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Space Birthday Party Supplies and Ideas

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Set the interstellar stage with custom, solar-system-themed invitations!

Set the interstellar stage with custom, solar-system-themed invitations!

My Son's Space-Themed Birthday Party

My son had a space party for his sixth birthday. This article features all of our party supplies plus lots more party fun! I hope these ideas help you plan an amazing party for your child.

You will find personalized invitations, unique party favors, birthday cake and cupcake supplies, party decorations, partyware, party games, crafts, and more. Some of the party favor supplies include pens, pencils, stickers, candy, chocolates, tattoos, personalized candy wrappers, Pop Rocks candy, lollipops, small toys, games, and much more.

The cake and cupcake supplies featured here include personalized edible cake images, a spaceship cake pan, a space-man cake pan, a Martin the Martian cake pan, cupcake-decorating kits, paper cupcake toppers, and more.

The party activities include a bean bag toss, puzzles, a pinata, crafts, coloring activities, and more. There are also six fun partyware designs to choose from.

Black Solar System Party Invitations

We chose the solar-system invitations pictured at the top of this article for my son's birthday party invites. His favorite aspect is the planets, so this invitation was absolutely perfect for his party.

This invitation design also has a coordinating solar-system address label. If you are mailing out your birthday party invitations, these labels would make a great addition to your party invites. Unfortunately, this invitation design is no longer available. However, there are many other new designs on the market including these Outer Space Planets And Stars Birthday Party Invitations for Kids by AmandaCreation.

These are the space-themed balloons we used for my son's party.

These are the space-themed balloons we used for my son's party.

Party Favor Bag Stickers

Themed party favor bag stickers would make a wonderful embellishment to your party invitations, thank you cards and party favor bags. The stickers are available in many outer-space designs including planets, rockets, aliens, space missions, moon walks, and more.

These are the plates, cups, and napkins we used.

These are the plates, cups, and napkins we used.

"Blast Off" Party Supplies

We chose the supplies pictured above for my son's birthday celebration. Again, my son loves planets, and this partyware had the most planets in its design. Plus, the colors were so vibrant and fun!

The party supplies that were available with this design included cups, napkins, plates, and party invitations. Unfortunately, this party design is no longer available, but many similar products remain on the market.

Out-of-This World Decorations

The party colors were royal blue, black, and orange. Most of the decorations and party supplies revolved around those primary colors. For the cake table area, I purchased a jumbo space shuttle balloon and other solid-color balloons. These balloons were placed on a tabletop balloon weight.

I purchased solar system posters as well. We also used a few themed table centerpieces to decorate the party room and hung a personalized birthday banner. We hung inflatable planets from the ceiling all around the party room, too. These planets looked awesome! We also gathered up all of my son's space-themed books (he has a lot of them!) and placed them all around the room.

These are the space cupcakes we served at the party.

These are the space cupcakes we served at the party.

Planet Cupcakes

I love how our space cupcakes turned out! Since it was difficult to find any planet cake or cupcake decorations on the market, I decided to make my own planet cupcake toppers.

I purchased planet stickers and matted them onto coordinating colored cardstock. Then, I punched out the topper using a square scallop paper punch and attached a toothpick. Finally, I placed another piece of scallop-punched cardstock on the back.

I baked the cupcakes in blue foil cupcake liners. Once the cupcakes were cooled, I iced them with chocolate icing tinted black. Then, I sprinkled them with black sanding sugar to give them a fun outer-space look. I finished the cupcakes by inserting the planet cupcake toppers.

This is the cake we served at my son's party.

This is the cake we served at my son's party.

Party Favors

For my son's party favors, we included themed gummies, solar system tattoos, Hershey's miniature chocolates with personalized wrappers, fun-sized Pop Rocks candy packs, solar-system fact stickers, and 3D space balls.

We placed the party favors in royal blue gift bags decorated with shiny silver star stickers. We finished off our favor bags by adding personalized stickers and tying black and royal blue curling ribbon to the handles. These favor bags looked great set out on the cake table during the birthday party.

Other Favor Ideas

  • Eraser tops
  • Space sticker books
  • Alien mini basketballs
  • Vinyl aliens
  • Glow-in-the-dark aliens
  • Pinball games
  • Inflatable space shuttles
  • Water guns
  • Rubber ducks
  • Light-up balls
  • Pencils
These are some of the crafts we worked on during the party.

These are some of the crafts we worked on during the party.

Games and Crafts

For games and crafts, we purchased a space shuttle pinata. I added my son's name to the pinata using letter stickers. He thought that was cool.

The kids also decorated a space scene. I purchased large construction paper, stamps, stamp pads, foam stickers, stencils, and markers. I put all of the craft supplies out on the table, and the kids had fun making their scenes. The kids also decorated party hats, played a bean bag toss game, and worked on giant planet floor puzzles.

At the end of the party, we had an astronaut-ice-cream tasting activity. I purchased a few packs of astronaut ice cream, cut it up into pieces, and placed it on a serving plate. We passed the ice cream around for the kids to taste.

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Oh, this is so cool. I was a total space geek as a kid and I would have loved party items and décor like this - I especially loved the inflatable planets! Really nice job covering everything possible for a space-themed party.

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As a mom of two not so little girls, I'm totally overwhelmed by the variety and beauty of everything space party related. I'm sure my girls would love to attend a party like that anytime :)

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I love this lens!!! My 3yo loves planets, rockets and everything related to space :) I will definitely have a space theme for his 4th birthday

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