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Mickey Mouse and Other Disney Party Ideas (and Free Printables)

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Use these ideas to throw a fun, Mickey-themed party!

Use these ideas to throw a fun, Mickey-themed party!

Ideas for a Disney-Themed Party

Disney is a super diverse subject, but for this page, I focused just on the original Mickey Mouse Club friends. I've tried to do much of the legwork for you to find fun party ideas. Just keep on scrolling down to discover what I found.

Note: Everything downloadable here can only be used for personal use.


  • Printable Party Invitations
  • Custom Cupcakes
  • Party Games
  • Disney Party Video Tutorials

Free Birthday Party Invitations

I made these especially for you, using these gorgeous Disney character backgrounds from Family Disney. I hope you like them.

Mickey Ears Oreo Cupcakes

these classic Mickey ear cupcakes are easy and quick to make for anyone with access to Oreo cookies and standard cake-baking supplies.

Hint: You could also make Minnie Mouse Ear Cupcakes using the same recipe but replace the buttons with a bow that goes between the ears on top of the cupcake and use polka dot pink or red wrappers instead of straight red.

Mickey Mouse cupcake

Mickey Mouse cupcake


  • 12 ready-made cupcakes, your choice of flavour
  • buttercream frosting, dyed black
  • 12–24 Oreo chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreos or any round, dark chocolate cookies), both normal and mini sizes
  • optional: red cupcake wrappers
  • 2 white buttons for mickeys overalls


  1. Use a whole oreo cookie for each ear or split them in half - your choice. (if you split them in half you'll need to remove any white icing left on the back of the cookie)
  2. Make your buttercream icing and dye it black (use food grade black coloring) or purchase ready made black cake icing. Spatula the icing to each cupcake, making a smooth iced surface.
  3. As per the photo above, add an oreo cookie for each ear. Push them into the cupcake far enough so they'll stay in place and look like Mickey Ears.
Donald Duck cupcakes

Donald Duck cupcakes


Add some color and variation to the theme with some Donald cupcakes.

  • 12 ready-made cupcakes
  • white frosting (add the frosting and give each cupcake a duck tale top)
  • yellow jelly candy (shaped like a beak mouth—frogs or fish work well—yellow jelly beans might also do the trick)
  • small black jellybeans or make your own eyes with black icing
  • black decorating icing for eyebrows


  1. Frost the cupcakes with white buttercream icing.
  2. Use a baking spatula to pull the frosting up into a couple of feathery peaks at the top of the head.
  3. Add your yellow candy duck beak mouth
  4. Press two black jellybeans into the frosting to make the eyes or use black frosting to make 2 oval-shaped eyes.
  5. Use the black decorating icing to pipe on curved eyebrows, about 3/8 inch above the eyes (tip: use the photo above or a photo of Donald Duck for reference to make it easier on yourself).

Party Games and Activities

Here are some ideas for party games and activities to keep your little ones engaged and learning while hopefully also having fun.

  • Paper airplanes
  • Homemade Disney bowling game
  • Coloring in
  • Memory games
  • Disney trivia

So many possibilities using just one set of characters or theme.

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