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Baby Shower Poems for Invitations, Favor Bags, and Thank-You Notes

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My name is Sonja, and I enjoy the simple things in life. I have four wonderful children and seven grandchildren.

Read on to get some great poems for a baby shower!

Read on to get some great poems for a baby shower!

Baby Shower Poems

Giving birth to a precious little miracle is one of the greatest joys in life. Make the baby shower special with handmade invitations, party favors, and thank you cards that will help create memories that will last a lifetime.

Poems for Favor Bags and Bookmarks

Here's a Candle for You to Light

Here's a candle for you to light,

Once the stork has made its flight.

With the flicker of the flame,

Say a prayer in the baby's name.

A little candle for you to light,

Once the stork has made its flight.

The flame will glow to celebrate,

Baby _______'s arrival date.

This is a gift for you today,

So when I'm born you'll light my way.

And when that happy day is here,

Burn this candle and spread good cheer.

Here is a candle for you today,

to light when baby is here to stay.

When you light it's flickering flame

Say a prayer in baby's name.

I'm Really Glad That You Could Come

I'm really glad that you could come

And help surprise my mother

sit down, relax, enjoy yourselves

and chat with one another

Sorry I can't be with you

to join in Mommy's shower

But I'm very busy you see

I'm growing more each hour

Though I'm not there to thank you

for the lovely gifts you've brought

my family is grateful

we appreciate the thought

I'll be arriving shortly

and I'm as happy as can be

so, after I've been home awhile

please come and visit me.

Babies Are Angels

Babies are Angels that fly to the earth,

their wings disappear at the time of their birth

one look in their eyes and we're never the same

They're part of us now and that part has a name

That part is your heart and a bond that won't sever

our Babies are Angels, we love them forever.

Two Tiny Feet

Two tiny feet

That wave in the air

Two tiny hands

That tug at your hair

Cute bottom for patting

Adorable face

A bundle of joy

To love and embrace

Precious One

Precious one,

So small,

So sweet

Dancing in

on angel feet

Straight from Heaven's

brightest star

What a miracle

you are!

Little Baby on the Way

Little baby on the way,

Getting bigger every day,

Kicking mommy here and there,

God please listen to our prayer.

Keep our baby safe and strong,

Let his time with us be long,

Help us teach him right from wrong,

And we shall praise thee all day long.

This little one, though not yet here,

Is loved so much, has grown quite dear.

Delivery time is growing near,

That's why we pray our plea you'll hear.

Please help us Lord, we pray to Thee

With thankful heart, on bended knee,

To raise this child that he might be,

A happy child because of me.

This Little Tiny Baby

This little tiny baby

Was sent from God above

To fill our hearts with happiness

And touch our lives with love

He must have known

We'd give our all

And always do our best

To give our precious baby love

And be grateful and so blessed

You Are the Poem

You are the poem

I dreamed of writing

the masterpiece

I longed to paint.

You are the shining star

I reached for In my

ever hopeful quest

for life fulfilled...

You are my child.

Now with all things

I am blessed.

This Special Day

Thank you for sharing this special day,

I'm sorry I had to stay away.

But I may be a little longer,

'Cos I have to grow much stronger.

Thank you for your love and wishes,

I'd like to shower you with kisses.

Love from Baby.

Tiny Hands and Feet

With tiny hands and tiny feet

I hope that very soon we'll meet.

I hope that you will stay a while

And make my mommy (and daddy) smile.

And although I can't be there today

There's something that I'd like to say,

Thank you for your gifts and wishes

And please help mommy with the dishes.

Love from Baby.

Poems for Baby Shower Invitations

Come to the Baby Shower

Come to a Baby Shower

I'll soon be here to meet you!

I've got lots of fun to share,

And now here's a baby shower

To help my mom prepare.

So come and join the party,

With friends and family,

To anticipate the arrival

Of her baby—Hey, that's me!

Bottles, Booties, and Diapers

Bottles, booties, diapers, pins,

This is where the fun begins.

Baby _______ is on the way,

Let's celebrate before the big day.

Bottles, Bibs, Blankets, and Booties

Bottles, bibs, blankets and booties,

Diapers, late nights and parental duties.

It's almost time for the glorious hours,

Come celebrate with us at a baby shower.

Bottles, Booties, Diapers, Pins

Bottles, booties, diapers, pins,

This is where the fun begins.

Baby _______ is on the way.

Let's celebrate before the big day!

Boyish Is Blue

Boyish is blue, precious is pink,

we don't know, because she didn't peek.

Poems for Thank-You Notes

Thank You for Coming

Thank you all for coming

to meet and welcome me

I'm glad I finally got to see

my new friends and family

I love all the things you brought

you all are very sweet

and I can hardly wait until

the next time that we meet

My mom is very lucky

to know each one of you

and now that I am in the world

I'm so very lucky, too!

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry I couldn't be here

but I'm not quite ready yet

I'm painting my eyes, hair and cheeks

and soon I'll be all set

I'm sending this little message

to convey to you this thought

The stork will soon have left me

to use the gifts you've brought

Thanks for the lovely welcome

you have given me today

And when you see the stork fly by

you'll know I've come to stay

Just give my Mommy time

to dress me up so dear

I thank you from my tiny heart

for the lovely gifts you share

Soon I'll be on my way home

to show you how much I care

On My Way

I'd like to say, though I'm not here yet

thank you for the gifts I'll get

And thank you from my parents, too

for all the gifts in pink and blue

My closet was empty, my belongings were few

but that's all changed now, thanks to you!

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roamingrosie on June 15, 2009:

Great lens! Really cute poems. :)

Big_Bubba on November 18, 2008:

I guess this one goes along with the baby shower party favors, but still, they are very nice poems. 5*

military_grandma on November 06, 2008:

What a great lens. My granddaughter will be having a baby shower soon, and I will be using some of these poems. Thank you for putting them all together.