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50+ Super Cute DIY Baby Shower Wardrobe Gift Ideas That Moms-to-Be Will Adore

Make a Basket for the Baby!

If someone in your circle is hosting a baby shower and you are looking for the perfect gift, why not turn a laundry hamper into a special gift for their little bundle of joy? You can include all the items that the mom needs to take care of the baby, such as diapers, laundry detergent, bottles, bibs, etc.

As a super cute addition, you can make your own little clothesline to go over the basket using wooden dowels, twine and clothes pegs. You could hang little socks and mittens from the clothesline. Keep costs down by stocking up on items from the Dollar Store where possible.


Baby Shower Hamper

Use garden hooks for the laundry line and fill the bottom of the basket with hangers to fill empty spaces. Include little storybooks for mom and dad to read to the baby at bedtime.



Purchase a plain white laundry basket and fill it with bottles, a thermometer, diapers, teething rings, onesies, and a blanket to keep the baby nice and snug at nighttime.


Laundry Basket Gift

Fill a basket with draft laundry detergent, draft stain spray, a small package of diapers, two outfits, two sets of 10 count, and hang a little washing line of baby socks over it to complete the look.


Baby Shower Gift for Baby Girl

You can get items from the Dollar Tree and Walmart. Dollar Tree items: baby on board sign, basket, washcloths, and gift tissue paper. Walmart items: rubber duckies, pampers, food (optional), wipes, and baby toiletries


Rubber Duckie

This is a fun bath-themed basket to make sure the baby is well looked after in the tub. Include items such as towels, face cloths, sponges, baby bath gel, rubber ducks, and a seat for the bath.


For Boy and Girl

If you want to make a basket for a boy or a girl, you can simply choose all items in blue for the boy and all items in pink for a girl. To keep it gender-neutral, you could opt for purchasing items in yellow, navy, or beige.


Tutu Laundry Basket

For a cute ballet-inspired hamper, purchase pink tulle to create a tutu effect around the basket. You could include a few sets of pink hangers to keep the baby's wardrobe nice and organized.



Line a basket with a pink baby blanket to recreate this idea. You can finish by tying a nice pink ribbon around the basket.


Baby Blanket

To make this up, you will need to include items such as a blanket, a pink snow globe for the baby's room, pacifiers, bottles, and whatever else you fancy.


Colored Tulle

Baby shower gift basket for the mommy. DIY using some different colored tulle and a variety of lovely ribbons. Whenever empty, you can use it as a laundry basket. This is girl-themed, but you can do something just as fun for a boy!


Washing Line

For this baby shower gift basket, you can purchase a small laundry basket and add clothes, hangers, and a collapsible mesh hamper. Use wooden dowels & baker's twine to make the "clothesline" and attach baby socks and tag with clothespins. You could also add detergent.



You can never have enough diapers when it comes to babies, so attach diapers around the outside of the basket for mom and dad's convenience.


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