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10 Quotes to Help You Say "Yes!" to Life

I enjoy compiling inspirational quotations that can help motivate people.


When was the last time you said ‘yes’ with conviction, excitement, passion, or even risk? In life, there are those of us who dare and those of us who try our best not get ourselves into any situation that requires us to be uncomfortable in any way. Saying ‘no thank you’ to new experiences is the easiest way out of learning anything from life that you do not already know.

It may sometimes be safe to say no, but it’s hardly ever fun. Here are some quotes to remember the next time you're too afraid to say yes:


1. We say ‘no’ because we want to wait for the right moment. While patience is a virtue and having a strategy in place before you leap into something crucial is not a bad thing, you have to admit that sometimes you’re waiting for all the wrong reasons. One of the reasons might be that you’re waiting for courage or waiting to take the plunge.

We’re not always prepared for the waves of life that come our way, but we can certainly learn to ride them.


2. You’ve heard the saying “get out of your own way.” Well, sometimes you need to bulldoze your pride a bit. Life moves too quickly for you to sit and think about all the things you should be or could have been avoiding. When the opportunity for adventure or progress strikes, grab it. Don’t think too hard about whether you deserve it or not, or about whether you’re capable or not. It was presented to you for a reason. Don’t allow your circumstances to make you think that you should settle for less.


3. Say yes more often because you deserve it. You deserve the vacation, the night out, that gift from a loved one, and even that promotion. When life offers you the best of what it has (and it has a lot of that), allow yourself to say yes to it.

You may find yourself in a city you don’t like, in a job you have no passion for, or sitting between a rock and a hard place only because you thought it would be easier to just settle for it. Settling for less than what you deserve means depriving yourself of true happiness.


4. You could stay in your comfort zone and keep getting the things you have always gotten, or you could venture into the lane where the unknown, mysterious, exciting, and liberating occur. Say ‘yes’ to new experiences, new people, and new adventures. You’ll be surprised at how much you learn about yourself just by agreeing to learn about someone or something else.


5. A challenge might be hard to say ‘yes’ to, but you should remember that challenges make you. Your biggest challenge is usually just having the courage to say ‘yes’. Thereafter, when you’re already in it, it all becomes easier.

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6. You can’t leave a legacy by sitting back and hoping the world will create it for you. You need to get up and go after what you want and stop telling yourself you’ll agree to create amazing life changes tomorrow. While it’s good to say ‘yes’ to relaxing whenever you really need it, it’s even better saying yes to going out there and creating your own history and, at times, your own luck. Get up, get assertive, and go get lucky.


7. Don’t let the fear of the unknown dictate how far you’re going to go in this life. Every day requires courage and every day that you make a positive decision to do what it is you want to do, happiness becomes a natural state of existence.


8. Don’t allow others to make all the decisions for you. If you have the ability to get up and do something, use all that you have to do it the way you want to.


9. Even if the decision doesn’t make any sense to anyone but you, make it. Not everything has to make sense all the time anyway. Welcome the crazy and the nonsensical from time to time. Don’t always take life so seriously. You’ll be surprised at how much you discover when you embrace the absurd and enjoy every moment. Most geniuses were thought to be crazy in the beginning anyway. Think about that.


10. Sometimes saying yes is simply a leap of faith. If you truly feel that you want to agree to do something, allow yourself to do it. Make the first move and watch as everything after that falls into place. It’s better to live with a lesson than to live with regret.

Progress always begins with one courageous step and one assertive ‘yes’.

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Serdar on December 31, 2014:

no. I still had feelings for her. I waentd to go through counseling she said fine but since it was not her fault I can go myself. She was abusive to me. She started dating a our next door neighbor who was married. But it was my fault. I would say if she says it's through she will not budge.

Kamil on December 30, 2014:

You stated wiinnng her back. Think as to how you won her in the first place. Be her friend. Show her that you are and can be the same man she fell for in the beginning. Men, and women, forget how they first became attracted to one another and slowly drift apart wanting to be something or someone else and mostly when the divorce is immanent they ask why did this happen and how can I change it. I'm a firm believer that actions speak louder than words, show her how you feel, show her you are the man she loved in the beginning, and be true to her and yourself.

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