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Wolf-Themed Party Tips and Birthday Cake Ideas

Faye has lots of experience planning all types of parties for her children and grandchildren. She worked as a cake decorator for 24 years.

Do You Need Ideas for a Wolf Birthday Party?

In this article, you'll find helpful tips about how you can decorate your room and table for a wolf-themed party, plus ideas about how to make a wolf birthday cake and two different styles of cupcakes. I've even thrown in a few gift ideas for the birthday girl or guy, too. You'll find lots of photos and how-to videos.

If you are a wolf fan or giving a party for one, you've probably found out that it's very hard to find any party supplies that feature these animals. Fortunately, you can now find an assortment of wolf party supplies on Amazon, including napkins, table placemats, balloons, and banners. I'll also show you how to be inventive and make do with other things that are readily available.

I hope these suggestions will help you plan your party. If you have any tips of your own, please leave them in the comment section below.

A Poster Is an Amazing Decorating Idea for Your Party

Use a wolf poster to decorate your party room.

Use a wolf poster to decorate your party room.

Party Room Decorating

Ideas for decorating your party room and table include:

  • Hang wolf posters or photographs on the walls. These can be given as a gift to the birthday person.
  • Order wolf napkins from Amazon or use gray, black and/or white solid colors for the paper plates, napkins, and cutlery.
  • Balloons always make a festive room. Include lots of gray, black, and white balloons.
  • Crepe streamers in gray, black, and white would also be a fun decoration.
  • Use a wolf-themed birthday cake or cupcakes for the table centerpiece.
  • Use wolf stuffed animals and figurines to set around in the party room. These can also double as gifts for the birthday gal or guy. You could also use something that you already own.

Ideas for a Wolf Birthday Cake

The main focus of your party can be the cake. I have several suggestions below that I've used over the years.

  • Buy, or make your own, plain iced cake and add a wolf figurine as the topper. This is the easiest and simplest idea. You could also decorate the cake to look like a wooded area or forest, and again, use a figurine as the topper. (See the video below to see what I mean.)
  • Make your own wolf shaped cake by using a dog-shaped cake pan and ice it to look like a wolf.
  • Alternate Idea: Make your own wolf cupcakes instead of a cake. I've included photos, directions, and even two videos showing how to make different kinds.

Just because wolf birthday products are hard to find, you can still have an amazing party by improvising with other things.

Birthday Cake Ideas

  1. Figurine topper
  2. Shaped cake
  3. Edible Image

1. Use a Figurine as Your Cake Topper

My favorite idea, and the easiest, for the birthday cake is to add a wolf figurine to the top of an iced cake. I've done the same for other birthday themes such as small superhero figures, trucks, and construction toys. It is the same as using a cake kit topper that you would buy for this purpose. The best part is that the figurine can double as a gift or as a keepsake after you remove it from the cake. I've used a figurine or toy many times when making birthday cakes for my kids and grand-kids.

2. Make Your Own Wolf Shaped Cake

I have never found an actual wolf shaped cake pan, but I have seen great results by using a dog-shaped pan or the Wilton Animal Crackers pan. This pan can be used for many animals by implementing minor changes and icing colors. You can use it for a panda bear, pig, giraffe, cat, and even a wolf.

To make a wolf shaped cake with the Wilton Animal Crackers pan:

  • Use a cupcake to make the nose longer.
  • Add cupcake or cake pieces to the end of the ears to make them pointed.
  • Ice with gray and white icing using a star tip and/or a leaf tip in your decorator icing bag.
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3. Edible Image Lay-On

An easy cake idea is to use a wolf edible image lay-on. These are basically a sheet of "sugar paper" that has an image printed on it. When ready to use, peel the lay-on off of the backing and lay on the cake. It's very simple. I made many cakes using these when working as a cake decorator for Kroger. The trick is peeling the lay-on off the paper without tearing it, so be very careful. They are available in a variety of cake sizes, and even for cupcakes.

You can order edible images from Amazon, but you can also check your local grocery store or bakery. If you can find them locally, you won't have to worry about any damage during shipping. Some bakeries will make these for you with your choice of image, or with your own image. Note: We did this in our Kroger Bakery Department, but that was ten years ago, so I'm not sure if they still have that service.

Cupcake Ideas

  1. Howling Wolves
  2. Fondant Cutouts

1. Howling Wolf Cupcakes

The video below shows how to make howling wolf cupcakes. She uses a marshmallow and cuts it open to look like a howling mouth. She then uses a red fruit roll-up for the inside of the mouth and white icing for the fangs. For the ears, she uses more cut marshmallows. After icing it all over, she uses a fork to fluff it up and adds candy eyes and nose. Watch the video below. It's only a few minutes long, and you will see how easy it is to make these cupcakes.

I made them for my granddaughter one year. Mine were a little different, but basically the same. They are so easy to do, and the kids will love them. They'll be the hit of your party.

How to Make Howling Wolf Cupcakes

2. Wolf Fondant Cut-Outs for Cupcakes

Below is a tutorial about a different way to make wolf cupcakes. Or, you could use this same idea for the top of a cake. She uses black fondant and cuts out a couple of different wolf silhouette designs. She says she found these online by searching for "wolf silhouette" and printed it out to make a stencil. But, she suggests a wolf cookie cutter would be much easier than cutting around a stencil, and I agree. She puts the cut-outs on a white fondant circle background, but suggest using yellow if you want it to look like a full moon. She then places the circle on the top of iced cupcakes.

I love this idea! You can purchase white and already colored fondant or make your own. (I believe the fondant is available in balls or already rolled out.) If you can't find an image for a stencil, you could use a wolf cookie cutter. (You could also make cookies with the cutter!) The stencil is more intricate and does look better. She uses two different designs, but you could use only one, or use more than two. I think this style would be more appropriate for an adult, and the ones above would be better for a child.

You should watch the video below for more specifics on how to make these.

How to Make Wolf Cut-Outs With Fondant

Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for the wolf lover: figurines, decorative plate, lamp, pencil cup, and book ends.

Gift ideas for the wolf lover: figurines, decorative plate, lamp, pencil cup, and book ends.

Birthday Gift Ideas

It's easy to find wolf gift ideas for any age. The photo above is of my granddaughter's desk with a few of her collectibles. She was only ten years old at the time, so there is really no age limit for these types of gifts. Most of these are easy to find online or in local stores.

  • Figurines
  • Wolf Stuffed Animals
  • Bookends
  • Pencil cup
  • Lamp
  • Book about wolves
  • Photographic art posters
  • Blankets or throws
Lacey loves her wolf stuffed animal she received as a gift.

Lacey loves her wolf stuffed animal she received as a gift.

Be Amazed (Yes, This is a Cake)


To summarize, this article has shown you ideas for a wolf themed birthday party, including: decorating, birthday cake, and gifts. I hope these tips will help you have a wonderful day.

© 2009 Faye Rutledge


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Faye Rutledge (author) from Concord VA on April 07, 2012:

@anonymous: Tipi, it's very hard to find wolf party supplies, because, just as you said, it's not a very common party. However, lots of wolf lovers would like this as their birthday theme so I've tried to give a few suggestions on how it can be done. Thanks for your comment. :)

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I just called to reserve the pool for my daughter's 9th birthday and asked her what she wanted her theme to be (to decorate the room, cake, etc.) and when she said, "WOLVES!" I broke out in a sweat thinking, "How the heck am I going to do THIS?" You provided some awesome ideas and I'm super thankful! Thanks!

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