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How to Order Your Dream Wedding Cake From a Baker's Perspective

Cake artist specializing in bridal and large catering functions, speaking out on the positives and negatives related to the ordering process

How to Pick a Wedding Cake: A Baker's Guide

You got the ring, the event planner, and the venue. Now to tie the knot, all you have left to consider is the cake.

As bakers, we understand that this is one of the biggest events of your life. Weddings are magical and filled with enchantment. However, everything leading up to the day can be stressful and overwhelming.

In this article, I will discuss how to approach, design, and execute your dream wedding cake without being problematic—giving you one less concern or worry.

Six Tips to Make Your Wedding Cake Baker Happy

Many details go into the planning process. Cake design, size, flavours, and the display will be executed as a team effort between you and the cake artist. Before you start the hunt for the right baker, consider these suggestions.

1. Your Vision and the Reality of Execution

It's no secret that custom cakes, especially wedding cakes, can be very costly. Considering if your budget will work with your expectations can be tricky. Different cake artists may also have different costs, depending on experience and skill level.

When researching cake designs that fit your style and or theme, have at least two photos of reference to provide as a base. Making sure both images are different in style. Having more options to discuss with your cake artist will make the design process easygoing.

Professional businesses will take your inspirational photos and work with you to create something that's within your budget and meet your expectations.

2. Consider Creative Freedom

Ever since I was able to take on bridal orders, my favourite to date were the contracts where I was permitted creative freedom. There isn't much to explain here. If we are comfortable and you have confidence in our work, we can go above and beyond without limitations. I feel that is when I do my best work.

Provide your floral type, bridal colours, and any other special requests. As long as you view their portfolio beforehand and their work is similar to what you're seeking, it's a no-brainer.

3. Colour Is Your Responsibility

If you have a specific shade of dusty rose, champagne, or sage for your colour scheme and expect your wedding cake to match, it's your responsibility to provide a physical colour swatch.

We only have so many colours to work with, and we generally have to create colours from scratch. Giving a swatch leaves no room for error.

4. Providing Proper Notice

Last-minute weddings are thrilling and just as special. However, with my schedule, I'm incapable of accepting bridal orders without at least six months' notice. This is common with businesses that have a larger clientele base.

If life happens and things are moving fast, it may take longer to find cake artists who can accommodate you, and the harsh reality is you may not be able to book. If you want to secure that spot, don't leave the cake planning for the last minute.

5. Large Cake Advisory

If you're ordering a tiered cake, make sure delivery and setup are included in your contract.

Many of my clients insisted on picking up their cake already assembled and didn't have the proper vehicle for transport or general know-how on how to handle a cake of that nature.

This may also be the case for unique venue locations. Save the headache as accidents can happen and let the business have control of the transport and setup.

6. Have a Backup Plan

If the unfortunate happens and the service you booked cancels, you will want a backup plan already in the works. As well as collecting your deposit back, contact a local chain grocery store and book with their bakery.

Depending on the size of your guest list or how many the cake was supposed to feed, you can build your wedding cake.

Potentially you could order a 10-inch triple-layer cake and an 8-inch triple-layer cake. To keep things simple, choose your inner flavours and keep the cakes white for the exterior design. In the 10-inch cake, insert either bubble tea straw (3 to 4) or wooden dowels in the middle section. Doing this will prevent the 8-inch cake that you place on top from sinking.

Once you place the smaller cake on top of the larger cake, you have a plain white two-tiered cake. Grab fresh or silk flowers and start dressing the cake. Now you have a simplistic and elegant last resort.

More Planning and Booking Tips for Wedding Cakes

  • Provide all the information upfront. For example, make sure they know the date, venue location, budget, reference photos, guest number, colour swatches, flavour prefences, special requests, and allergies. Be as detailed as possible and reach out when everything is finalized.
  • Book your tasting immediately and give honest feedback.
  • Make sure you fully discuss your bakers booking policy and read over your cake contract before signing.
  • Keep in mind every artist has their own style. Ask what style of cake designs they specialize in. Some cake artists may even decline certain cakes if it's out of their scope. As always, revert back to their portfolio.
  • If communication is easy, prompt, and professional from the very beginning, it's always a good sign. These artists will always have glowing reviews and a great local reputation. If you have a hard time getting replies within a timely manner, they do not understand your concept, or just in general, you're not feeling the conversation, it's usually an indicator they are not the correct fit for you. Even if they are talented, the relationship should be easygoing for you as a client. You shouldn't book based solely off of someone's work. If they care about you as a client, they care about providing you with the best experience.

Enjoy Your Wedding Cake!

I hope I have provided some guidance when it comes to planning and booking your beautiful wedding cake. Keep these tips in mind, and I promise when you are ready to discuss, it won't be overwhelming or confusing.