If you are using silk flowers for a cascading bouquet, which holder is best to use?


It can depend on the size of the bouquet. Look for one with foam for silk flowers, it's usually a different color, such as brown instead of green, and make the holder has a nice smooth handle, you don't want to be carrying something rough. For a bridesmaids bouquet a small holder will do, but for the bride, larger holders are usually needed and don't forget to use glue one you know where all the pieces are going. For a cascading bouquet, you may well find a holder with an angled handle is best, try out the different styles and see how you like to hold them. If you choose a European-style bouquet, Oasis make holders specifically for them: https://oasisfloralproducts.com/e2wShoppingCatalog...

Updated on April 11, 2018

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How to Make Your Own Cascading Bouquet With Silk or Fresh Flowers and Foliage
By Lesley Charalambides