Stag Night Scavenger Hunt - Make It Memorable!

Updated on September 21, 2019
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Ah, the Stag Night. For men, this is nothing but an excuse to get drunk and hire a couple of strippers. Don’t worry though. You can also have a bit of fun without both of these! In this article, I want to share with you a couple of scavenger hunt ideas. Now, this may not seem like something normal for you to do on your stag night, but trust me, it is going to be a great deal of fun and certainly provide a break from all that boozing!

So, what is a scavenger hunt? Well, I am sure you have done something like this before, perhaps when you are younger. The basic idea is that you are (or the groom) is supplied with a list of things to do or collect. You then do these. It really is quite simple. Perhaps you could throw in a couple of top prizes at the end to make the whole thing a lot more interesting and fun!


Perhaps one of the best scavenger hunt ideas that I have seen for a Stag Night is to give the ‘groom’ a list of dares that they need to do for that evening. They should be fairly easy to complete, and if you plan them well, they should be slightly embarrassing! It is a great deal of fun. Of course, the groom will be the one completing the list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved too. If anything, it will be a good giggle. Here is a list of some of the best ideas that you can incorporate into the Groom’s Stag Night list:

  • Get a kiss from a girl who has the same name as the bride. Of course, make sure they don’t get too intense on that kiss! I am sure the bride won’t like it.
  • Convince a girl to give you their underwear or bra!
  • Get a girl to purchase you a drink (see a trend here?)
  • Get on that dance floor and dance the night away….on your own.
  • A lap dance (let’s be honest, this is on every man’s list of things to do on a night out right?)
  • Sing to a random girl (not for the shy ones!)
  • Find a hen night party and get your photograph taken with them!
  • Get 10 random people to write on a list 10 reasons as to why you shouldn’t get married! Try not to take things to heart here! Hopefully these reasons won’t give you cold feet!
  • Get 10 random people to write on a list 10 reasons as to why you should get married! This should help balance things out a tiny bit right?

I am sure you can agree, this is no normal scavenger hunt list. Trust me though, trying to complete these throughout the night is going to be intense amounts of fun. The groom could also try to get members of their party involved. This means getting photographs taken of each other in various locations or with various people. The same principles above apply! Of course, if you are just focusing on the drinking for the night then you may just want to kick back instead and come up with a list of drinks that everybody must try (or at least types of drinks, e.g., a shot, a real ale, a vodka and soda etc.) This is of course going to be fun, but by the end of it there will be a lot of luck trying to tick off all of those boxes (if you can manage to hold that pen of course). If you want, you could get one of those ‘ball and chains’ that you can purchase from Halloween stores. Your groom can wear this until the scavenger hunt is complete!

Instead of this, you could also split the party up into groups to find a list. This is more in the vein of a traditional stag night. The prize could perhaps be a drink every time they find an item on the list! You can collect pretty much anything that you want here. Having worked in a shop I have found that for some reason many stag scavenger hunts come in asking for a bit of string. I have absolutely no idea why they do this, but hey, that could be an item for your list! You could also go down the slightly ‘dirtier’ route. For example, trying to get a condom from somebody, perhaps getting some underwear from a woman etc. Again, there are plenty of ideas out there on the internet so you really shouldn’t be at a loss of things to do when trying to come up with the general plan of the scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts will take a bit of planning a short time before the event. Thankfully for you though, there are plenty of ideas out there for scavenger hunt clues so it shouldn’t take too long. Let’s be honest, most stag nights are pretty generic so it is a case of printing off the list and being done with it! Just give it to whoever will actually be trying to complete the list. Coming up with the ‘game’ for the event should be the job of the best man. If you can, try to get a photo of something each time it is complete (try to avoid the kissing the girl one though for obvious reasons!) this can form a pretty good scrapbook at the end of the evening for the great ‘lad’s night out’.

Of course, planning your scavenger hunts is going to take a bit of effort on your part. You will quickly realize that it was completely worth it though. Just make sure that those clues are top notch and the night should go off with a massive bang! Try to not make them too confusing though; after all, there is only so much brain power you can have with drink in you and surrounded by girls!


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