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Simple Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

With a family as large as mine, we often host birthday parties for family members. Keeping it simple is often the best bet.

Choose an outdoor party venue that is suitable for the number of people you wish to invite.

Choose an outdoor party venue that is suitable for the number of people you wish to invite.

Simple Party Planning

As you plan your party, you need to choose a spot according to the number of guests. In my case, we were having a simple birthday party for my daughter. It would be myself, my three daughters, and a granddaughter. The picnic table in a local park was the perfect spot. The weather was warm, and we were able to easily secure a table.

We kept my daughter in mind during the planning process. She loves to be outdoors, and the park is located between all of our homes to give each of us approximately the same driving time and distance.

Large evergreen fir trees grow throughout the park, giving us the perfect balance of shade and sun to meet any need.

Inexpensive Party Items Are Plentiful

It is not difficult to locate inexpensive party decorations. The Dollar Store or Ross stores are plentiful in most states and can accommodate the semi-elegant party ideas you come up with.

Purchasing a tablecloth was a must since we were holding our party outdoors on a picnic table. A cloth cover was purchased in this case so it could be used over and over. My daughter will carry this tablecloth in her RV to be used time after time.

The champagne glasses are actually plastic with a touch of glitter in each one. The glasses were purchased at Ross, a discount store in the local area. Once again, the glasses will be kept in my daughter's RV to be used while camping and traveling.

Plates were chosen at the discount store as well. For this party, white plates with gold trim were chosen. Plain, simple design that can be used for other parties in the future.

Candle holders were purchased at the Dollar Store. These, too, can be used in the future. The cloth napkins added a bit of fall color because of the September birthday we were hosting.

The flower arrangement was a gift to the guest of honor, so of course, it was higher in cost. A floral arrangement was chosen to match the colors in the rest of the decor.

Serving pizza out of a box would have taken away from the overall semi-elegant appearance. A nice serving plate was purchased with the dinner plates to accommodate the pizza. We ordered the pizza from the local pizzeria. Pizza was chosen for the guest of honor since it is a favorite.

The centerpiece here was purchased as a gift, but outdoor items or simple arrangements can be made to suit the occasion. Stringing green leaves together in a long line can create a green background for lemons that are placed along the line of leaves on the table. The citrus fruit gives a touch of color for summer parties and is inexpensive.

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A simple grouping of candles surrounded by plastic gourds and miniature pumpkins creates a beautiful fall centerpiece. Discount stores are a great place to begin your search for a good party plan.

Get Creative With Party Ideas

Parties do not have to be extravagant to ensure your guests have a great time. We have had many parties outdoors, kept them inexpensive, and have had a wonderful time together. As a family, we have created many great memories together from the simplest of parties. Remember, it is not how beautiful you make the party but how much fun you make the party that will give partygoers the best experience.

Use your imagination. Nature provides some of the best party venues we can imagine! What season is it in your area? Plan your party around the season, and your guests will be up for a good time.

Keep Food Choices Easy and Simple

Our family has always kept our guests well-fed while keeping it simple. Gatherings should involve everyone in fun conversations and activities rather than making the food the big event.

Hosts can feed people according to the party theme. For instance, the outdoor party in the snow revolved around cooking hot dogs and marshmallows in the fire pit. We supplied hot chocolate and coffee, and doughnuts for dessert. The guests had a blast using hot dog forks for cooking their food like they do when camping. We had plenty of good food to eat, even though it was simple.

Pizza and cheesecake for the party in the park tasted wonderful and left us with little cleanup detail. Even though it was simple, it fit the occasion and the theme.

Party food can consist of easy appetizers or can be as extravagant as cooking a turkey and slicing it up to make sandwiches to make a great meal even while outdoors. Roasting a ham or roast beef can be used in place of turkey and can make many sandwiches to feed a group of hungry guests.

Cut up veggies to go with your sandwiches or serve on a platter with ranch dressing or hummus to keep things healthy or to accommodate vegetarians in the group. Get creative with food to make items to go along with a theme.

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