Top Five Baby Shower Games

Updated on November 22, 2019
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I have three kids, and my wife's sisters threw a baby shower for each occasion. Her sisters also have kids, so we threw their showers.

Baby shower games are a great way to have some fun before the big day comes around. Soon, mom is going to be busy with dirty diapers and nighttime feedings. Baby showers give mom the opportunity to socialize with all her friends and family while sharing the joy of the impending arrival of her new baby.

Below is a list of five baby shower games that are sure to delight party guests. To add to the fun, you may want to offer prizes for the baby shower game-winners. Prizes will increase the excitement and provide the winners with a keepsake to help them remember the special event.

5 Fun and Exciting Baby Shower Games

  1. Don't Say "Baby"
  2. Who's That Baby in the Picture?
  3. Guess the Waistline
  4. Dress the Baby
  5. Mmm, Baby Food

These are the five games my wife and I have enjoyed most at all of the baby showers we've hosted and attended.
These are the five games my wife and I have enjoyed most at all of the baby showers we've hosted and attended. | Source

1. Don't Say "Baby"

Every guest is given a clothespin to wear on their clothing. The idea of this game is to avoid saying the word “baby” throughout the entire baby shower. If someone slips and says “baby,” the person who made them say it or heard them say it gets to take their c clothespin. At the end of the shower, whoever is wearing the most clothespins wins! This baby shower game is a fun way to see just how hard it is to keep from saying the word “baby.”

2. Who’s That Baby in the Picture?

This is a hilarious baby shower game that allows guests to see each other in a whole new way. For this game, the baby shower host collects photographs of all the guests from when they were babies and/or young children. The photographs are displayed on a board and labeled with either a number or a letter. During the baby shower, guests try to match the photographs to the correct adult at the party. Each guest is given a sheet of paper to record their answers.

Helpful hint: nametags worn by guests can help everyone avoid embarrassment over forgotten names. The winner is the baby shower guest with the most correct answers. This game is sure to elicit "awwws" and laughter as guests marvel about how much (or little) everyone has changed through the years.

3. Guess the Waistline

It is quite funny to see how guests do with this classic baby shower game. All that is needed to play are a roll of yarn (or string) and a scissor. Guests are asked to cut a piece of yarn that they think will fit around the belly of the mom-to-be. After the last guest has a turn, the mother-to-be cuts a string that fits perfectly around her pregnant belly. The person who cut the piece of yarn that comes closest to this is the winner.

For added laughs, have the guest of honor model the yarn guesses. This game is a must. Make sure the mom-to-be saves her yarn measurement as a keepsake of her pregnancy. It will be interesting for her to look back at when she loses all those extra baby pounds.

4. Dress the Baby

This game requires a doll that resembles a life-size baby, a diaper, a baby outfit, and a timer. Veteran moms and dads have the advantage in this hilarious game where the object is to diaper and dress the doll in the shortest amount of time. The person who properly diapers and dresses the doll the fastest is the winner (and the one to keep in mind when you need a babysitter!).

5. Mmm, Baby Food

Guests have the opportunity to challenge their taste buds with this classic baby shower game. All that is needed are a few different flavored jars (approximately five) of baby food and a spoon and plate for each participant. Everyone is given a taste of the first variety of baby food without being told what it is. Guests are instructed to write down what kind of food they think it is without letting anyone else see their guess. Continue doing this until all the foods have been presented and tasted. Be sure to write down the correct answers to reveal at the end. The person with the most discerning taste buds is the winner.

Try some of these exciting baby shower games and enjoy some laughs and good times with your friends. I hope you've enjoyed my list of baby shower games.

© 2019 Jason Nicolosi


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    • Nicoartz profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Nicolosi 

      7 months ago from AZ

      Lorna, I'm glad you had the opportunity to read it. They really are fun games. Thanks for commenting.

    • Lorna Lamon profile image

      Lorna Lamon 

      7 months ago

      I enjoyed reading this article which made me smile. I loved the "Baby Food" game and having a Baby Shower is such a lovely coming together of friends and family as a support unit for the special times ahead. Great read Jason.


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