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How to Write Invitations for a Gala Dinner

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How to write an invitation to a gala celebration.

How to write an invitation to a gala celebration.

Captivate Your Invitees

A gala dinner invitation must be captivating. Since it's the first thing your potential guests will see, properly wording your invitation is one of the best ways to attract support and increase attendance. Writing a good invitation is a form of art, and a stylized approach can present your event in an intriguing light. Boost your attendance and create high-quality gala invitation letters by following these simple guidelines.

Gala Invitation Wording and Tips

Include all of the important information—the most important step in gala invitation writing is making sure that your information is pertinent and accurate. Include all of the necessary items to help illustrate what your guests should expect. Be sure to include:

  • Purpose
  • Date
  • Time
  • Venue
  • Contact Information for RSVP
  • Directions to the event
  • Price of attendance

Supply as many specifics as possible—providing as much information as possible about your event is the best way to keep possible guests interested and ensure that the night goes smoothly. In addition to the basic information included within, the invitation should also include more specific items such as:

  • Who will benefit from the event
  • Dining specifics such as what type of food will be served and if the venue will include an open or paid bar
  • Whether the dress code is casual or black tie, as well as other specifics
  • An inventive theme is a great way to attract guests. Make sure that they are aware of the theme you’ve chosen and whether or not they need to bring additional items
  • Activities that the gala dinner will include
  • Cover charge payment options (if applicable)

Gala Invitation Wording Examples

The way in which your invitation is worded varies depending on your event and audience. Here are some samples to better help you understand the art of writing a good gala dinner invitation.

  • Example 1:
    (Name of event)
    Join us for an evening dedicated to (list cause)
    At (name of location)
    Dinner will be served at (time), and an open bar will be included
    Activities will include (list activities)
    Proceeds will benefit (name of organization)
  • Example 2:
    You are invited to (name of event)
    (Time) Cocktails and Hors d'oeuvres
    Cash bar
    (Time) Dinner
  • Example 3:
    You are cordially invited to a gala dinner reception
    To benefit (organization)
    At (time)
    (Formality of attire)

When it comes to upping your support and attracting guests to your event, the invitation plays a large role. The proper format and a hint of creativity are the keys to an invitation that will grab the reader’s attention and get them interested in your cause. Carefully highlight important information and consider the tone of your invitation in order to pique interest regarding your event.