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Lego Birthday Party Ideas & Free Printables

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Throw a Lego party hit with these tips for invitations, decoration, and food ideas!

Throw a Lego party hit with these tips for invitations, decoration, and food ideas!

All Things LEGO

LEGO party ideas by other creatives with LEGO-loving kids. I found heaps of great ideas for you to hopefully be inspired by and/or find useful.

In This Article

  • Free Printables
  • Game Ideas
  • Party Favors
  • Party Food
  • Plus photos, ideas, and tips from past Lego parties!

Free Printables

This invitation is the size of a standard photograph: 6x4 inches. You can print them at your local photo shop or even upload them to a print-on-demand site and order them to be printed on photo paper (choose matte printing if possible, so it's easiest to write on). Or you could print at home on photo paper and set it for two or four to a page and then cut after printing.

Printable LEGO invitation

Printable LEGO invitation

Game Ideas

Once you've got your invitations sent out, you'll need to start planning activities for the party itself. Here are some ideas I thought of:

  1. Highest Brick Tower: Use just bricks (or any Lego pieces if you prefer) to make a tower. Whoever can make the highest tower that can remain standing for at least 10 seconds wins.
  2. Building Race: Give each party goer a small activity $5 Lego building pack. Do a "ready, set, go" thing and whoever can build the set first wins a prize.
  3. Car Contest: Award prizes for the best-designed car, the one that goes the furthest, the car that wins a race, etc.
  4. Toss the Lego Game: Set up buckets or paper rings of different colors that are each worth different points. The ones furthest away or smaller are worth more points. Have the kids take turns tossing Legos, and whoever gets the most points after a certain amount of turns wins a prize.
  5. Best Figure Drawing: Use the blank Lego figure below and set up a coloring table. Each child is to create their own unique Lego figure. The best idea (chosen by the birthday child perhaps or by vote) wins a prize.
Color-in Mini-Fig

Color-in Mini-Fig

Party Favors

After the party is over, you might want to hand out some gift boxes or party favors. Here are some ideas and printables that will help.

Lego Minifigure free printable favor box

Lego Minifigure free printable favor box

Make your own Ninja Ninjago balloons

Make your own Ninja Ninjago balloons

If your little one is particularly into Ninjago Lego, then I would guess balloons like these are going to make them super excited.

The folks at Halegrafx have created these awesome eyes repeated on a sheet for you to easily print locally or on your home color printer.

Print them directly onto a full A4 or Letterhead sticker sheet and then cut out to easily stick directly to your helium or air filled balloons.

Printable balloon eyes

Printable balloon eyes

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Party Food

Themed snacks are always fun. Here are a few ideas for Lego-themed cakes and snacks that will surely get party-goers chatting and enticed.

Make cupcakes and top them with chocolate or candy Legos!

Make cupcakes and top them with chocolate or candy Legos!

How to Make Lego Chocolates

If you can find a Lego-shaped mold, it's really easy to make Lego chocolates.

  1. Put chocolate buds in a microwave-safe bowl.
  2. For about a cupful, microwave for two minutes.
  3. Don't worry if the buds still look whole because you'll stir them, and they'll slowly melt away. You don't want to overheat the chocolate as it will burn.
  4. Then just pour or spoon the chocolate into the mold.
  5. Freeze or refrigerate, and voila! When they're hard, you just turn them upside down and gently tap or twist them out.
Sweet Sugar Belle's recipe for the Lego cookies is a hit.

Sweet Sugar Belle's recipe for the Lego cookies is a hit.

Sweet Sugar Belle's Cookies

Sensationally talented Sweet Sugar Belle has written a step-by-step cookie tutorial.

If you haven't already seen Sweet Sugar Belle's blog, then you must have a look around while you're there. Not only does this lovely girl make the most delicious and creative cookies ever, but she shares all her tips, how-tos, and recipes with everyone!

I made her cookies, and honestly, they were the best sugar cookies I'd ever had. Every time I see her work, I marvel at her creativity. She is a joy to behold.

I hope these photos will give you heaps of ideas and inspiration if you're planning a party, or perhaps it will just provide some fun eye candy or creative inspiration.

In regards to a party theme, sticking with primary colors is always a great way to keep a theme working well. In this one, they stuck to the same primary green, primary blue, primary yellow, and primary red colors throughout; it makes the party really pop!

Tried and Tested Party Tips From Kristen

  • Black marker on yellow cups is all it takes to create these awesome mini figure head cups!
  • Marker on yellow bags with a cut-out top piece stuck is how to create Kirsten's mini Lego-head goody bags!
  • I love her idea of the table runner, which she made herself using paint and a texta/marker lid. Quick thinking.
  • And her idea of homemade Lego wrapping paper is great and the perfect activity to get the kids involved. She used Duplo, stuck it in the stamp pad (or you could use paint), and then used them like a stamp! (The same could be done with Lego bricks, for sure).

Awesome Ideas From Tau's 5th Birthday Lego Party

Photos and ideas used with permission from Sue (Tau's Mom).

How cool are the lego pop holders in the photo? Sue obviously used rectangle polystyrene. She cut rounded pieces, then glued them together to look like a Lego brick, then painted them blue! So creative!


Photo Cut-Out Stand

After finding a giant cardboard box on the neighbour's front lawn, Sue thought up the idea of a photo face cut-out stand for the party.

When I saw her idea, I realised this could also double not only as photography memorabilia but also for personalized party thank-you cards. If each party goer gets a photo taken soon after the party, have the photos printed on cards (Zazzle can do that) Then, handwrite or type a thank-you message. It would be a personal keepsake for each friend/attendee.


Lego Racetrack

Sue also made a wonderful party game suited for young car and building enthusiasts.

She set up a table and filled it with just Lego pieces, and the kids spent as much time as they wanted building their own Lego racing cars (as did most of the parents, too!).

When they'd all finished, they raced them. Sue had a very special drag racing track made for the occasion, but you could create any kind of racing track (downhill is obviously required to create the momentum for the cars to race).

Check out the rest of the details of this party by clicking on the link below.

Check out the rest of the details of this party by clicking on the link below.

Amy Locurto's Stylin' Lego Party

How great does cheese cut into circles and put atop crackers look? A fabulous party table item that looks like lego blocks . . . and so easy too!


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