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20+ Text Message Ideas for Sending Wedding Wishes

I enjoy giving advice to others who are trying to plan their perfect wedding ceremony!

Marriage wishes via SMS

Marriage wishes via SMS

Happy Wedding Text Message Ideas

Sometimes you can't make it to the wedding of a loved one. This article is full of ideas for wedding wishes that you can send over text in the case that you're unable to be there to congratulate them in person. The messages in this article fall into three categories.

Types of Wedding Text Messages in This Article

  1. General, sincere wishes that are suitable for everybody
  2. Funny wedding wishes
  3. Text messages sent in by others (you can also send one from your own collection if you'd like to be included in this section!)

Enjoy my collection, and text away!

Sincere SMS Messages to Congratulate the New Couple

  • Space and time may separate my physical being from being present in your wedding ceremony today. But, my very best wishes are always with you. Have a great wedding!
  • I wish all the very best to the best couple in town. Wish I could be there—happy wedding!
  • I pray to God that you two will always find the warmth of love, sweet happiness, and endless joy in each other. Have a great day! I hope to see you both very soon.
  • While my company is unfortunately unable to make it, I hope that the company of each other will give you two unlimited amounts of joy and happiness for a lifetime. You are a lovely couple. Happy wedding day!
  • Marriage is not just about a romantic love, but it's based on a solid friendship—which you two definitely have with each other. I couldn't be happier for some of my closest friends. Congrats from afar!
  • We are delighted beyond limits on the day of your wedding. Our wish for you is that you make this bond of love and duty stronger with each day of your conjugal life.
What kind of wedding wish will you text the bride and groom?

What kind of wedding wish will you text the bride and groom?

  • I know the strength of your love—even from afar, I can feel it. I am so happy that you two are finally getting married. Best of luck!
  • Marriage is based on respect and love. So on this day, I wish you two nothing but a lifetime of love and respect. Have a happy wedding—wish I could be there!
  • This text isn't enough to show my deep congratulations and happiness toward the two of you on your wedding day. Just know that I'm sending you nothing but my very best wishes to my favorite couple. Congrats on your marriage!
  • Marriage is not only the union of two individual persons, but also it signifies the union of souls. Congrats to the two of you for finding your soulmate and have an amazing wedding day!
  • Words can't express the depth of happiness I've been experiencing since hearing the news of your wedding. I am sending my sincerest wishes to you from afar for a fantastic day and a wonderful lifetime together!
  • I wish you enjoy all of the joys that love and companionship bring in life. May your life after marriage be filled with joy and bliss. Good luck for the days to come.
Send them each a text that they can share with each other.

Send them each a text that they can share with each other.

Funny Texts for Wedding Wishes

  • An old bachelor like you is nothing better than secondhand furniture. Congrats on finding someone who sees the charm in antiques.
  • Congratulations! You have found the best cure for the incurable disease of love—marriage.
  • Question: When does a man open the car’s door for his wife? Answer: When the car or the wife is new!
  • Congrats on ruling out all your future options. PS. Although, you definitely found the best one. Have a great wedding!
  • A lover has wings, but a husband has shackles! Congrats, you brave man, you.
  • One of the most sought-after secrets of the world is the secret of happy marriage that is still a secret!
  • What's the difference between a wedding and a funeral? You have to pay for the flowers at your wedding. But, those are some really nice flowers I hear. Just kidding—congrats on a beautiful union. Happy wedding day!
  • Marriage is invented by the ancients to keep us away from fighting with the total strangers. Just kidding—congrats to you both on your special day!
  • Marriage is more deadly and much more expensive than cigarettes. In other words, smoking isn't good for anyone. Happy wedding day!
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Marriage Wishes Texts Submitted by Others

Here is a collection of some great messages sent in by others. You can also send your own wedding wish SMS messages, with a brief introduction of yourself, via the comments section below. I'll be sure to include it here and credit you, of course!

  • P. Yadav, from Patna, the capital city of Bihar, India, wished his friend a good wedding SMS:

It is the Almighty God who makes and breaks marriages. I hope that you will lead a happy married life full of charm and beauty.

  • Rajiv, who loves to play cricket and is a huge fan of cricket player Sachin Tendulkar, sent this sweet SMS from his collection:

The secret of a happy conjugal life is making each other feel important. I hope you know it better than any other person.

  • Jack Mbonga, from a small town in Kenya, has shared this text with us:

Marriage lessens our grief and cares by diving them and increases our pleasures by multiplying them.

  • Birbahadur Thapa, from Kathmandu, Nepal, who loves to make new friends, had this SMS message to share:

I congratulate you for the beginning of a new life. I pray to God to give you a great married life.

Final Note

Did you find what you were seeking? Are you satisfied with my list of SMS message ideas? Feel free to share your thoughts. Please write in proper sentences and try to avoid short SMS-style words.

It is near impossible to impress everybody since we all come from varying backgrounds and cultures. My collection is meant to be appropriate on a universal level. Please let me know in the comments below if there's anything you'd like to add, change, or say in general!

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