Top 10 Things to Do to Celebrate Friendship Day

Updated on September 16, 2019
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I am a wife. I am a mother. I am a teacher. I am a writer. I'm a lover of reading, running, scrapbooking, and crossword puzzles.

Friendship Day is a holiday that falls on the first Sunday in August. I first discovered this fantastic holiday when I was a freshman in high school and have been finding ways to celebrate it ever since. Here are ten ways you and your friends can celebrate it this year!

1) Movie and Treat Bags

Nothing says friendship like a brown paper bag full of gum while friends gather around your Dell computer to watch a movie that you filmed of pictures you had of them lying around your house. This works really well if you have a CD player playing sappy friendship songs in the background. If you wish to upgrade to the 21st century, there are all kinds of technological sites out there in which you can produce a movie and show it on an actual TV. Pinterest has great ideas of treat bags you can decorate and yummy goodies to include in the bag. Your friends will be awarding you an Oscar in no time.

2) Treasure Hunt

Want to step up your game a bit? Create a series of clues that all lead to different places that relate to each of your friends. For example, your friend's favorite coffee shop or the place of employment of one of your pals. At the end of the treasure hunt, have a fun prize awaiting your besties. This works even better when you can't drive, and your mom has to take you around. Cupcakes and Friendship Day CDs to follow!

3) The Trifecta

What goes together more perfectly than sundaes, badminton, and bookmarks? Get a group of your best buddies (preferably ten of them) and gorge on hordes of ice cream. Just when you are feeling full, break out the badminton paddles and knock that shuttlecock around. Want to take a breather? Round up your gal pals and use your bodies to each form a letter in the word FRIENDSHIP. Print out the picture and place it on a decorated bookmark. VoilĂ .

4) Scavenger Hunt

Looking to get a little wild and crazy? Round up your companions and place them into teams of two. Hand them a sheet of different tasks which range from Easy to Difficult and send them out into this great, big world. Teams have a time limit in which they need to be back. The team with the most points wins. Be sure to have something fun for when it is all over. A better produced movie always works to complete an evening full of shenanigans!

5) Amazing Race

Do you enjoy scaring your friends and placing them on the brink of death? Well then, creating a mini Amazing Race is the activity for you. Modeled after the reality TV show, place clues throughout your town or neighborhood that lead from place to place. Make sure to include a Roadblock, which your girly friend has to get in the creek, a Detour, which you can use to promote an aspiring rapper's CD, and a journey into the forest at 10 o'clock at night. To ensure that this event is successful, set it up so that you and your partner win. No one will get angry.

6) Blueberry Picking

Feeling as if maybe you went a little overboard the year before with Friendship Day? Then, head out to a blueberry farm and pick your little hearts out. Relaxing but fun! Side note: Make sure the blueberry farm is open.

7) Dinner

Has your creativity waned and all effort into planning zapped out of your life much like some of your actual friendships? If so, go out to dinner and then call it a night. Hey, at least you tried!

8) Jeopardy

Woo! Feeling on top of the world again and ready to rejuvenate those friendships? Invite your friends over to your house. Don't feel bad if it is no longer ten people anymore. Then, wow their socks off with a homemade Jeopardy game that includes trivia from the years of your friendships. Some categories are Birthdays, School Dances, Boys, Trips, and Classes. Your besties will be laughing in no time as they take a trip down memory lane. You're welcome, super star!

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9) Charity

Are you at a point in your life where your friends are all over the U. S. of A.? Then, keep it simple, girl and give back to others. Find a charity that you support. One that supports young women would be appropriate and donate to it as a group. Yay philanthropy!

10) Get Married

Do you miss your friends all being together at once? Then, just get married. This forces them to be together at a number of events including the big day. It also doubles as a celebration of Friendship Day because let's be honest, you're a busy women trying to hold down a career, a family, and grad school.

There you have it! You will be a master of Friendship Day after reading through these ideas. The important thing to remember is celebrating your friendship. Cheers!

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