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Super Mario Bros Party Ideas and Freebies

Updated on May 17, 2016

Tips for Creating an Awesome Mario Brothers Party

I've created this page as a one-stop shop for all your Super Mario Bros Party needs! Whatever kind of Mario Brothers Party you're having—Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Brothers, Mario and Donkey Kong—I hope I've got it covered here with the best party decorations and ideas I could find on the web!

I gave my son a Mario Brothers party for his sixth birthday, and one thing I noticed was the lack of Mario Bros party gear, especially gear found all in one place at affordable prices. So I've found what I consider the best choices and added them below.

But not only that, I've also included plenty of awesome DIY party ideas to hopefully save you some cash.

I've included a big range of free printables, some I made myself, others I found online.

And I've made a video of heaps of excellent Super Mario Bros Cake Ideas, a video of awesome costume ideas, and I've also even included some recipes for fun Mario party treats!!

So just keep on scrolling down to find 'em!

Printables Galore

FREE Super Mario Bros Printable Invitations

Download free invite here...
Download free invite here... | Source

I created an invite for my son's birthday using free vector shapes. And I've made one just for you :)

You can print something like this and then write your own details on it. Or open it in your editing software and add your own text, then print!! Couldn't be easier ... or cheaper :) For personal home use only, please

OR if you don't have time to snail-mail invitations, save it to your own computer, add some text, save it again, and then email it as a jpeg file to all your friends.

Free Pin-the-Mustache-on-Mario Party Game Printable

Click here to download the extra large, high res image to print.
Click here to download the extra large, high res image to print. | Source

It works just like Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey. I created this for you all. This is a large high-resolution pdf file. You can print it up to A2 size no problem. To do that, your best bet would be to send the file to your local printer for printing on A3 or A2 paper.

Free Printable Mario Bros Paper


Wallpaper or wrapping paper! I created this for you all! Enjoy :)

Free Mario Bros Party Table Place Card Printable

Click here to download...
Click here to download... | Source

I've created these for you all to have FREE!! :)

Print on letter-size paper (8.5" by 11"); use thicker paper or photo paper if possible. Then cut and fold. They will look best if you're able to cut the edge very straight, using a ruler and knife or a paper cutter. I've left enough room for you to hand-write names easily. Or you can open the jpeg in an editing program and add text that way, then print.

Free Mario Bros Coloring Pages


Large JPEGS of Mario Characters

For use in making cool things for your party, here's an absolutely fabulous array of LARGE jpeg files! These are the best I've ever seen available on the net, and believe me, I've seen a lot!)

These could really do the trick for adding extra color and pizazz to your party. They're free for you to use at home (but not for any commercial purpose)

Either right-click on the images below to save them to your files, or you can download them and other JPEGs from One Hip Mom Blog.

***VERY IMPORTANT - Please remember, these images are only for personal use.***

Click thumbnail to view full-size

So long as you've got a good colour printer... then this is a really cheap and easy way to really make your party extra special.

Uses for Colored Images

The free Mario Brothers clip art above can be downloaded from One Hip Mom Blog—but please remember, only for personal use.

There are so many ways I can think of to make great use of these!

  • Use them to create an email invite, a website invite, a Facebook invite, or a printed invite!
  • Use them to create gorgeous full-color labels for party favors! Or make name tags for the kids.
  • Create gorgeous labels for a dessert table. Have matching labels for your apothecary or glass jars as well as on all your treat plates.
  • Insert them into a template that prints out labels. Name labels on stickers may seem silly, but for Moms they can be a lifesaver! How else are you supposed to remember all the kids' names?
  • Print them on round labels to make cupcake toppers!
  • Make a collage with them. Print them on thicker paper and make them into cones to hold caramelised popcorn or lollies.
  • Print them on larger labels to put on water bottles.
  • Print them out on full A4 pages and then cut them out and hang all over the party room walls!
  • For added effect, print two of the same image. Stick one side to cardboard and cut it out around the edges, and then stick the other piece on the other side, making sure to match the edges. Then cut the remaining paper off. Put a hole through the image, and use fishing wire or ribbon to hang it from the ceiling.
  • Print them on iron-on transfer paper and stick them to a t-shirt for the birthday boy or girl.
  • Print them onto edible transfers to put on a cake.
  • Use them to create a great screensaver to display on your computer desktop on the day, with a personalized message for the birthday boy or girl.
  • Use a word processor to create little fold-over table place cards.

Uses For Outline Images

I've got some fantastic ideas for how you can use outline/coloring images.


Print them out two to a page (or one to a page) and staple them together to make a mini colouring book, perhaps with a colored-in sheet on top, and give out to the kids to take home. It would be even better to put the kid's name on the front of their book.

Or give them out as a colouring-in competition that they do at the party. Best colouring effort wins a prize?

Or laminate each one, and use them as placemats on the party table! Put whiteboard markers or Textas on the table and they can colour them in!

Or don't laminate them, and use them as paper placemats. Put a tin of colored pencils in the middle of the table, so kids can colour them in if they wish.


Colour them in on your computer, using any paintshop program, then print them out and use them as posters to decorate the room.

Or use cardboard and put an image on both sides of the cardboard. Then put a hole in the cardboard images, tie fishing wire to them, and hang them from the ceiling as decorations.

On the Table

Color them in on the computer, then add a guest's name to each sheet and print them out. Or print them out as is, and colour them in yourself with markers or pencils. Stick them on the chairs for fun table seating arrangements. Or stick cardboard to them and attach them to something (a peg or clip, for example) to make them stand up on their own. They can then be used as table place markers which will add heaps of colour to the table!

Free Mario Image Printable Pattern


Free Printable Game Controller Pattern


Free Printable Cube


Just Out of Curiosity: Who is your Favourite Nintendo Mario Bros Character?

Who's your most favourite of all Super Mario Bros Characters?

See results

Mario Cakes

Best Mario Bros Cakes on the Internet

If you can't find an idea for your party cake, out of all these fantastic cakes here, then you never will :)

I made this video using images from Etsy, Flickr and Deviant.

A DIY Mario Star Cake

A tip: when you make the cake below, If you get holes in the fondant when picking it up like in the video, I highly recommend starting over and rolling it out all over again. Using a fondant mat, turning it upside down onto the cake, and then peeling the mat away can solve your problem too.

A Cupcake "Mario Cake"


Sweet Treats

Easy Super Mario Star-Shaped Cookie Ideas

Just use a star cookie cutter. Then, for eyes, cut chocolate buds in half and slide them sideways into the dough.

Or you could do star shapes with frosting, like these by Anna Fuji....

or apply fondant to cookies or gingerbread....

Chocolate Molds, Donut-Hole Cake Pops

Look below to see what Amy made with star-shaped and controller-shaped chocolate molds. She made the Toad cake pops by sticking a lollipop stick into a donut hole and then dipping it in green candy melt. Making "cake pops" with donut holes or marshmallows is easier than making actual cake pops, and lots of fun. See Amy's other party decorations on her blog.

Marshmallow Mushroom Pops

Holly Moeller (see more pictures of her stunning Mario Bros party below) created these fabulous mushroom marshmallow pops, a gorgeous and much simpler alternative to actual cake pops!

I've written my own quick guide to making Lego marshmallows pops; the same procedure would work for making mushroom pops. You would dip the marshmallows only halfway into the in the candy melt, then, while the chocolate is soft, you could attach white fondant circles or perhaps rolled-up marshmallows.

Marshmallow Mushrooms

Cute as a Fox made these awesome Marshmallow Mushrooms. She's written a tutorial on how to make them.

Use These Small Cheap Figurines as Cupcake Toppers!

These figurines are the perfect size for awesome cupcake toppers!! - And kids can keep and take one home!!
These figurines are the perfect size for awesome cupcake toppers!! - And kids can keep and take one home!!


Fun Ideas for Mario Bros Costumes or Cosplay!

Free Super Mario Brothers Printable Mask


Balloon and Lantern Party Decoration Ideas

I saw these balloon and lantern ideas on the internet, and wished I'd seen them before my son's party, because I would definitely have done them.

Instead, for balloon decorations, I bought lovely foil star balloons in the Mario colors (blue, red and yellow). They looked fabulous, and they only cost around $2 each. I'd planned to fill them with helium, and my local party shop had told me they'd be open on Sundays—but then on the Sunday morning of the actual party they were CLOSED! Not a happy Mum at that stage. But then I just decided to blow them up with air, so I used a drinking straw and blew them up and then used pre-made balloon strings. I attached one each to my blue and red Chinese-noodle-box lolly bags. It actually turned out for the best, because the venue we were in had really high ceilings, and at previous parties we had lost expensive helium balloons to the ceilings in the first five minutes! Not only that. these air-filled star foil balloons are still in pristine blown-up condition months later!

Or consider these fabulous alternatives...

Boo Balloons

For these just use white balloons. Use round balloons, or if they are long, only blow them up enough to keep them round. Then get pieces of white computer paper and make cones out of them. Make sure to cut little flaps at the tops and fold them inwards to glue them to the balloons. I would suggest PVA to stick them on because a glue gun may pop the balloons. Then just get yourself a black permanent marker (it has to be permanent, or you'll have black ink everywhere!) and use your creative skills to copy the face onto all the balloons! Make sure you position the face just below the knotted end of the balloon, so you can hang them right-way-up from the ceiling.

Boo Lantern


I love this idea! How great would lit-up "Boo" lanterns look at night!! But even during the day they'd look fantastic!

So you'd just need to get lots of round white paper lanterns and use your creative skills with permanent marker to draw a face on the lantern. You could also do the same as with the balloons above, and add paper cones to the sides for the arms.

They'd look so fabulous hanging from the ceiling don't you think?


A Cute Party Game: Kids Stomp on the Goomba Balloons!


Putting It All Together: Awesome Party Examples

Paisley Petal Event's Brilliant Mario Kart Party!!

Holly Moeller created the most awesome party for her son!

I recently discovered Holly's blog. She, like me, has become party-obsessed. I know a lot of you will be able to relate: when you see all those incredible, beautifully matching party and dessert tables, your heart skips a little beat and you're inspired so much so that you want to have something like that in your life too!

I've been inspired by the party Holly created for her little six-year-old cutie! I think it's just brilliant! I love the Mario Kart theme because there is so much you can do with chequers and racing stripes!

This is the perfect example of the kind of party you can create if you give yourself enough time and do a lot of your own DIY creative options! And the resources are all available to find on the net, believe me! And believe it from Holly too!

See more details of this gorgeous party on Holly's Paisley Petal Events blog.

Holly created yellow bags that the boys got to fill to their hearts' content from the stunning sweets table she created at the end of the party. Sweets or dessert tables are definitely all the rage now for parties, and to have the sweets used up at the end of the party like this is just perfect!!

Inspiration From Another Awesome Party, by GreyGrey Designs

Brilliant Super Mario Paper Cut-Out Ideas!

Talented "Stampin Up" demonstrator and card maker Michelle Fisher came up with these ideas for her own son's sixth birthday. She was pressed for time and could not find any Mario party supplies, so she decided she had to make some herself. And aren't we glad she did? Wow ... she's impressive!! Just look at these fabulous Mario and Luigi party lollipop favors!! She also made her own mushroom boxes, kooper trooper pencils and Yoshi favor bags! Talk about a creative mind ... I love it!

A Yoshi Theme Party

You could always focus the party theme more on Yoshi. How brilliant is this easy-peasy Yoshi Eggs Idea!! I LOVE it!! Just hard-boil eggs and dot them with green paint or permanent green markers! Just too easy... and they look fabulous!!

A great idea that I saw on Amy Daton's blog is to have an egg-and-spoon race with the Yoshi eggs.

Watch a video showing how to make these Yoshi Loot Bags here....
Watch a video showing how to make these Yoshi Loot Bags here.... | Source

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