15 Super Fun Bridal Shower Games

Updated on September 10, 2019
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Rose is a certified Wedding and Event Planner as well as a certified Floral Designer.

Bridal Games
Bridal Games | Source

Games at a bridal shower help to break the ice, especially if some guests aren't familiar with one another, as is usually the case. A few tried-and-true games will help to promote a fun atmosphere filled with hours of amusement for the bride and all of your guests.

Not all bridal shower games are created equal. Some will definitely require more thought, planning, and supplies than others. Keeping organized well in advance will make the process a lot easier. Remember to exclude any games that are deemed X-rated. You don't want to expose children or Great-Grandma Ethel to any games that are both uncomfortable and embarrassing. However, don't worry, those games can be enjoyed at the "hen" or "bachelorette" party.

Without further ado, here are a few fun ideas for bridal shower games that will keep the bride and your guests entertained.

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

— Albert Einstein

15 Awesome Bridal Shower Games

  1. Toilet Paper Bridal Gown and Veil
  2. Guess Whose Panties?
  3. Complete Their Vows
  4. The Broom and the Toilet Paper
  5. Makeover Nightmare
  6. Honeymoon Blackout Game
  7. The Hot Cucumber
  8. The Newlywed Game
  9. Bridal Bingo
  10. Purse Raid
  11. Wacky Wedding Etiquette
  12. Words of Wisdom
  13. The Recipe Box
  14. Bridal Pictionary
  15. Wedding Movie Charades

1. Toilet Paper Bridal Gown and Veil

Have your guests break off into groups. Provide each group with rolls of toilet paper. Their challenge will be to create a bridal gown and veil while using one of the group members as the model. Trust me, seeing Great Aunt Harriet in a toilet paper gown and veil is priceless. Whichever group finishes within a certain time limit with the most creative design, wins. (Each member of the group receives a small prize.)

Lingerie On Line Invitation Sample
Lingerie On Line Invitation Sample | Source

2. Guess Whose Panties?

This game is a little off the wall but can be loads of fun when orchestrated correctly. The first thing you need to do is include a note with the invitations asking your guests to bring panties that are reflective of their own taste and personality, i.e. purple polka-dotted full cotton underwear. Please note that it could also be any other kind of lingerie, such as a camisole or slip.

The next step is to either hang a clothesline or set up a plastic, portable laundry hanger. Finally, when your guests arrive, have them hang up their panties. When it's time to play the game, the bride has to match the panties with the guest who brought them. It's great for the bride because she gets to keep all the new panties and other assorted pieces of lingerie. The guests that manage to stump the bride can get a small prize for their effort. Please remember that, for this particular game, there are a couple of things you may want to take note of.

First of all, this game would work especially well if you are having a lingerie-themed party or a boudoir-themed event. If you are having a different type of theme but love the idea of this game, bear in mind that by asking your guests to bring panties, you will be obligating them to purchase another gift. Also, if the bride is to keep the panties, your guests will need to know her size. (Generally, panties cannot be returned or exchanged.)

3. Complete Their Vows

For this hilarious game, you will need a couple of notepads or clipboards. Advise your guests that the notepads will be circulated and that they are going to assist the happy couple with their wedding vows. One notepad or clipboard will start off with, "I, Jessica, take you, Michael, and I promise to...", and then the other will say, "I, Michael, take you, Jessica, and I promise to..."

Pass the two notepads or clipboards out, and each guest will be given the opportunity to write one phrase or vow, i.e. "I promise to stop belching". Once the first guests have written their vows, they are to fold down the paper so as not to reveal what they have written down and pass it on until everyone has had their chance. Once completed, the "his and hers" vows are read aloud for all to hear, enjoy, and laugh. The guest that provides the funniest vow will get a special prize.

The broom and toilet paper game is a popular game at bachelorette parties, too.
The broom and toilet paper game is a popular game at bachelorette parties, too. | Source

4. The Broom and the Toilet Paper

This game is so much fun and is often played at bachelorette parties. The guests are placed in teams of two. They stand across from each other, one with a broom between their knees and the other with a roll of toilet paper between their knees. They are given a certain period of time, (say, 2 minutes) to maneuver their way towards each other.

At this point, the guest with the broom has to try to get her partner's toilet paper roll on her broom and continue doing this until their time is up. The team with the most rolls of toilet paper on the broom wins the prize. To make this game even more hilarious, the teams are often blindfolded.

5. Makeover Nightmare

This game will allow you to bring out your inner cosmetologist. Your guests break off into teams and are then provided with cosmetics such as eyeshadow, mascara, blush, lipstick, etc. One partner will be the cosmetologist and the other will be the client.

Oh, did I forget to tell you that the cosmetologist will be blindfolded? That's right! The makeover nightmare recipient will be handing the cosmetics to her blindfolded partner while providing her with descriptions as to what it is, i.e. "this is lipstick". At the end of the makeover, the bride chooses the winning team and both members win a prize.

6. Honeymoon Blackout Game

This is by far the most hysterical bridal shower game out there and essentially involves the participation of the bride, exclusively. The game is intended for sheer entertainment purposes, as there are no other participants, nor any prizes. The premise of the game is that the bride is on her honeymoon and has to get ready quickly for a very important dinner when all of a sudden there is a blackout.

Once the story is relayed to the bride and guests, the bride is provided with a honeymoon suitcase and is blindfolded. The suitcase is filled with crazy-looking extra-large articles of clothing and accessories, i.e. men's plaid boxers, super large and extra-padded bra, a pair of work boots, fuzzy socks, 1980s lime green taffeta prom dress, and a bright orange lumber jacket for some extra flair. Whatever you do, make sure someone is taping this—it may just go viral!

7. The Hot Cucumber

This game involves a cucumber, music, and all the guests forming a circle. You might be thinking to yourself, "This sounds weird," but it's a bridal shower game, of course it's weird!

The premise of the game is that music is played and each guest in the circle must pass this green vegetable to the next person while suspending it between their knees. When the music stops, the guest with the cucumber between their knees is eliminated from the game. The game is continued until there is one guest left standing, with a cucumber between her knees, of course. After this, they definitely deserve a prize.

8. The Newlywed Game

Prior to the party, gather information from the groom about his special lady. For instance, ask questions like:

  • "Where did you meet?"
  • "Was it love at first sight?"

At the bridal shower, ask the bride-to-be the exact same questions. It is hilarious to hear her responses. Make sure to read the groom's answers out loud or, for an even more entertaining touch, videotape him for the bride and guests to enjoy.

Bridal Shower Bingo
Bridal Shower Bingo | Source

9. Bridal Bingo

This is another great game! All the same rules of Bingo apply to this bridal shower version. When preparing the cards, be sure to change the word "Bingo" to "Bride" at the top of the card. Replace the usual numbers on the card with wedding trivia or information about the bride and groom, i.e. the couple's wedding date or where the groom proposed to the bride. Just like Bingo, the first person to get a vertical, diagonal, or horizontal line, wins.

10. Purse Raid

Prior to the bridal shower, write down typical things that one would carry in her handbag, i.e. pen, wallet, keys, gum, etc. Once you've done that, write down items that are not generally found in a handbag, i.e. a yo-yo. Don't forget to include saucier objects as well, i.e. a leather whip... or something like that.

With this fun game, items on your special list are read aloud and the first person to give up the specific item in their purse wins a prize. Just a note, "give up" doesn't mean the guest actually has to relinquish the article from their handbag. You know it's just a game, and that you can't actually keep their wallet, right?

11. Wacky Wedding Etiquette

This bridal shower game is packed with fun as well as some questionable "wedding etiquette" advice for the bride and groom. The first step is to write down questions regarding wedding day situations on cards. Remember to be creative. For example, you can write:

  • "What do you do if the bride's Great Uncle Henry is getting fresh with the groom's mother?"
  • "What should you do if you see the groom's cousin stealing silverware from the reception tables?"

Hand one card out to each guest and have them answer with their own words of wisdom or advice. Once everyone has completed their answer, all the cards should be collected and then read aloud for all to enjoy. The guest with the most creative and best etiquette response wins a prize. If you have many guests, this game can be played in groups.

Words Of Wisdom
Words Of Wisdom | Source

12. Words of Wisdom

This is more of a sentimental gesture for the bride than a game. When sending out your invitations to your guests, include a decorative blank card so that they can write down some words of wisdom for the bride, i.e. "never go to bed angry". The guests bring the cards to the shower, where they are collected and, at some point during the party, the guests take turns reciting random cards of wisdom that were submitted. Once the sentimental cards have all been read, you can place them in a beautiful scrapbook for the bride to keep.

13. The Recipe Box

Much like the "words of wisdom" game, this is more of an activity with a thoughtful purpose than a game. The first thing you should do is buy or make a decorative recipe box. Send out recipe index cards to your guests with the invitations. Instruct them to kindly write down one of their favourite recipes for the bride and have them bring it autographed, of course, to the shower. Place each recipe in the recipe box and present it to the bride. This is something very useful for the bride and something she will always cherish.

14. Bridal Pictionary

If you enjoy the original Pictionary game, then you will have loads of fun with this bridal shower version. The first thing you need to do is place pieces of paper into a box or bowl with various wedding-type sayings on them, i.e. "for richer for poorer" or "always a bridesmaid".

Separate your guests into two teams and choose a designated "artist". The artist then selects a piece of paper and attempts to sketch clues. If one team does not figure it out within the 1- or 2-minute time limit, the other team gets an opportunity. The team that correctly guesses 10 sayings wins. By the way, you will need a whiteboard or large easel and dry erase markers.

15. Wedding Movie Charades

What girl doesn't cry, laugh, or get goosebumps whenever she watches a great wedding movie? You know the ones—My Best Friend's Wedding, Father of the Bride (the original), The Princess Bride, Monsoon Wedding, 27 Dresses, Bridesmaids, Wedding Crashers, The In-Laws, The Wedding Planner, Our Family Wedding—the list goes on and on.

With this game, you have to write the names of various wedding-related movies on cards. You should then separate your guests into two teams. Within a limited time period (3-4 minutes), guests pick a card from a pile and act out a scene from the corresponding movie (no talking allowed). Their team members have to figure out which movie it is. The team with the most correct guesses wins.

Bridal shower games are so much fun! These are just a few popular games, but there are so many others to choose from. I hope you found the information in this segment both helpful and entertaining. Just a quick reminder—don't forget to buy an assortment of prizes to give away to your guests. It really makes the games even more exciting. Most importantly, just because you are hosting the bridal shower doesn't mean that you should exclude yourself from participating in a few games. Just go on and have a blast!


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    • rose-the planner profile imageAUTHOR

      rose-the planner 

      2 years ago from Toronto, Ontario-Canada

      So true! Nowadays you are never certain what is fact or fiction. I’m glad you enjoyed the article Blanche. I really appreciate you stopping by. Take care! -Rose

    • Blanche Ortega profile image

      Blanche Ortega 

      2 years ago

      Great tips! I definitely love the last two. It is amazing how many things are sited by credible news sources, but when you dig deeper to locate the original source, you find the fact is made up.


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