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on October 23, 2017:

Charlotte, thanks for reading and responding to my article. I cannot believe you turned 84 years old today! Blessings to you!

Charlotte W Strayhorn on October 23, 2017:

Thanks Margaret for sending me this Birthday Greeting. It was well received and it made my day. God bless you.

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on October 09, 2017:

Thanks a lot, Beverly Mucha, for reading and commenting on my article about your birthday. I hope you enjoyed your birthday!

Beverly Mucha on October 09, 2017:

Great article - thank you for the birthday wishes - stay healthy and happy as always my friend!

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on October 05, 2017:

Thanks, suziecat7, for reading and commenting on the hub about birthdays especially on your own birthday. I hope you are enjoying your "new beginning."

suziecat7 from Asheville, NC on October 05, 2017:

Great Hub. I always see a birthday as a new beginning no matter how old I get. I agree it is a positive thing.

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